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IPhone 7+ Skin Police Radio

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About This File


========= Requirements ========

Police Radio Download  (2MB)


========== Installation =========


Simple just copy to Gta 5 Folder.
I think you need set size & position in game by press LeftControl - LeftShift - Z


This default keys for set size & position in game from PoliceRadio.ini.

RadioUpKey       = W
RadioDownKey = S
RadioRightKey = D
RadioLeftKey    = A
RadioDecreaseSizeKey = NumPad1
RadioIncreaseSizeKey   = NumPad7


ScreenUpKey      = NumPad8
ScreenDownKey = NumPad2
ScreenRightKey = NumPad6
ScreenLeftKey   = NumPad4
ScreenDecreaseSizeKey = NumPad3
ScreenIncreaseSizeKey   = NumPad9


SaveRadioPositionSettingsKey = NumPad5





If you wanna see and edit my .psd
download here  (2MB)




hopefully useful




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For current version ·

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I think this is a very good model for the police radio.


In some rural areas, officers use their phones, or when they don't cary on-person radios. Take the Texas Fish and Game Wardens, or the Texas DPS for example. They don't cary on-person radios, but use their cellphones to do basic things. 

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· Edited by t0y

For current version ·

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I haven't downloaded it, because I dont download anything besides models but here are some pros and cons I can see just from the file itself.



- VERY nice presentation of the mod. 

- Great graphics/graphic designs on the actual mod and in the file presentation.

- Phone looks very realistic.



- In what world would a police officer use their iPhone as a radio, and how would it have any of those functions? 

- The phone itself is resized incorrectly in game, looks a bit fat and short.

- Police Radio itself is going to become obsolete once Smart Radio (I think its called) is released. 

- You reviewed your own file, and on top of that gave it 1 star...


This file has been done well, and professionally especially the graphic design aspects, but it doesn't seem like you really thought it through past the designs. If I am wrong about any of those cons let me know and I might change my review. But until then 3/5 (Would give it a 3.5/5)

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For current version ·

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It's definitely not realistic but non the less it is a very nice mod and I'm sure you worked very hard on it! Great mod if you like iPhones, xD

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