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SA Law Enforcement Dashboard 1.8

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SA Law Enforcement Dashboard:


The whole idea is to enhance single player role play. 


I am looking for collaborators on this project, to assist and create Operations etc and contribute their ideas. If this becomes larger than it is I really do believe we have an interesting way of enhancing single player role play alongside in game mods. PM me on LCPDFR if interested. 




Operations are assigned by a certain Law Enforcement Agency that you can partake in during your duty surplus to your response to normal Dispatch callouts. The forms allow for the collection of statistics that you can see and monitor as other Officers from varying Law Enforcement Agencies support the Operation and general law enforcement on the citizens of the State of San Andreas. Everything is designed to be easy to access (hence google docs) ideally from your phone at the roadside in game without alt tabbing out. I know there is already software that records reports etc but this is different in that as a community people can partake in various operations and see their results and the result of other officers.


I am not creating a clan or separate community here, this is for single player role play not online. Its just something else fun to do. 


Screenshots, 1: Example of vehicles stopped statistics, 2: The Dashboard, 3: An example of an Operation Briefing


Any feedback please use feedback form or comment here! :)






(The download is just a link to the Dashboard above)

What's New in Version 1.8


* Added Op Traffic Red Light - access via the Dashboard

* Added Op Traffic Jam - access via the Dashboard
* Added Arrest Report form

* Added statistics form the first 50 responses

* Added Op CommCheck - access via the Dashboard

* Added Op Smackdown - access via the Dashboard

* Added Op Magpie - access via the Dashboard

* Development of the SA Law Enforcement Dashboard as a hub for the whole idea

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For old version 1.5 ·

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This is one of those things as a Law Enforcement officer you must have, this helps a lot in police recognition and training for future officers , troopers etc...

every department in the world has statistics which then bases things to focus on during morning or night role call, Usually the sergeant or Lt or captain will  assignee you to a certain zone area where the problem B persist. For example Morning troops today in example I-90 drivers in area B mile point 1432 have been exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 miles per hour. Multiple complaints  from traveling motorist have been sent to the Charlton barracks where they then compared statistics, due to the high number of accidents reported and traffic stops in that area, you guys will be tasked with high visibility enforcement in that area.


That's my brief example of why this file download is so awesome for people to practice with, Great job man and keep it up. 

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For current version ·

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This is a great idea and I really love the statistics.  I'm not in law enforcement but like @Troopercharles mentioned, I know that law enforcement uses statistics as a tool to focus on certain areas as needed.  This adds a bit of realism to patrolling Los Santos.  Another great thing are the operations, what a way to add more than just riding around waiting for callouts to pop up or looking for suspicious activities.  Granted there are other things out there, like Paperwork Plus, that have forms and a database but this is something that is shared by the community.  Keep up the good work @AMGnasher

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For old version 1.3 ·

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Wow this a good idea! I love how everyone can view statistics. What a great way to use Google Forums! :happy:

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