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Dispatch Response 1.0.0

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About This File

This is not a mod for LSPDFR.  This is a stand alone program to play dispatch responses.


The best use for this program is to help add more realism to your LSPDFR RP videos by giving you a way to get dispatch to acknowledge your calls when another plugin doesn't do it for you.  





  • Download the DispatchResponse.rar to any folder and extract.
  • This file is not required to be in your GTA V, LSPDFR, or Plugins folder.
  • Double click it to run.
    You will not see anything pop up.
    To make sure it's running, just use one of the hotkeys.
    If you do not get any audio, check your task manager for "RandomAudio.exe".
    if you don't see it, run the program again.


To use this program:

  • Run DispatchResponse.exe
  • Use CTRL+SHIFT+1-4 to get a response.
    CTRL+SHIFT+1 = 10-4
    CTRL+SHIFT+2 = Roger
    CTRL+SHIFT+3 = Roger That
    CTRL+SHIFT+4 = 10-4 Copy That
  • To close the program:


I use a laptop and did not see any CPU hits or FPS drops while running this program.


There is no .ini file to change the hotkeys.  When I had it made, I specifically asked that it uses a 3 key combo so that it would not interrupt with any other plugin.  The audio files can not be changed.



I did not make this program and can not be held responsible for any damage it may cause to your PC or any software installation.  My son created this program for me to use and share with the LSPDFR RP community. This program has been tested on Windows 10 with the Steam version of GTA V using the latest version of LSPDFR and Rage .52.


This program is provided free of charge and may be shared unaltered.

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