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Willard Marbella Police [Non-ELS] [UV Mapped] 1.0.0

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About This File

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Overall model by:
- "ThatOneHick",

Willard Marbella by:

- "Rockstar Games",

Lightbar by:
- "Rockstar Games",

Lightbar converted by:
- "ThatOneHick",

Liveries created by:
- "ThatOneHick",

Screenshots taken by:
- "ThatOneHick",

UV Mapped by:
- "ThatOneHick",


This modification is to only be posted on "GTA4-Mods", "GTAInside",
"LCPD:FR", & "ThatOneHick's" site by "That One Hick"! Actions will
be taken if another user uploads this modification anywhere!
Change log:

- Swapped the vinilla LCPD Stanier wheels with the Feroc2 wheels,
- License plates are now mapped on the livery template,
- Inserted a LSPD, VCPD, and LCPD livery,
- Fixed issue with dirt mapping on the tires,

How to install:
Use SparkIV or OpenIV and import model with any vehicle (mostly preferred
a police car)!

Please read the "readme.txt" file in the download for more information on data lines!


Thanks for downloading!
Please leave a rating:)




Willard Marbella Police [Non-ELS] [UV Mapped].rar

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· Edited by ThatOneHick

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@Hullian111 Hello Hullian111. Thank you for your feedback. Without feedback, I am not aware of cons of what I should improve on/need to fix and pros on things that the community likes.


For the cons you posted, I have looked into the lightbar issue of it not spawning on cars at some points and I found the same mistake as well. I have looked into this issue and corrected it. I named the lightbar in Zmodeler "extra_1", which would have made the lightbar spawn on certain cars randomly. I renamed it to "misc_h" to prevent the lightbar from having spawning issues.


For the livery trunk problem, I realised I uploaded an old template. I decided before relase to map the back-facing part of the trunk/boot so you can add text to it (like what I did for the LCPD livery where it says "police"). I uploaded the correct vehicle files, just forgot to update the template in the zip.


Thank you for bringing these issues up so I can correct these.

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· Edited by Hullian111

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Let's make a fair review here. I really like this Marbelle cruiser, but here's some pro's and con's.


Lightbar Detachment Feature: This is why I love this thing so much. At first, I thought that the lack of a lightbar was a bug (remember this first part of the sentence) but when I saw that the lightbar was flung off due to a collision with my Marbelle at 90mph, I lol'd. So I had fun with it, eventually crashed my game because I spawned so many in to ping off into space.

Styling: For god's sake, ITS A MARBELLE! Aside from the Esperanto, this is one of my favourite cars in GTA IV. Shame both of them never made it to GTA V. And now you can make DODGE DIPLOMATS, yaas.

Handling: Nice to see you got the handling of the Marbelle in there. While it could be enhanced for a 'police package', it sure did match the speed of my Marbelle...until I speeded it up to 1000mph.

Template and Liveries: The best thing here is that you included a template. That way, modders can get into this, and replicate...uh...Broward County Sherriff, like they always do. And the livery, minus the slight trunk problem which I will speak about, is great. I mention 'livery', it seems you forgot to bundle in the other liveries.


Lightbar: Yes, while the LDF makes for a lot of fun and realism (?), most of these cars spawn without lightbars. Maybe a flashing light not attatched to the roof may suffice or something. Is there a way to fix?

Livery Trunk Lid Problem: I'm pretty sure this one is not the model's fault, but your honest mistake - the LSPD livery, the only one available in this Non-ELS package - seems to cut off the black bit at the end of the trunk, replacing it with an oddly-placed white stripe at the rear. I'm trusting you can fix this in under a minute.

Other than those two problems, this is great. I'm glad to see the Marbelle back with a template and a good LOD. Sorry, @Lundy, your Marbelle is a little inferior now.

EDIT: Appears this model appears to be behind in updates than the ELS one. I'm trusting you're fixing this.

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