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Vapid Stanier Police Cruiser Federal Signal Vector 1.2

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About This File

It's been a long time I didn't upload any files here. Well, this is my first vehicle modification that suits very well to the original game, for people who wants originality rather than having lots of modded cars like in real life that led you to unprecedented bugs like taxis everywhere. Well, here's the details:thumbsup::

My first Stanier police cruiser for GTA IV using Ekalb's Enhanced Cruiser as a basis made with different lightbar.
The lightbar is Federal Signal Vector with low-poly made by F5544 and is non-ELS. The version is highly compatible in making movies via ingame Video Maker/Editor.
This cruiser follows-up the NOoSE Cruiser by removing the indicator lights located at the top rear of the default lightbar and replaced with tail lights used by NOoSE Cruiser (as I happen to found that removing it will remove the rear indicator lights located near the tail lights).
I have added one or two world objects in the cruiser to decorate it, thus adding a bit realism to the game, having it similar to the mock-up P71 CVPI and modern CVPI.
I was hoping to enhance the mod further, but this is the best I can do. Ekalb has provided his mod (Vapid Cruiser Vector by EKALB) open for everyone to encourage the modding community, so I'd like to say, without him, this mod will be impossible.
By perspective, it is indeed similar to default IV police/NOoSE cruiser, but the difference is the lightbar.

Please note:ohmy::

Model is provided locked. Bugs fixing not supported. If you want an unlocked model and want to edit by yourself, PM or mail me a message for your request and I will send you my developer files to you.
The release of this model is EXCLUSIVE TO LCPDFR.com, GTA4-MODS.com, AND agungparamtapajournal.blogspot.com for 30 days. Once the period expires, you can rehost this archive anywhere you like, but under following circumstances:

- Strictly prohibited to edit, delete and replace elements from this archive (ie. the readme, screenshots,   pictures, model)
- Strictly prohibited to convert the model to any game (or simulator) without MY consent permission - Naruto607
- Strictly prohibited to edit 3D model body and its elements

* Permitted to replace and edit textures but WITHOUT ANY PUBLICATION (ie. downloads, screenshots, videos)
* Permitted to edit carcols and handling but WITHOUT ANY PUBLICATION (ie. downloads, screenshots, videos)
* Rehosting must contain the name of original author who published this mod and credits of the developer mods used

Any violation above prohibitions may result in an accusation of copyright infringement!
This disclaimer created to avoid problems, and to save my ass in the future.
I am not responsible for the misuse of this mod for anything unlawful and immoral acts.

I hope you enjoy this mod as I did. I was so proud having this mod created to improve my modeling skills.

The mod is highly compatible with

as this mod is entirely created using Ekalb's Enhanced Cruiser as a basis.

What's New in Version 1.2


  • Tail lights have been separated into two parts: the tail light itself and indicator lights
  • New Lightbar LODs (L1)
  • New Rotator LODs (L1)
  • Merged indicator lights from tail lights with lightbar's TA (traffic advisor)
  • Rangr16 console repositioned for better and realistic view
  • Removed MCS2000 radio console for the repositioned Rangr16 console
  • Fixed minor bug that internal rotators are not present in the lightbar
  • There is a chance that police cruisers will spawn with yellow beacon, for airport security measures or Gruppe6 Escort
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