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Pursuit Deterrence 1.1.3

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About This File

Hey, Officers! Are you tired of constantly screaming at your pursuit suspect to stop their vehicle? Tired of the never ending and rage inducing pursuit of your
perp in their modded Zentoro? Do you have to resort to threatening them, and they STILL don't stop? Well, fear no more! State technology has made advances
in their PA speaker system so that pursuit vehicle suspects will ACTUALLY hear you! Whether they comply is up to them, but I bet if you yell at them enough, they may actually halt
their vehicle, surrender, and let you go on about your day.

Pursuit Deterrence is a script which gives the player a very small chance to get the perps to stop their car, drop their weapons (if any), and surrender.
This script was created to reduce the time spent chasing suspects, and inserting some kind of realism.

The plugin loads in by default with LSPDFR, and gets enabled when the player goes on duty.

To trigger the script's functionality, you must be within 15 meters of a suspect vehicle which has occupants,
be in a game registered police vehicle, and hit the shift button (or A on controllers).
There will be a user defined chance
that the suspect will halt. If they do not comply, you may try again in two seconds.


Known bugs:

These are the acknowledged bugs in the plugin:
    - When vehicle is halted, suspects will not get out of their car, but wait to be pulled out
    - When a vehicle is halted, they can still reverse their vehicle.
    - When a vehicle is halted, they will rev their engine in an attempt to escape (but they can't :]).

    - If more than one suspect in a vehicle, they will only cower / surrender if everyone is out of the vehicle. Until then, they will run or fight.
    - If there are more than one vehicle suspects (ex: Racing callout), the script will usually only trigger on one car, or cause all cars to stop.

If you experience any crashes from the plugin, please do the following:
    - Gather a RAGE plugin hook log from the session
    - Explain in a detailed manner what you were doing when the crash occurred
    - Pictures / video if you can.

If you have found a bug, please do the following:
    - Explain in a detailed matter what the bug is, and what generated it.
    - Pictures / video if you can.

Post under the comments section. DO NOT PM ME, I will not reply.


NOTE: The actual PA speech only works sometimes. It's done through LSPDFR, and it depends on what character you are, what vehicle you're in, etc. Nonetheless, the functionality will still work!

Prerequisites :

In order for the plugin to work, you must have the following:
    - Version 0.42 of RAGE Plugin hook.
    - A recent and legal copy of GTA 5.
    - Version 0.3.1 of LSPDFR


    - Special thanks to @LukeD and the other developers who have given me thorough and helpful assistance!
    - Thank you @Kal74 for being an amazing tester!

This plugin is in an early stage! This is not the final release, and features in this version does not reflect the final.

You may not redistribute. modify, or claim this plugin as your own.

Pursuit Deterrence 2016
Copyright 2016 @ tanu1215

What's New in Version 1.1.3


- Fixed the unload error caused by the obfuscator (whoops)

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· Edited by thecovesf

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I have to imagine that this will eventually be one of the most uploaded mods on LSPDFR. It really is one of the simplest mods and it affects the game in a huge way.

We all have the shifts where it seems every single traffic stop, no matter the severity of offense, flees. And it gets very tiresome and monotonous. Plus you spend more time cleaning up a scene after the suspect crashes into whatever they want to crash into to end the pursuit.

By a simple press of the a button / key all this can be avoided. This mod really helps to separate the GTA from the immersion.

Of course if you like the chases, you dont have to press the button / key and you are on your way to a crazy chase. I'll admit the chases are fun but sometimes its just too much GTA, for my taste.

Thats what makes this mod so very good, you can control the realism for your immersion.

Fantastic mod! So simple yet so very effective. 




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For current version ·

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Great mod!! I laughed my a$$ off...


I was chasing this Lost member on his bike when after numerous signals he wouldn't stop so I ended up giving him a little bump and he wound up dead on the pavement after a horrible crash. I went to get his bike out of the road and called the paramedics, only to be surprised by the fact that like 15 EMS vehicles appeared on the scene!


With all the knowledge and willpower the were unable to save the poor guy, who rode a mere 7 mph too fast. A bit harsh... I know :wacko:

On that note, I don't know if it had anything to do with the mod you made or not, but I think it was pretty awesome, and GTA V still perplexes me with it's randomness.

Just wanted to put this little anecdote out there.:thumbsup:

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For current version ·


This is a must have mod that stops potentially long chases.  One thing I hate the most is when pursuits start in the city and end up in Blaine County.  Give me a break.  While the suspects don't always stop, it does do the job.

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Good mod, very useful as well adds a hell of a lot more realism to the game! 

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I really like ur mod srsly:thumbsup:

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This is one of my favorite mods for adding realism to a pursuit. My only grip is a bug that makes your character (the cop) get stuck acting like a suspect when the deterrence activates. It's happened a few times now on random chases and is annoying because the game has to be reset to stop the effect. So for that 4/5 stars but otherwise a must have.

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Best mod I have found so far! I can't thank you enough for making this mod. very useful.

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Since you have adding way to change the %, this is a 5 star mod. I love that when I get tired of chasing someone, I can end it! Thanks for making this

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A very useful mod. Running someone off the road isn't always the best option, as civilians may as well be killed in the process if the criminal scum hits that accelerator. Now, after a few death threats here and there, we can finally have them stop! It's a well developed mod, and the bugs have countermeasures to prevent the bug from destroying your immersion. A must get mod for anyone who's tired of chasing after that T20. 

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Thank you for this mod! Now my pressing A button on controller makes sens!

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Iggy Fresh


Awesome mod, started using it in my videos.  Adds realism to your chases... would love to see them bail from the car (once halted) and make a run for it.  Haven't seen that yet, but author says it's been implemented now.  Either way 5/5!!

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Man, you beated me in this one! I was doing the same plugin, but you finished earlier! Great work and don't stop updating it! Cool, man! 

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