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Not Too Bright Lights 1.0.0

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After R* messed the lights up, thegreathah released his mod called Bright Lights. After a while BxBugs123 updated his RadianceV mod (which is known to have "OH MY GOD MY EYES GIMME SUNGLASSES RIGHT NOW!" effect). And guess what? They both burned my eyes off as intended. Bright Lights, as thegreathah stated, is just bright without any realism or something. So I decided to share my own tweak based on Bright Lights.


So what's changed? Almost all lights were dimmed a bit to be less annoying. Coronas' size was reverted back to vanilla (I think vanilla is just fine). I guess I found sweet spot with those changes, so I hope you like it.



Just put the file into update.rpf/common/data. Be sure to use "mods" folder and\or make backups.



Credits go to thegreathah. You probably may edit and distribute this, just credit me (optionally) and thegreathah, and do not ask permission.



Taxi lights are brighter than satan's butthole © thegreathah. I will look into this, but seems like I can't do anything now to fix this. Someone made a dark texture for taxi as workaround, but I don't know if you can use it with custom taxi cars, so go check Bright Lights comments section.



Lighting is actually different on different cars. I can do nothing to make my tweak to be fine with all cars. Modmakers make their vehicles with different amount of light somehow, so some cars may be dim while others may be bright as hell. So please do not complain about it.

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This mod saved my life. I'm learning again to see the world in other colors than red and blue.



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Very Very good job! Best light mod to use with LAPD in my opinion :)

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Taxi lights still brighter than Satan's butthole.


Nice release tho:whistling:

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I might give this a try if I decide to do night patrol again! I like the intensely bright lights for day patrol, but they are unbearable at night! This looks like it got the right blend of intensity for day and night correct! 


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Thank. You.


but them taxi lights ARE brighter than satans butthole. ouch.

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