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vdH PoliceHelper

Version 1.2.1b


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  • Submitted: Sep 09 2012 07:52 pm
  • Last Updated: May 12 2013 09:50 pm
  • File Size: 3.07MB
  • Views: 416955
  • Downloads: 155,810
  • Bandwidth: 467.73GB (estimated)
  • Approved: 12 May 2013 - 09:56 pm


  • Me ;)

  • G17 Media for their great LCPD: FR mod
  • HazardX for ScripthookDotNet

  • Sniper296 for flare model

  • and to my fantastic testers that spent so much time dealing with tons of bugs, thank you


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World and traffic events, improved FDLC and EMS support, fire extinguisher, evidence collecting, road blocks, bait cars, ID check, road barriers and cones, and more.

PoliceHelper is a smartphonestyle device to help every officer in Liberty City.
Under stylish body made in China you'll find many features for every hard working LCPD officer. Be advised, because
now you will face a lot more crimes on streets of LC with new World Events.

This mod was created to work with LCPD:FR mod and using it as separate mod is not recommended.

Please take a notice that it is still a beta release and it's a mod for a another mod. What is worse this mod was created by graphic designer, not programmer. So forgive me for any bugs. Fell free to send me bug reports and correct my grammar errors. As you can clearly see English is not my native language. You can also report bugs by google survey here » Send bug report

READ the PH_Manual.pdf and "Read me" file to learn more on how to install and use this mod.
Remember that now you have detailed help and all settings available in game!


- 5 traffic events like reckless drivers, speeders, drunk drivers and more
- various world events like drunk people, fights, mugging, injured people,
shootings, robberies and many more

- Check ID

- check peoples papers
- various data like name, DOB, address, warrant of arrest and case involved
- cite pedestrians
- various reactions of peds

- Deploy barriers / road cones / flares / lights that actually work

- Request Roadblock
- request roadblock and pray for suspect ramming into it
- normal and heavy (concrete) barriers

- Request BAIT CAR
- waiting time for thief depends on many variables like current hour,
neighbourhood and model of bait car
- sometimes thief will drive to hideout, follow him and see what
will happen

- many various scenarios

- Call for various support
- Improved FDLC assistance
- Improved EMS assistance (yes, they try to be a bit less reckless)
- Call for tow truck (available with TowServices v.1.0.5 or higher)
- METT/Coroner assistance (available with METT/Coroner mod v.1.0 or higher)

- Collect Evidence
- collect weapons from crime scene and deliver them to police station

- check and collect evidence from dead bodies

- Fire extinguisher! Now you can put down fires by yourself.

- News "app"

- Easy to use settings menu and user guide. All in game.

- Skin support and additional customisation!
More details in scripts/vdH_policeHelper directory


Video tutorial »

Extract content of zip to into your scripts folder.
Click "X" in game for a start.
Check out "Help" menu to learn how to use PoliceHelper device.

Official support/bash thread ;)

What's New in Version 1.2.1b (See full changelog)

  • Whole list in readme file


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They were disabled by Original Light for the reason: Want to comment on this mod or need support? Please use the official topic: http://www.lcpdfr.com/index.php?showtopic=9838

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