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File Information

  • Submitted: Mar 23 2012 07:55 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 08 2012 08:43 PM
  • File Size: 12.73MB
  • Views: 9811
  • Downloads: 963
  • Bandwidth: 11.98GB (estimated)
  • Approved on: 08 April 2012 - 08:45 PM

Download FirstResponseENB Release Candidate I RCI

Author's Description

After a load of work, RC1 for FirstResponse ENB is finally ready for release. Don't forget to sub to my channel!
*-Also there are known issues with TBOGT so I recommend that you stay away from this mod if you don't want to risk your game.*

Videos using R1:


FirstResponse ENB RC.1
-In some instances, the game may glitch and nothing will appear. You will see that everything is brown and no objects are visible. To fix this, please restart the game.
-Also there are known issues with TBOGT so I recommend that you stay away from this mod if you don't want to risk your game.



1. Copy all the files and folders in the 'Files' folder to your main GTA
IV directory. If asked if you want to replace all the files, press yes.

*Since the Radiance mod was already incorperated into this modification, there is no need to reinstall the radiance mod*

- I recommend that you set your display settings to match the settings
you see in the 'Display settings !!!.png'. If you find your game to be
too bright you can always reduce the brightness here.

- If you want motion blur to be enabled turn 'Definition' off in the
graphics settings menu.

- Use these settings at your own risk, if there is any sign of your
graphics card overheating, or any other problem for that matter:

If your game loads (doesn't crash to desktop) BUT does not show the
main menu go to:

"user name"\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\Settings

and delete the content of your settings folder. Your game will now
work again :)

What's New?

What's New in Version RCI (See full changelog)

  • -Fixed issue where headlights were too bright.<br />-Fixed ELS Lighting brightness<br />-Fixed timecyc.<br />-Fixed Credits Txt


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Working on the next release, hope you guys like the current version :P
So this works with LCPDFR, and no Police Computer glitch?
Yep, tried on my own system
does it crash your game like els?
It MIGHT crash on a low-end system, hence the warning above.Now...Time for my daily plea: Sub to me if you like it <3
Hey ive just downloaded and installed but my game wont load give me (GTAIV FATAL ERROR: D3D Error - Pleasere-boot your system) Any ideas why ??
Make sure your moniter supports the resolution in the .ini if not change that resolution. That worked for me at least, but now mine crashes after the loading screens...any ideas on why that might be?
cheers it worked :D
Anyone with problems PM me for support.Keep these issues in mind:1. Do you have previous ENBs?2. Do you have the "dsound" file in your root Gta folder? (Install Folder)3. Any other mods?4. Update .NET Framework45. Visual C++20106. Is your computer able to run ENB at all?*Note*:If you did not make a Backup of your GTA folder, its not my problem as you were specifically told to back it up.

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