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Los Santos/Blaine County Sheriff's Office(Based off of Escambia County Sheriff's Office) 1.0.1

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*Disclaimer: Yes these skins are lore friendly, I will be updating them to HQ in the future, they were originally for personal use, but was asked to upload them from a friend.*


These skins are based off of my home town in Escambia County, FL. As of 2009 the ECSO retired their final CVPI and as of today we are a all TAHOE fleet with the exception of our traffic units which consist of 4 Caprice, 4 Impalas, and 6 Motorcycles. But if you were to visit or live here you'll see 99.9% of Tahoes patrolling from the years 2009-2017. In this pack the Vic is our 2008 skin, also a 2014 Tahoe skin, and the all green is our 2015 skin and the green and white newer model is 2016. Feel free to leave comments(: (These are not by any means perfect, just showing love to my home county <3)


Instagram @ heroes_of_escambia #followme (:













What's New in Version 1.0.1


Per request I added Blaine County & 2017 Skin.

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Deputy Brand

For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Looking awesome i like the design:thumbsup:

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J.J Dawkins

For current version ·

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i like the pack but why you just didn't make a full pack out of this, i hate when people just make skins for 1 or 2 models but the skin was dope. that just make any sense  to me 

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For current version ·

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Nicely done, accurate textures. Unfortunately they're pretty low res. You plan on doing a 2/4k set?

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For current version ·


Love it. The third picture was my middle school front parking lot. Pretty funny. Thanks for making this 

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Deputy Tahoe

For current version ·


@ThisIsntMyName Thank you for the kind words and feedback. I really appreciate it. And I do plan on uploading more fictional models.


@J.J Dawkins First off thank you for the feedback. You're one of my favorite vehicle modders btw. But I agree as I too hate when a skin pack only focus's on one or two vehicles. But here in Escambia County, FL we only use the Tahoe(2009-2017) as our patrol vehicles. That's why it seemed like a small pack. I added the vic because that was our 2008 style before we switched over. I do plan to upload more skins for our traffic units(impala and caprice) as well as fictional models just for the fun of it. If you would like check out my instagram @ heroes_of_escambia you can see more of the units( aaaaaaannnd maaaybeee one day create a model or two(: )


@TNelson @Deputy Brand Thank you both for your kind words and review. And YES! I will be updating not only with more models, but with a high res version as well.

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· Edited by ThisIsntMyName

For current version ·


Amazing job dude! I understand that the department this is based off of only really uses the Tahoe's, but a pack of these fit onto other vehicles such as an FPIU and chargers would be sick. Luckily this department has a pretty simple design so it would be fairly easy to make a fictional skin for a vehicle they don't use since basically all the cars have the same design. Either way this is a skin I have been waiting to see in the game for a while now and it is even better that it is lore friendly! Also, it is really cool you made a Los Santos County and Blaine County variant for people to decide since some people prefer Los Santos County and others, Blaine County. High quality, accurate, and not sloppy. Would recommend this to anyone who loves simple looking skins and wants to try some new colors on vehicles or just wants that Florida style look.

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