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Ford S331 Towtruck 1.0.0

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*ons werk is auteursrechtelijk beschermd! de skins mogen dus niet gebruikt worden om aan te passen en of onder een andere naam dan die van mijzelf te releasen.* 

we put a lot of time into the model, feel free to donate if you like it! 

replaces: Towtruck2 

2008 Saleen S331 Supercab by 'HitmanNiko' 
Rear tow installation made from scratch: MOHaalsmeer (marco) 
Cones and fire extinguisher made from scratch: MOHaalsmeer (ide) 
Templates, textures and model edits like lights etc: MOHaalsmeer (marco)
Whelen gen2 converted to V: DevinKan

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Truck is awesome, only problem is I cant get the boom high enough to lift the front wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground. This is an awesome truck though. Finally a real modern tow truck, I have no idea why they didn't include one in the vanilla game anyways. Our family business is a towing company and we tow for the police departments in the area so it was cool to finally get a real tow truck with a modern Whelen lightbar, etc. Although ive never seen an F-150 Wrecker in the States.  Its better than nothing. What would be awesome is if you added this wrecker back you made here on to one of the police F-350s or something like that. That is more accurate to what we have here in the USA although I realized youre not from the states and have no real reason to entertain that but it would be very cool. If I had your skills I would do it myself ! Pretty much just take the bed off the Police F-350 and install the wrecker back. I know, easier said than done. 

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J.J Designs

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love but is there any way you can make it look like one of these




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· Edited by victoriousV11

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Finally a proper real life modern tow truck, none of these lore friendly ripped/modified models

I and others will defo pick this over any other lore tow truck  

great job :thumbsup:


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For current version ·


I've always loved this Ford [Saleen] Tow Truck. With a modified handling line [supposed to be for a Saleen S331 civilian truck], it can tow anything and, feels like a mustang!

My only gripe is the lack of ELS support (which I just started using). and how you need to change the first person offset (not mentioned in the readme) However, so far I like this car for the towtruck2 slot the most :)

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I am extremely happy to see this towtruck here, especially a proper tow truck!  I'm also happy that this tow truck replaces towtruck2, which, in my opinion, has always been the less used.  It's nice to have both tow trucks modded now.  If only we could add a secondary tow truck spawn option for calling a tow truck so we could utilize both with LSPDFR.  My one and only complaint with this model is the boom/arm.  When towing, it doesn't lift high enough off the ground, and depending on the vehicle you're towing, the front wheels may be inches from the ground.

When I first spawned this in, there was a glitch with the hook.  It was straight up into the sky, and wouldn't reset.  Spawned it in again and it worked fine.  This may be a rare occurrence, not sure, but it certainly isn't a huge problem since spawning another one in fixes it.  I'm really enjoying this model.  The LSPD skin is amazing, and the lights are beautiful!

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