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SFPD→LSPD Skin Pack: Vanilla Version! 1.0.0

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If you are here, that means that either you clicked out of curiosity, or you saw my SFPD→LSPD Skin Pack and prefered to have a version where you can use vanilla cars. Am I wrong? What? You missclicked? Oh ffs, you always have something to piss me off, don't you! Fine, doesn't matter, I'll still showcase it for you, because I'm a nice guy, but you better watch your mouth!

So, where was I... Oh yes! So, you're probably a SFPD lover. That's fine, I am too! I love the city of San Francisco, and their police cars look great. But I know some people dislike to have real life models in their game. Sometimes because it makes their game laggy or something, other times because they prefer to stay within the lore of the game. That's fine, it happens to me too! So, just for you guys, the vanilla version of my SFPD→LSPD Skin Pack!

The pack features skins for:

  • Vapid Stanier 2nd Gen: 4 regular skins, 4 K9 skins
  • Bravado Buffalo 1st Gen: 4 regular skins, 4 K9 skins
  • Vapid Interceptor: 4 regular skins
  • Cheval Fugitive: 4 regular skins
  • Ocelot Jackal: 4 regular skins
  • Declasse Granger: 4 regular skins, 4 black K9 special skins
  • Bravado Gresley: 4 regular skins, 4 black skins
  • Maverick (helicopter): 4 regular skin

8 models for a total of 45 skins with distinct unit numbers, so you don't have to fear having cloned units all over the place! And guess what, the cherry on the cake? Compatible with the RDE mod! Yep! Super great, right?

As always, feel free to leave comments, feel free to leave a review (if you plan to rate low, please explain why so I can improve), and feel free to use them for your clan, videos, whatever you want, as long as you leave a little credit/shoutout when needed. Links to recommended models provided in a text file with the download.

Hope you'll enjoy those skins as much as I do, and have fun in the streets of San Francisco San Fierro Los Santos!



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