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ALPR+ is a plugin that I have been thinking about for a while now, but just never got around to writing it. After publishing major updates for both Code 3 Callouts and LSPDFR Computer+, I now have had some more time to devote to this.

ALPR+ is intended to model a real life ALPR (automated license plate recognition) system used by many police departments across the United States, as well as in Canada and other countries around the world. There are many different types of systems out there, and I must admit, I am not really familiar with the intricacies of any of them. However, I've done my best to make this plugin as realistic as possible.

The concept of ALPR+ was inspired by the Realistic ANPR plugin by Danielle. However, due to unknown reasons, Danielle has not been able to update Realistic ANPR in quite some time. It is quite unfortunate, as she did some great work on that plugin, and worked hard to make it as realistic as it was. I hope that I'm able to do the same with ALPR+. Like I said, I am not familiar with ALPR systems at all, and I've obviously had to develop ALPR+ from scratch.

ALPR+ is a plugin that I am quite proud of, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed developing it!!


  • Inspired by the Realistic ANPR plugin by Danielle
  • Realistic detection logic which takes various factors into consideration, including vehicle distance, angle, line of sight, camera field of view, etc
  • When alerts are triggered, the player only receives information that the ALPR system would know
    • You don't get a blip on your map! The only information you receive is the vehicle model, color, which camera triggered the alert, and the license plate
  • Configuration file with customizable camera settings (for advanced users only; default values are highly recommended)
  • Eight different types of ALPR alerts, each with it's own potential probability weight
    • Stolen Vehicle
    • Outstanding Warrant
    • Suspended Driver's License
    • Expired Driver's License
    • Vehicle Registration Expired
    • Vehicle Not Registered
    • Vehicle Insurance Expired
    • No Vehicle Insurance
  • ALPR system automatically disables itself during traffic stops or pursuits, and re-enables them when the situation is Code 4
  • Integration with LSPDFR API
    • NOTE: ALPR+ does change some vehicle and ped records; LSPDFR natively generates a lot of peds with outstanding warrants, or expired/suspended licenses
  • Sound notifications when alerts are triggered
  • Integration with Traffic Policer API (optional feature)
  • Developer API
    • Set (or clear) either a pre-defined or custom flag on a specific vehicle
    • Events that are triggered when an event is either generated, or displayed
    • Get the ALPR flag for a specific vehicle
    • Get a list of ALPR results for the current session



What's New in Version 1.0.2



  • Long overdue release, I know...
  • Fixed the bug where the plugin turns itself on after traffic stops and pursuits
  • Improved alert logic, so not every 3rd vehicle throws up an alert

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   14 of 14 members found this review helpful 14 / 14 members

I really enjoyed testing this Plugin out. I would test a ham sandwich if Stealth22 created his own and wanted me to try it :tongue: 

What I love about ALPR+ is it adds another level to LSPDFR. Sometimes just don't feel like doing Callouts and I just want to do some street patrols. So I set myself to be unavailable for calls. You can use it while available for calls just as well.. I park off the side of a road or patrol an area of my choosing and wait for an alert to trigger..There are 8 different types of alerts and you never know when you will get an alert. I love the idea behind not having a blip when an alert is triggered because it allows me to still be immersed in Policing, even when I'm just Patrolling. You will still get a vehicle model, license plate, color of the vehicle and which camera triggered the alert. Keeps you on your toes. :thumbsup:

Another feature that I personally enjoy and I think a lot of others will enjoy is 

  • ALPR system automatically disables itself during traffic stops or pursuits, and re-enables them when the situation is Code 4


I can see many possible enhancements to this Plugin down the road, but even in its current state, it is well worth downloading and installing.. 5 Stars all day every day. Thank-You Stealth22


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Wayne George

   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

Very nice mod. It's very accurate. No crashes. A very nice, simple, ALPR system for any patrol car. I highly recommend this!

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

This is a surprisingly emirsive mod for what it does. it is awesome to get flags randomly when stuck in traffic or cruising down the freeway and then pulling them over and seeing how the mod works perfectly with PoliceComputer+ and LSPDFR.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

For such a simple thing, there is nothing simple about this plugin.  Works flawlessly and adds a hue amount of depth to actually patrolling.  The ability to automatically disable alerts during a traffic stop or pursuit just goes to show the amount of effort and though put into development. The information is presented nicely and even includes a description of the offending vehicle.

Simply put, this is a must have  Thank you for your work!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Played with this for quite a while and it ties in well with Police Computer + and other scripts, and it certainly helps out having a good ALPR/ANPR system.

Great work, this is a very nicely made and enjoyable script that takes up after and adds to the previous "realistic alpr" mod.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

ALPR+ is a 'plus' in my book. It seems very fluid and responsive. The audio tones also adds to the feel of your environment, and truly simulates a realistic ALPR system.

I recommend this modification to those looking to enhance their gameplay.

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· Edited by Officer27

   0 of 6 members found this review helpful 0 / 6 members


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This is a great addition to police work in GTA. After using this for over a week, I can say it runs good. I normally use this is less populated  areas when im running speed checks. You can just sit on side of the road while waiting for a callout. Thank you for this great mod, I hope that you can integrate this into the court system. Again Thank you

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the mod works great no fps drop for me i left a comment the realized if you go into f3 trainer then vehicle componets i think it was 11 for me to get cameras to show on veh.

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Love ALPR+ but it is just very heavy, drops frames for me a lot.

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Dope frecsh iggey jiggey

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Works very well!

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Great add on to patrols. 


ALPR is simple to turn on and off 

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Best ALPR mod i've used, simple, and looks like it belongs in vanilla LSPDFR.



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· Edited by billiarboy


Awesome work,thank I really enjoy this mod!!!!



Update 12/20/2016

This is one of my favorite mods,it runs smooth.It makes it easier to blip cars,I was having trouble before!!!

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Highly recommended, no other plugins like this. Definitely superior to Realistic ANPR.


I hope this mod continues to receive support from the creator & users, and hopefully more updates in the future.

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I added the ALPR+ a few days ago and it loaded easily and worked awesome!  I had used the standard radar for traffic but found it hard to keep track of the vehicle once it got past me.  The ALPR+ identified both vehicle and subject information and I was able to make some high-end arrests and have some hairy pursuits because what I believe the ALPR+ added to my gameplay.

On a sad note I allowed another Mod /script to update and I haven't been able to track down what is causing the issue or blocking the ALPR+ system from launching at start up/

Any hints would be great...Back to the Patrol room.


Over all I will make the ALPR+ a stable in my add ons to the LSPDFR game

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amazing! thank you

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I hate, hate, hate to bring negativity to the table, I really do.. Especially given that this mod is genuinely fantastic. The mod's design is flawless. It beeps every now and then, which you can turn on or off, it notifies you of vehicles only when they come past and doesn't get in the way by showing you its scanned every single plate. 

When the mod is active I drop from about 35-40 frames to about 25-28, which is bizarre. It's odd, because it only does it when it actually gets a marker, and occasionally when scanning cars. I'm going to turn off the every beep, as much as I like it, and also lower its hit rate. I'll report back when I've done that and tell you if it has an effect! :) 

Cracking work on the mod though, it's brilliant.

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Thank you sooo much!! I've been waiting for this type of mod to resurface! Great Job!

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Fantastic Job man.  Really like how light weight of a plugin script this is.  Gives some good variety when  you patrol and its simple to use.  5/5 bro

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