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FDNY International Rescue Medics Ambulance [4K] 1.0.0

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I AM RE-UPLOADING THE NEW VERSION BECAUSE LCPDFR WOULD NOT CHANGE THE SCREENSHOTS! Hello there! Here is most likely the last version of the FDNY Rescue Medics Ambulance. Only real thing I have
planned for it is maybe moving one of the Rescue Medics patches on the ambulance and maybe texturing in a roll down door on the side like the real 
Rescue Medics have. Anyway just enjoy the skin and install my FDNY PA 300 siren with Rescue Medics Airhorn for the full effect. Have Fun! =)










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THERE YOU GO. Obviously still a few minor details but since the model is different than it's real life counterpart, it is ok. Very high quality, the .dds trick works and makes it easier and higher quality than a png/jpg. The livery is as accurate as can be, and again since the model is different it cant be 100%, very nice. Always make sure to make your liveries 4096 and .dds and they will be as high quality. Definitely improving. Some minor details about the congruency of the department though:

- The main ywy lines should curve down near the hood, like most FDNY and NYPD vehicles the main body lines curve towards the headlights in the front.

- The lines should be a bit closer together tbh, not a huge problem or that noticeable but for accuracy it can be closer.

- On the back the reds are different colors.


Other than that very nice!

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