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Dutch Police Uniforms 5.2

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About This File

Dutch police uniforms mod - poepsnol38
Thanks to Jridah for the Walther P99 (Animated)

I'm more active on Gta5-Mods.com

This Update:
Update 5.2 (Current)
Added Police Uniform for Michael + Police Hat/cap
Added Police Uniform for Trevor + Police Hat/cap
Added Police Uniform for Franklin + Police Hat/cap
Replaced the Sheriff model with the normal cop model (with retextured faces)
Recolored all uniforms to a more Blue-ish color
Recolored the Highwaycop + Specular map for pants
Recolored Police Hat to match uniforms
New Helmet for Highwaycop (Finally found a good one)
Added a pants texture, bumpmap and Specular map
(there is no way to add specular maps or bumpmaps to the player uniforms yet)
Don't forget to backup your files


Some of the players clothing items are replaced, this could cause a weird clothing combination in some story missions.
NL-Readme Included
Full Changelog also included

Installation Requires OpenIV


Be sure that for the full Dutch GTA experience, you check out these other mods

Dutch Paramedic Uniform
Dutch Sirens

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Nice uniform, but unrealistic my LSPD female, LSSD female and SAHP because the stars and name plates are still.

That have the Dutch police not.


But for the rest is decent

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