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FIB Special Agent with Badge and Holster 1.0

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About This File

A mod which replaces any model of your choosing with an improved FIB Special Agent with a badge and holster.



This is a mod which replaces any pedestrian of your choosing with realistic FIB Special Agents. Included are an Agent with an authentic looking FIB Windbreaker Jacket and an agent with a Kevlar Vest. Both agents feature a holster and a badge worn at the waist.


  • Holster with weapon
  • Badge worn at the waist
  • Authentic looking jackets
  • Correctly fitted utility belt
  • Better lower body model


  • Model is based on original peds by Rockstar Games
  • Main textures are an improved, higher quality version of the originals.


This model is provided in its unlocked form in order to encourage members of the GTAIV police modding community to further develop their talents. Use and modification of this model is therefore authorized, but fair credit is expected to be given in all circumstances as a matter of respect and decency.

NB: A small part of this model uses custom UV-Mapping, it may therefore be incompatible with other skins.

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Is there a way to get these shades separately to put on the playerped?

I've been looking for shades like these forever, but there seems to be nothing.

But since they are on some of the FIB-models and such, there must be a way to make it for the player.

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