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Daimyo's RPG Mod Pack - Community Edition v1.2.2b

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About This File

You do not have my permission to distribute this Mod Pack elsewhere. Remember, this is a Community Mod Pack so you would have to contact other authors to use their specific scripts/code, I do not mind if you use any of my code or build upon it, as long as you please credit accordingly.

Forum post found here with all you need to know:

Videos included in topic post

What's New in Version v1.2.2b


  • Changelog v1.2.2b
  • -EverythingCar:
  • -New:
  • *Ability to change ammo transfer amount (default RShiftKey + left/right arrow)
  • *Customizable vehicle display menu controls are now shown in INI file
  • -Fixes:
  • *Changing ammo transfer to greater than 10 would bug out when placing ammo in vehicle, allowing you to dupe ammo
  • *EverythingCarSaves.INI save file was showing improper weapons/ammo, this should now be fixed
  • *Other fixes/adjustments to the code
  • -Known Issue
  • *When storing grenades/molotovs, the vehicle display menu sometimes shows all stored weapons at 0(ammo shown is fine), extracting ammo/weapons or removing grenades/molotovs fixes this.
  • Changelog v1.2.1b:
  • -PersistentPersons
  • *Voice now set according to character skin when player loads previous character or uses PersistentPersons "Insta-Cop" function to choose a police skin
  • #If using this mod for other means and not policing, simply save the character and load it to set default voice of that character
  • #Default voice works for ANY skin, not just police, as long as you use save the character and then load it,
  • *All official police uniform skins (not security/body guards etc) will give a voice preview when using "Insta-Cop" or when loading a official police skin
  • Changelog v1.2b:
  • -Fast/Easy ModPack Installer Included (save files will not be overwritten, INI/Mod files can be individually evaluated to overwriting)
  • -Recommended Realistic Car/Handling Damage installer with backup files
  • -PublicHostGame v1.1.1
  • *Global Controls Image updated with PersistentPersons walk key added (possible other control additions)
  • -PersistentPersons v1.1
  • *Walk mode available in Multiplayer (check INI for controls, default CAPSLOCK + movement keys)
  • *Arrest reward system enabled with tweaks and INI customizable settings
  • -BleedHeal v1.1
  • *Bleed heal animation mechanics more usable
  • *Animation mechanics more compatible with walking animation used in PersistentPersons script (Health Limit Parameters in both INIs must be the same)
  • Changelog v1.1b:
  • -PublicHostGame:
  • *Updated Global Controls Menu for EverythingCar wrong/missing entries
  • -EverythingCar:
  • *Fixed cars not spawning in singleplayer on load (this was already fixed, uploaded wrong file)
  • *Fixed INI control for placing weapon in trunk, was CTRL + T, now its Shift + T
  • -Fixes to EverythingCar vehicle spawn mechanics
  • -Bug fixes to EverythingCar saving/loading functionality
  • -INI save system added for community mods (except bank account which uses stream reader .dat file I believe and was unnecessary to change)
  • -More options and control over each mod in general via INI settings
  • -Added Optional/Customizable in-game Mod Pack Global controls menu in PublicHostGame
  • -DELAY_SCRIPT optional parameter added to most scripts INI that I created/modified, this is for those who use a lot of scripts in multiplayer and get the "Your game is running too slow" when first loading or reloadingscripts during play
  • -General polish and fixes
  • -More that I dont remember right now

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Just spent couple hours on it and POLICE CAN WALK IN MULTIPLAYER haha, its pretty solid, used alot of the ideas from bleed heal to streamline it so it should also be synced in multiplayer.

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