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This mod simply fixes the Most Wanted mission - its problem was that in some encounters, the actual target that is seen in the mission doesn't match his mugshot appearance... this fixes the issue, now the profiles look exactly like they do in-game (well there may be some cosmetic differences, the ped model always changes clothes and face textures).


1. Rodrigo Stavnes now appears as a Jamaican Mafia member (by default he uses a generic Bohan ped look, which is very similar to Barry Lamora).

2. Noel Katsuda and Phil Bacerra's profile pictures are swapped.

3. Bert Reker appears as a member of the Angels of Death MC, his profile picture depicted a generic Lost MC ped that is actually one of his goons.

4. Glenn Lushbaugh uses Bert Reker's old profile picture, which matches his true appearance nicely, unlike the old Jamaican one.

5. Mervin Eskuchen's mugshot is completely new, remade by me.


Replace the given files in GTA4's pc/textures directory.

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Thanks for the nice comments guys! :) I actually made it ages ago but I somehow didn't get to test it :P GTA4's files have many mugshots buried in them, so I just re-used them.

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well hmm. i love running into random things like this. now im goin have to play that damn mission so i can see it messed up before i install this because i have never actually played GTA IV without LCPDFR :unsure:

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Not many people notice these tiny issues but I've been investigating the Most Wanted missions loooong times ago. Each one of them is different and they all got something cool about themselves. Tip - the "main target", the one you see on the profile amongst those gangbangers, he will ALWAYS drop money, the others won't. Also he usually (though not always) carries a different gun.

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