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GTA V Lighting Pattern Carcols Command Line Testing Tool 1.0.0

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About This File

This is a little RPH command line tool I put together to utilize the new ELS-like features in RPH 0.47 that allow dynamic modifications of a vehicle's siren settings. Basically, you can modify the sequence, speed, direction, etc. of any siren on any vehicle, can apply any siren audio to any vehicle, etc. I've also added some commands to quickly enable you to enable only one siren at a time, or to cycle through all of the sirens with only one on at a time, to help you focus in on one part of your vehicle without distraction, or to see which sirens are where on a vehicle. 

Requires RPH 0.47+ and knowledge of carcols editing. This is a very very quick and simple plugin, designed to help out with testing new carcols settings. It's not meant for general use as an ELS type plugin. I will not be providing any support for it. It's simply here for you to use if you might find it useful or interesting. 

Due to a bug in RPH 0.47, it's not currently possible to clone and edit added sirensettings (e.g. siren settings above 13). You will need to use one of the default sirensettings slots to edit your patterns. 

The commands should be fairly self-explanatory if you're familiar with carcols editing. Just type "help" into the RPH console to see all the commands (Press F4 to open the console). 

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