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Prince George's Co. MD Texture Pack (With Blaine County Variants) 1.0.0

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Another in my series of Maryland agencies. This one is the Prince George's County Police Department. Anyone who has spent some time on the MD side of DC has surely seen some of these great looking cruisers patrolling the streets. I decided to make lore friendly versions featuring Blaine County for this one. This one took a little while to get the coloring right for the silver and blue Utility and FPIS. If you notice any issues, don't hesitate to let me know and I will fix!


For those of you desiring to be as close to the real thing as possible, PG units typically don't have push bars or cages (yes, I know, the vehicles in the screens have cages). Additionally, the CVPI's usually have hubcaps. I used bxbugs123's great CVPI wheel pack to make the screens for this one. I recommend getting it.


I used the following templates to create these textures.

Utility - Thehurk

FPIS  - Officer Underwood

CVPI - Bxbugs123 and Officer Underwood


I have posted links to the vehicles in the screenshots below.


'16 FPI Utility  - Thehurk

'16 FPIS - TickleMyElmo


'11 CVPI - Mcso_204

Here is the link to Bxbugs123's wheel pack for the hub caps.


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· Edited by Dippa

For current version ·


Very nice work! I've been running PG county in my game for a longtime because it's where I'm from. You knocked it out the park! I have uniformed peds in the ped section that look really good in game if you're interested!

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For current version ·


YES!!!!! 10/10 Can't wait for the Sheriff to go with it!

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· Edited by OfficerDudeMeister

For current version ·


Awesome Job! Now I get to see this skin in real life and in game... :)

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J.J Dawkins

For current version ·


10-10 great freaking job i always have a love for this skin

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