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First of all, ENB credits go for its creator, i ain't want no problems in the page.


Alright, so this may not be the coolest thing but i wanted to share it with you. I've spent about 6 months creating my own custom ENB. But that's a different story.

This ENB is made from scratch, the enbseries.ini & VisualSettings files were started from zero, this means that almost every value was set to = 0,

so i could give it my own taste.

I mainly did this because (almost) all of the other ENBs that i tried, were too bright, too unreal or too weird, and wanted to try my own, i may say that i'm pointing a little bit to


Okay so that's the story. What does this modification contains?

* Mixture of Shaders from different patches, used for getting desired reflections and shadows (also i managed to get rid of the texture loss, at least in my system).

* Scratch made enbseries.ini and VisualSettings.dat

* Edited effect.txt and enbconfig.txt

* A very simple commandline with just one command, one for using MEDIUM TEXTURE QUALITY and the other for HIGH.

Okay, let's move on to the details.

This modification allows user to improve the visual effect, environment, and sensation of the game. This means that:

* There is a pretty good relation between FPS Framerate (i get about 28-48FPS) and System Usage.

* Added more volumetric size for objects in the game

* There are no excessive BLUR effect while on foot or in a vehicle, but you can also deactivate the blur by pressing "P" on your KB.

* No Over-Brightness on cutscenes.

* No over brightness on day time, and no over darkness on night time.

* PERSONALLY EDITED POPCYCLE.DAT file, so you get moderated traffic on mornings, medium-high on day time, and almost zero on night, but with a lot of parked cars.

* NATURAL and NON EXAGGERATED light emissions, like from;

- Sirens (The emission and reflections for this one depends on your ELS configuration)

- Traffic Lights

- Front & Rear lights on vehicles

- Lamp Posts

- Building Interiors

- Taxi, Bus or Road Signs.

* Realistic (or almost) angle, brightness and color of car's headlight. (The strobe effect for the headlights when on patrol is a lil' bit high, but looks ok).

* Realistic intensity for the car indicators


* Changed the texture for all the car's rims, now they look and shine SILVER instead of dark gray, plus the tires are now from Bridgestone.

* Proper reflections on the cars, the roads and windows (for buildings, objects made from reflective materials and cars)

* No shiny pedestrians, now they don't wear latex suits no more.

* Proper ground lighting.

* Stars are back in sky, couldn't get the moon to show up.

* The RED SKY BUG only appears after you pause the game, but after +/- a minute it's gone, also the red square, but they're not so annoying.

I highly recommend use the settings stated on the SETTINGS image file, otherwise you may get your retina burned by the game.

I also recommend you to use NGT Bigger & Realistic Explosion V.3, HD Trees mod, and over all other things, Spitfire's Quiet Pedestrian Realism Mod for a better touch.

I personally use them, and i'm also using Realism Series Mods by CES (gta4-mods.com)

I Personally edited the sounds for cars ignition, replaced them for sounds from a well known game about Cops & Racers and green Sheriff's cars ;-) once it's done it will be uploaded.

****** You may know that FPS RATE and Perfomance depends much on your own System specs and configurations.

****** You should ALWAYS make a back-up of your files before installing anything.

If you feel like something could be changed, let me know so we can have another version. Report bugs or ideas in here or @PM.

If you don't like it, don't waste your time nor our time by DL it and please dont disrespect others work on the comments section, please.

Thank you for visiting my mod :-)

What's New in Version 1.2


  • VER 1.2
  • New values added to enbseries.ini
  • Modified enbconfig.txt and effect.txt
  • More realistic lighting
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Hey guys, thank you for your good reviews. As you can see, there is another .RAR file which contains an optional time cycle if you find the first one very dark.

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