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Finally there is someone in Liberty City who can deal with dead bodies.

vdH METT/Coroner Mod gives you ability to call Medical Examiner Transportation team, or Coroner.

This mod is LCPDFR.com exclusive, so please don't upload it anywhere else.

If you find any bugs, grammar errors etc. make sure to tell me ;) Please write in rather than in file comments. It's easier to trach posts than comments.

Be sure to check read me and settings file!


  • Call for METT/Coroner to get rid of bodies
  • 2 Speedo models for METT/Coroner van, with and without lightbar
  • 4 skin packs for Speedo (11 skins!) (see Skinpacks.jpg for details)

    • LC without lightbar

      • LC METT
      • Pizza This! (changeable colour)
      • RS Haul
      • clear (changeablecolour)

      [*]LC with lightbar

      • LC METT
      • Whiz repair unit
      • deepHole Road Works (changeable colour)
      • clear (changeable colour)

      [*]NYC with lightbar

      • NYC METT
      • DHL
      • FedEx Home Delivery
      • clear (changeable colour)

      [*]NYC with lightbar

      • NYC METT
      • ConEdison
      • NationalGrid
      • clear (changeable colour)

    [*]Body bag models for both Liberty and New York

[*]Works also indoors, on roofs, with victims in cars etc.

[*]Examiners will try to tell the cause of death (not always successfully)

[*]They will try to rescue victim if he/she is still alive

[*]Highly customisable

[*]Teleport system to prevent van or examiners from being stuck

[*]K-9 Script support

[*]PoliceHelper support

[*]SafeMode for people with memory overload issues


This one only looks scary. Read ead and everything will be fine.

What you need:

1. GTAIV or EFLC with latest patches (you know, that awesome game)

2. HazardX's .Net ScriptHook from here: http://www.hazardx.c...ils.php?file=83

3. OpenIV or SparkIV (for installing custom Speedo and body bags, not required)


  1. Copy scripts folder from this zip file to your main GTA/EFLC directory

    Next steps are not required but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  2. Choose preferred Speedo model and replace speedo.wtf file in models/vehicles.img by OpenIV or SparkIV
    (Liveries are compatible also with )
  3. Choose preferred Speedo texture pack and replace speedo.wtd file in models/vehicles.img by OpenIV or SparkIV (See preview of packs in Skinpacks.jpg)
  4. Pick preferred body bag and replace cj_bin_bag_pickup2.wdr file in data/maps/props/roadside/rubbish.img by OpenIV or SparkIV

    Next steps are for advanced users
  5. Skip this step if you have installed Speedo with no lighbar, or ELS version. To make lighbar on Speedo, to appear randomly on civilian Speedos go to YourGTADirectory/common/data, open vehicles.ide file with notepad, find line with Speedo and remove "ext_all" flag
  6. To get Speedo vans in various colours go to YourGTADirectory/common/data, open carcols.dat with notepad find Speedo line and replace it with following:
    speedo, 112,112,112, 109,109,109, 88,88,88, 80,80,80, 72,72,72, 26,26,26, 7,7,7, 6,6,6, 1,1,1, 0,0,0,

That's all. Oh, default key is Shift+M.

Peview video by AussieMerc:


What's New in Version 1.0.0


  • fixed chances to revive person, now they are a lot lower
  • added stretcher
  • many small bug fixes
  • stability improvements
  • added support for K-9 script
  • added API

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User Feedback

It is independent mod, but next version of PoliceHelper will be able to call METT just like tow truck.

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Nevermind, I see it does! Awesome. PS you can't edit or delete comments made on downloads. on Firefox for some reason.

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I shall wait for the next version of Police Helper but once that is released I will try it out, any ETA on that? This looks awesome can't wait to play around with it.

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There is no ETA on next PH. I suggest you try METT now, as it may take some time for me to make new PH version. PH will give you only one thing added to METT: the button in PH menu. Nothing else.

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Finally something to deal with those dead bodies that block the road after the traffic stop that's gone wrong.

I wish to thank you sincerely for your generous contributions to the GTA modding community Abraxas.

Excellent work as always, thank you

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Oh my god you used my lightbar this is so cool

oh and my username is 00Stevo not steve00, just letting you know

really cool mod

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