Crown Victoria Police Interceptor - Sacramento PD (ELS) V4.7-AC

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Put the police.wft and police.wtd into your vehicles.img.

Carcols.dat: police, 0,0,0,


- Model is original Ford Crown Victoria by Schaefft, modified for and converted to GTAIV by Chasez.

- This version of the CVPI model has been modified by Bxbugs123 & Lt.Caine with permission by Schaefft and Chasez.

- Rims By Bxbugs123, Textures By Lt.Caine

- Whelen EDGE made by KevinDV, intensively modified to Ultra Freedom by Cj24.

- Rambar made by KevinDV, Speaker Box made by Cj24.

- Liveries made by Break.

Files included:

- police.wtd

- police.wft

- readme.txt

- template.png

- pic (1).jpg

- pic (2).jpg

- pic (3).jpg

It is forbidden to upload this or a modified version for public without permission. Changing textures is allowed for personal use.

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