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Raccoon Police Department Officers / STARS 1.0.0

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About This File

Just as a quick edit note - Do NOT actually use this online as you WILL get banned. This is a mod to edit the game for single player use only.


Bunch of retextures to convert the LSPD and SWAT npc models into that of the Raccoon Police Department from the Resident Evil game series, plus textures for the online character to either convert them into a RPD officer or a STARS member (Special Tactics and Rescue Service)


and yes, I intend to upload the vehicle skins too. just incase anyone wanted them.




Detailed description and more.


For the officers I've made the shirts light blue while leaving the original pocket flaps and shoulder epaulettes navy, plus I've added RPD patches to the shoulders. For the badge I had to just cover over the LSPD badge with an "officer" RPD emblem similar to the "Operation Raccoon City" officers which is also where I took inspiration for cap texture which follows the same trend.

For the female npc officers I've tinkered with their pocket sizes so they look less stretched too.


I wasn't sure whether to make the SWAT units look the same as the old 90's videos or make them a little more detailed (bright blue everywhere isn't a great look) and in the end decided to make them navy blue with black armour + boots. With a better placement for the front text, and on the back the RPD plus the star badge that they have.


Then for the STARS members I've included for both genders all the shirt, trouser and vest textures needed to replicate any of the many STARS officers you play as or meet in the games too. Although I haven't included a light blue or green t-shirt for the men as those textures I put on a tucked in t-shirt which only women have a model for unfortunately. Plus they also get a navy beret, watch and cropped green trousers for the two in the games.




I've been skirting around a lot of old/conflicting files while getting this all together but it should all match up and look okay in the game. If I've messed up anywhere, please tell me.


Also I'd recommend getting EUP even if just to get the belts without mics plus the thigh holster because it completes the outfits perfectly.


Bonus points to the first person to name all the officers in the group photo :p

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Awesome models i been waiting for something like these a while, please make more RPD liveries for cars :D

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nice work!

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Great skin pack! It doesn't look bad as is, but I replaced the badge on the front of the shirts with the standard in game badge, just replaced the "Los Santos" text with "Raccoon", thought it looked better that way in my opinion. It inspired me to release a few RPD vehicle skins, keep up the good work.



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