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State Trooper Pack. 1.7.0

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I stopped with modding and these were on my SSD, so it's not the best pack around there since the new standard. but it will do.

So expect no updates unless it really not works.




Dodge charger 2015
Model is original 2015 Dodge Charger from Forza Horizon 2 (F&F DLC), modified to PPV version and converted to GTAIV, Converted into a Police vehicle and AWD version by IronicRainbow
Rims from Need for speed Rivals, Edited by F5544, Textures by GerryStudio, IronicRainbow
Polygon filling by TheHurk.
Lspd liveries by Doitmyself.
Setina Rambar/antenna’s made by F5544 and Textures F5544/Lt.Caine.
Laptop/radio by 0Taku. Textures by SpeedySC1978.
Watchguard by F5544, textures by 0taku.
Fedsig Vector by F5544, converted to GTAV by F5544, textures F5544, BogdanM.
Thanks to RoegonTV for his help.
Wheels/rims By Fartknockr and bxbugs. Car tire textures by KimEurope.
Thanks to Kilyin for helping with the vehicle.meta lines.

Model is original Driver San Francisco , modified for GTAV by F5544, marked to police version by Cj24 and KevinDV
Liveries are made by Doitmyself.
Lightbar, Rhino Rambar made by F5544 and Textures by Lt.Caine/F5544. Vector textures by BogdanM.
Console made by 0taku. Interior parts made by Bxbugs123/Schaeft with permission to use.
Interior textured by F5544/BogdanM.

Gresley Model by Rockstar Games UV-Map, template, assembly by F5544 and skins by Doitmyself

Added skins for the hakuchy police bike,










What's New in Version 1.7.0


Added Carvariations in the automatic installation as well in the manual.
Hopefully everything works now, sorry for the inconvenience.



v1.5 Added dlc pack for those who has problems. this is a simply er method.
in simple trainer or other trainer you can spawn these by spawning with vehicle names:
hwaycar, hwaycar2, hwaycar3

You can also made them spawn in lspdfr as backup in the backup.xml file.

V1.6  made a standalone dlc pack
this one needs to work. Remove all other state patrol files.
in simple trainer spawn by name: hwaycar, hwaycar2, hwaycar3

v1.7  fixed missing audio.
remove old state trooper dlc and place the new one.

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If only we could give more than 30 likes a day :smile::smile:

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I used this one in police1 slot and it can work fine as yours other CVPI, and actually it has so many extras that you can even change it and change a skin to make a silcktop unmarked unit, nice job Frank, thank you so much, even you are no longer here. 

And for anyone who can't get enough information form the screenshot and other screentshot by Officer27, I made a showcase video (seems it is first video of this car on YouTube), here's the link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llno11CaGLY


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I absolutely love these models. These and the police bike are the only back-up for my State Patrol spot, and they fit perfectly! My only complaint is the lack of dashboard needles.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Awesome job as usual F5544.  Still the top 5 car modders on the site

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Fantastic job 

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Awsome Job F5544, nice to see a new mod by you:thumbsup:

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· Edited by jarrose37

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I changed the charger to police2 and the police gresley to FBI2 I also included my carvariations folder which changes police2, and fbi2 to act like police <--REQUIRED!!. Also in the .META change FBI2 HANDLING to GRESLEY or your car will flip!!!

10/10 Love whelen vector lightbar its awesome!!!!



carvariations.meta its a little chopped but it works, it also changes police 3 to act like police aswell for a vector lightbar I use the ford taurus.

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Deputy J.Dawkins

For current version ·

   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Now I love me some crown vic's now and this one right herr is drop dead gorgeous and just love the lightbar. Bro thank you on taking the time on making this for me..,,,,i mean us..much luv brotha:TROOPER Dawkins.jpg

what a beautiful.jpg

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