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SlickTop Los Santos Police CVPI! 1.0

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About This File

I have been working on this model for a while now. Plan on releasing this exact one with side runners and much more.



skype: hexmodz12

email: soldi3rfx@gmail.com


-Mirror Lights arent attached to door so when you open door they stay in the same place i plan on updating this asap so be prepared for another update today!

- Glass Dont Break

Also i know there are many cvpis in the community as this is nothing special but to me it is this originally was gonna be my private in game one for recording lspdfr but i thought Hey! why not release it!

Hope You Enjoy! Report Bugs please! And Anything Else!











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For current version ·

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For starters, the front lights really are whacked: You've got red/blue leds all over the car (which is fine) but then in the grill you've got blue/blue rotators and under the front bumper you've got red/blue rotators. While on the topic of lights you've literally got almost the same lighting setup on all of your releases which gets boring fast. If you plan on doing the same setup for each vehicle hold off releasing them until you've done a bunch and the release them in a pack or something. Also as you look at the front of the car the right side mirror flashes red but you have a blue corona coming through.

Secondly, what's up with the spot light? I've never seen one that far up the pillar before..

Thirdly, over kill on the antennas. 

I can't tell what it's light inside the vehicle as neither the video or pictures show inside. 

If I may make a recommendation though, the lights in the front windscreen join them together and put them in the front right corner like in the photo below and I'd definitely download this car (after other issues were fixed) 

All in all this could be a really great model if you spent a little more time on it and improved it before release.


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For current version ·

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It is good (from the back)

I would like you to add an ION or something in the front for both layers of lights that are randomly rotating. Also the mears flash both blue and red usually at the same time


Also would recommend adding a rambar

The only reason I am giving it 2 stars is the front looked like it was rushed

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· Edited by Soley

For current version ·

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It's a great work, As i noticed there are lights flashing on the front bumper(fog lights, red&blue) but i don't physically see the lights only the lights effects, that deducts a star!

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For current version ·

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He didn't advertise this as unmarked. He said slicktop. Its a great model btw!

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