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Ford Police Interceptor Utility - " 2016 LSPD FPIU" - Livery: Interceptor 1.0.0

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GTA5 2016-10-07 20-29-40.png


Hello fellow Wannabe Police Officer!

First of all: I am not the owner of the FPIU, I am merely someone that made another texture for it. All credit for the base car mod goes to Thehurk. Very nice job by the way!

I really liked Thehurk's Ford Police Interceptor Utility 2016 but I always felt like the base textures of the mod where not exactly fitting into Los Santos.
I simply made myself a new livery for the FPIU, mainly as a way to improve my texturing skills. I am quite Happy with the outcome and I did not want to just keep it private so here you go!

I am planning on making other textures in the future as well but no promises on that!

I also HIGHLY recommand using Realism Dispatch Enhanced for your modded game. It works great with LSPDFR and there are many plugins that support RDE.
RDE3 is also on it's way and I had the priviledge to be a beta tester. You can expect a lot of new features to come!
I am suggesting this mod because it has more police vehicles than the base game. The new "Police5" for instance, is an SUV from GTA V turned into a police car. The FPIU fits great in that slot!


First of all, you need the OpenIV and the Main Car Files. As I am not the author of neither of those, they are obviously not included.
You can find the FPIU here:

I advice you to install the FPIU first just like described in its installation tutorial and then check if the car itself is working ingame.

Next step will be to replace one of its liveries with the custom one you just downloaded. For that, go to the folder containing the vehicle files inside your GTA directory (Where you put the files)
and rightclick the .ytd file of the car. Click "Edit" and find the liveries. They !should! be named "explorer_sign_" with a number at the end. Click on the livery slot you want to replace and press
the "Replace" button in the upper right corner. Choose the .png provided in this download and save the .ytd


If you have any more questions, make sure to leave a comment on the page of my mod! 

==Copyright and Modification of this Mod==
I am the owner of this texture. I hereby claim all rights to edit this file only by myself. If you want to make modifications for private use, go ahead. If you want to upload them however,
you have to ask for my permission first!

The owner of the FPIU itself is Thehurk. Show him some love for his great work!

-I (AfternoonParty) am not resposible for any damages done to your game. Please make a backup of any edited files!
-Do not attempt to make a profit off this model in any way shape or form.
-Do not upload this file to any other site, claiming it as your own. 
-Do not re-upload this file, make a link to it.
-If you want to use this file in a Video, Stream or any other public use, Link the users to this page!







GTA5 2016-10-07 20-29-50.png

GTA5 2016-10-07 20-29-55.png

GTA5 2016-10-07 20-29-58.png

GTA5 2016-10-07 20-30-02.png

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