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Chevrolet Tahoe - LCPD (ELS)  V1.6-AC


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  • Submitted: Mar 08 2012 03:50 pm
  • Last Updated: Jun 02 2012 07:51 am
  • File Size: 5.53MB
  • Views: 57991
  • Downloads: 13,956
  • Bandwidth: 75.32GB (estimated)
  • Approved: --
  • Lightbar: Whelen Liberty
  • ELS Compatibility: ELS


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  • Screenshots

Put the polpatiot.wft and polpatiot.wtd into your vehicles.img.

- Tahoe model from GTA SA by Alex & converted to GTA IV by KevinDV, modified by Cj24.
- Wheels made by Lt.Caine.
- Whelen Liberty lightbar made by KevinDV.
- Police equipment made by Lt.Caine.
- Rambar made by Bxbugs123.
- Misc lights made by Cj24.
- Spotlight made by Cj24.
- Liveries made by Cj24.

Files included:
- polpatiot.wtd
- polpatiot.wft
- readme.txt
- template.png
- pic (1).jpg
- pic (2).jpg
- pic (3).jpg

It is forbidden to upload this or a modified version for public without permission. Changing textures is allowed for personal use.

What's New in Version V1.6-AC (See full changelog)

  • Updated Tahoe model that does not require a handling line to work correctly.
  • Other small bugfixes.


Lovely! Good job
Great job!
O-M-G.. nuff said
Nice work!
I really like this, I like how easy it is to change the lightbar up, keep that same layout in future models. Nice work!
You have no idea how long I've been waiting for a Tahoe with a Liberty and a traffic advisor. Awesome.
must love it!
Nice, any idea if the rambar can be removed? Thanks
lol just a bit top heavy lol flip all the time
I have to come to a complete stop before turning or I flip, and even then i come close unles i tap the accelerator instead of holding it. Otherwise grat car.

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