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Hello all, The reason i've redone these peds is because after the release of my revamped peds i've been getting countless requests of people wanting an unlocked model or more particularly the belt, and time after time i've had to decline they're requests because of my sworn promise to EVI that i would not release them unlocked. So i took it upon my self to use an old belt that i used for GTA IV peds. Opinions will be different, some may like this belt better then the other one and vice versa. Female peds and rangers are now included in this pack and all peds are unlocked, therefore can be modified via zmod3. Permission is giving to modify any way to fit your preference and released as long as credit is given. Peds uses all default textures so you can apply textures from other textured uniforms. Belts can be switched around to different peds but only male to male and female to female because of the sizes. Belts can be used in EUP and all peds support the gun holster mod. even the rangers. If you use zmod 3 to switch belts or modify in any way, DO NOT i repeat DO NOT mess with the weight of the belts or you will have issues, but not game crashing issues. All peds have been tested and retested before release. So by all means have fun enjoy and ....................HAPPY GAMING

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· Edited by Lundy

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I love that someone is actually doing something with ped models other than literally almost Custo and I, but this is not game-ready.


First speaking, you got rid of all the LOD models for both city cops except high. And the belt isn't reduced in any of the LODs for the rest of the peds. Never do that, LODs are required for your performance on any machine regardless of power. Also, the belt model is 68k polygons on both city cops. 68,000 polygons on a ped model that is spawned in the dozens or more. The keys, just the keys, are over 50k polygons in themselves. Also noting you've removed all LODs except the highest which is one of the worst if not the worst thing you can do for a modification, especially being the default peds already come with LODs pre-made. Taser is at about 7k. Something like the belt should be no more than 10k polygons max. The belt alone is a fine model, but the textures are not fit for GTA V at the resolution and quality they sit at. Textures for the belt are just resized to 2048x2048 with no enhancement. As if you took a 512x512 texture and just upscaled it. All that does is take up more file space and performance. There's also no change to the bump and spec mapping to match with your belt's texture. I can't recommend the city cops, at least, for the state they're in. The textures just need to be reduced in size down to about 512x512 and the other models should be fine until you enhance the belt's texture. Give it another shot. (maybe without those keys!) Props to you for leaving the model unlocked, though! Hopefully some of the few smart noodles around here, such as yourself, can make some good use or ideas from your contribution.


Author response

Well as far as LODs are concerned, to my knowledge there's no way as of yet to add LODs to ped models. I've tried but it didn't work. Apparently it dosen't work the same way as adding LODs to vehicle models. But if you know i would be happy to add them.

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· Edited by ModHD

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Amazing, i really like the belt but its low quality and i like that the fact the tactical vest was remove for the city cop, cause you really don't see city cops use belt that often, unless emergency.  

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Myer Flyer

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YES! This is so great thank you!

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So this is a game changer great job bro some amazing stuff is being created because of you.

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