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Lore Friendly BCSO Texture Pack 2.0.0

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About This File

Hey guys it's me JaiTheGamer8 again. I have made a new texture pack that is lore friendly. It continues the lore sago Blaine County Sheriff Dept. These textures are inspired by Texas State Trooper vehicles. The texture are made for @thegreathah's LSPD Legacy Pack which I will put a link to below. I also made a Tahoe skin, however it didn't work in .ytd file. I couldn't even open it and I messaged @thegreathah about the issue. Anyway I hope you enjoy leave me any suggestions I love hearing pack from you and take care til' my next release!




Hey guys I just wanted you to know I'm doing a little project to bring back the Ford Crown Victoria. If you want to help me click the link below to sign my petition from change.org.




Also I made a brochure on how the next gen Crown Vic will be made, be sure to check it out on your spare time.





What's New in Version 2.0.0


 sent me things to improve and here they are, the texture pack has been improved by the following:


-White color isn't on black parts

-Zip File easier to install

-Fonts match as I used same font

-Also this is a lore texture so decal can be any size

-Vehicle has brackets, this Charger for example has them, fast forward to 3:13




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For current version ·

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I like it. I dont look precisely into it so it dont matter if a the sign is an inch different.

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· Edited by NoNameSet

For current version ·

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Different variety of textures

Four vehicles to choose from


some decals look to big in my opinion

Fonts you used don't match

No license plates *you just put some random piece of metal or idk what the hell that is on the license plates.*

I don't know what the hell you used to create the white layers

the white colour goes over the trunk onto the part where it is supposed to be black


and next time please put all the files in a zip so it is easier to download.

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