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I've been looking at many cop mods out there and I haven't found this single one - a simple fix for the white cop. All it does is just add the third head that was left unused on the PC version, but thank God it's present on the m_y_prisonguard ped in The Lost and Damned. I just ported that head over to the regular policeman. The reason for why I did this is that many mods that had this head either had the head in low quality, or featured more stuff, not just that head. Hope you enjoy! :)


Installation - just replace the m_y_cop.wdd in the componentpeds.img via OpenIV or SparkIV. I use OIV.

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I know, but as I said, it also features more stuff like the short sleeves and the body armor thingy. I wasn't really fond of the last one so I did just a tiny replacement :) love Custo's mods anyway.

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