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Fort Worth Police Pack 1.0.0 1.0.0

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Skins by Captain A.Brandon


Hello LSPDFR Community!

I am back with the pack a lot of people of the LSPDFR Community have been waiting for!  The Fort Worth Police pack is a pack I my self have been wanting to push out of my list below
and I have said this before and I will say it again, "I will complete all of the departments in the list below". I have to say in the last few Months I have gotten alot of these completed!

My next pack will be Lake Worth(TX) to follow up on the Fort Worth Police pack!

Some of the textures do contain a few pieces from xXpolicefreakXx!

I sadly don't have any screenshots of the 2014 charger!

Don't forget to 



                                                            For more Texas Modifications!


Future Modifications : 

Arlington(TX) Police Department
Garland(TX) Police Department
Lake Worth(TX) Police Department
Richland Hills(TX) Police Department
North Richland Hills(TX) Police Department
Saginaw(TX) Police Department
Euless(TX) Police Department
Irving(TX) Police Department
Keller(TX) Police Department
Bedford(TX) Police Department
Tarrant County College(TX) Police Department
Kennedale(TX) Police Department
Richardson(TX) Police Department
Farmers Brach(TX) Police Department
Tarrant County(TX Sheriffs Office

My local Modifications 
Bosque County:

Clifton(TX) Police Department
Bosque County(TX) Sheriffs Office


2013 Tahoe by @t0y



2014 Charger by @t0y or @Black Jesus


2016 Tauras by @POLICESCO



2010 Ford F350 by @t0y



2013 Explorer by @Black Jesus


2016 Explorer by @Thehurk



2005 CVPI Whelen Edge 9000 @nichankinson


2013 Impala by @t0y

1994 Caprice 9C1  by @Lundy

2009 Charger by @Maurice97





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· Edited by OfficerBenzo

For current version ·

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I am going to literally give you 5 stars.  I pass by these vehicles every day to work.  I can tell you put a lot of work into this pack and I along with many other LSPDFR players appreciate your hard work and will not be as critical about lettering being off a bit on some of the vehicles.  Keep up the great work.  Video to follow this review.


Captain A.Brandon

Author response

Thank you so much @officerBenzo, I love the appreciation!

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For current version ·

   5 of 7 members found this review helpful 5 / 7 members

First thing first, thank you for the credit for what you used from my Fort Worth Police Fleet Re-Skin! 


As far as a review I'm going to be critical because this is my agency, and I want it to be represented well! Please don't take offense to any of this, it's meant to be constructive.


On the topic of the classic (and my favorite) black and white scheme, I do have a couple of notes.....

  • general placement of decals is a little off
    • "police" on the front fenders needs to be directly over, and centered with the wheel-well 
    • we do not use unit numbers on the front bumpers on any vehicle
    • the location of "CCPD FUNDED" and the unit number on all of the units needs to be looked at again.. most of them are not accurately placed where they should be
  • the *new* Ford Police Interceptors, Interceptor Utilities, and Chargers all have "POLICE" written in large bold letters on the hood close to the grill 
  • the scaling of "Molly" (our name for the longhorn symbol on the units, and the name of our longhorn emblem for the city) and the letters around her are off.. especially "Where the West Begins" on the CVPI. It's a lot smaller than that on the actual units.. they seem to be a little large. They also seem to be taken directly from the fleet re-skin pack I produced so I'm not sure how the scaling got so off.
  • (this one is more of an FYI than a critique) We dont use the 09 charger on patrol... or hardly at all anymore actually, but when we did it was used by Traffic or DWI Enforcement.. meaning where you have the "W" on the rear upright above the unit number it should actually be a "T" for Traffic.

I will say that the "rainbow" scheme units (thats what they were generously referred to as when they were still in service) look pretty awesome! I was only around a few of them back when they were still around but it looks like you did a really good job on those. 


All in all I'm going to give this a 2 out of 5, but dont let that discourage you! It looks like maybe just a little more time and attention to detail and these could be truly awesome! 

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