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2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat 1.0.0

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I am back after a long break and I have moved on to grand theft auto 5. This is a model that I have recently converted my self and I am proud of it and I hope you guys enjoy it just about as much as I do. There are custom carcols and they will override the the original carcols that you already have in your gta directory. So if you dont want to override your carcols please make a back up of yours. Fyi The model will not work properly with out them. Also there are multiple extras such as spotlights, alprs and antennas. Spotlights can be activated along with the allylights on the lightbar. The dials do not work but will work in a later update. If there are any other bugs please let me know and Ill fix them asap. If you are the owner of the alpr and the antennas and the console please pm me so I can give you proper credits.

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· Edited by Lundy

For current version ·

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2 stars is a bit low, but the input into this model needs improvement. I'd have given it 3/5 if LODs were made, but no effort what-so-ever was made into doing LODs. People don't understand the importance. A lot of other aspects are lacking, texture for the front grille area is 64 x 64. 512 x 512 is what I'd recommend using for this. Exterior isn't all bad, front indicators could use some touching up being they're only two polygons with a texture on them. Underbody has no detail at all. Just a low-res texture for the chassis, no license plates on the car. The interior doesn't seem to be lacking detail, but the materials have no depth. They're just flat textures, flat black. A full black should never be used for larger objects unless used as vehicle paint. Interior needs to lighten up and have a texture of its own. There's a texture for everything, not just flat grey colours. Especially on the police console. The equipment itself looks okay, but the console is really nowhere fit for GTA V. It needs detail. Looking from the back, I can see the emissives placed inside the rear lightbar.




It needs  backing, or else the emissives will glow through. Looking here, no effort was used to correctly position any of the trunk equipment.


They have bases, yet they were just jammed inside the trunk. Spotlights are also way too close to the windows. Nobody would realistically be able to use them if that were the case. As for under the hood...


I understand that most models from racing games aren't 100% detailed on the inside, but a bit more effort could've been put here. Even by just grabbing a default engine block out of a GTA V car, like the Buffalo. It's not hard to fit it in. One thing I forgot, the interior.


The carbon fiber style texture is way too high res. It won't look doable in-game at all. I'd recommend downsizing it to 512 x 512.



Overall, the model needs plenty of work. It's been extremely rushed and no real effort was put into this. I can understand model converting can be challenging, I do it myself, but this is lacking all the necessary essentials. This'll sound harsh, but if I were you, I'd take the model down and work on it. If you're making this model and want to release it, you must want it to show your best work. Half-assing just makes everybody seem lazy. Which in this community there is no lacking of.

I may also add, you misspelled Los Santos. Really, that shows the amount of effort really put into this.

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For current version ·

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Beautiful and great model.  One question though.  When I attempt to add skins or make an unmarked the color is extremely metallic and I am unable to change it

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