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Maryland Transportation Authority Police Texture Pack (With San Andreas TA Variant) 1.0.0

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Another installment in my Maryland agencies series. This time around we have the Maryland Transportation Authority Police which are responsible for a number of State owned and operated facilities. MDTA Police provide services to BWI airport, the Port of Baltimore, various bridges across the state as well as the Baltimore harbor tunnels and a certain stretch of I-95 to the Delaware border. As usual, I made lore friendly textures which are for the San Andreas Transportation Authority. For those of you running RDE, these textures can be used for LSIA as well as the Port of Los Santos.


Also, just for fun I made a recruiting unit! I came across some photos online and thought it might be cool. The recruiting unit is represented here by a Tahoe PPV.


MDTA actually runs a variety of vehicles as patrol cars but I decided to pick a few to represent the agency. There are about three or four different styles but I only did one this time cause I liked the way the newest one looked best. MDTA’s vehicles usually don't have pushbars for that little extra touch. Also, the CVPI’s have the hubcaps. Again, I used Bxbugs123's CVPI wheel pack for the screenshots and recommend you do the same if you want the added realism.


As before, if anyone notices any issues/problems with these textures, please let me know right away and I will attempt to rectify the problem.

More MD agencies to come so, keep an eye out!


I used these templates to make the textures.

’16 FPI Utility – Thehurk

’16 FPIS and ’13 Tahoe PPV – OfficerUnderwood

’11 CVPI – Bxbugs123


Links to the vehicles used in the screenshots are below. These vehicle files were used as they are some of my favorites but, any vehicles using these templates will do just fine. Thanks to these modders for their excellent work!

2016 FPI Utility - Thehurk


2016 FPIS - TickleMyElmo

2013 Chevy Tahoe PPV -t0y

2011 CVPI - Bxbugs123



Here is the link for the CVPI wheel pack by Bxbugs123











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For current version ·


Nice! another great 10/10 pack!  if you do a MDSP pack i'd love to finally see an MDSP FPI and Caprice!

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For current version ·


Maryland State Police Mega Skin Police Pack next ?

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J.J Dawkins

For current version ·


every time 10/10  work from you thank:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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