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You do not have my permission to distribute THIS mod elsewhere, I do not mind if any major code is used, or built upon for learning/streamlining your mod, as long as you please credit accordingly if you were to release.



- FoodMod 1.0

- Mod by: Daimyo21

- contact: daimyo21mods@gmail.com

- Works in Multiplayer and Singleplayer


FoodMod 1.0 is a script that simulates hunger/thirst and allows the purchasing of

food/drinks/medpacks in multiplayer at all vendors and hospitals (except hotdog stands).

It also has a basic inventory system and also allows you to enter any safehouse in multiplayer (For RP/Persistent WeaponStorage by AngryAmoeba benefits from this)


-What makes this different from similar mods?

I believe the functionality is more solid compared to others and solely intended for multiplayer, but lacks in UI/variation.

-Why was it intended for multiplayer?

Playing LCPDFR with friends and earning money felt robotic and artificial with trainers etc.

This gives adds an RPG element and necessity to spend money earned/do other tasks while on your police adventures or any adventures

FoodMod Features:

-Basic food/water needs based on individual time bars (red = hunger, blue = thirst) on bottom left screen.

-When dehydrated/hungry, you will slowly lose health and begin to stumble (stumble may only happen if ragdoll bullets mod/lcpdfr hardcore is installed)

-Every location that serves food/drinks in Singleplayer (except for hotdog stands) will now serve food/drinks in Multiplayer (blips included!).

-All enterable/non-enterable hospitals now sell medpacks in the size of small, medium, and large.

-Store Food/Drinks/Medpacks in your own Persistent Personal Inventory (on your character) Limit of default 9 slots total, items are stackable.

-Checkpoints that allow you to go into any safehouse in multiplayer that you normally wouldnt be able to reach (youll be teleported)

*Example: Algonquin east side safehouse has an elevator, walk in the elevator and get teleported to top, store weapons in apartment with Persistent WeaponStorage by AngryAmoeba (All in multiplayer)

-Customizable options to change food/drink timers, dehydrated/hungry damage modifiers, as well as other controls and functions

-Auto-save functionality and force save functionality to keep your items persistent

-PvPWanted script has option to allow you to rob these vendors by holding down R while in a store (unfinished/possibly broken, report otherwise)


Copy Foodmod.net, FoodMod.ini, and FoodModSaves.ini into scripts folder. SHIFT+U starts mod, check map for new restaurant/hospital vendor locations!

For all controls check FoodMod.ini

Known Issues:

-None that I'm aware of

Find the full Community Mod Pack here:

What's New in Version v1


  • -Added more customizable parameters in INI settings

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