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[DEV] 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor 1.0.0

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*UPDATE: A new update for this CVPI DEV model with coming soon with some improvements such as new wheels, update to gauge textures, and multiple parts to change the year model to 1998, 2003, 2006, & etc*

After development started in August of 2015. I have been trying to achieve to get the perfect 2011 CVPI out to the public unlocked for all to use and make what they want, no matter how bad one thinks of their model. Today to the public I present the Development 2011 CVPI for everyone to use and enjoy.

I want to thank these people for their motivation to get this CVPI to where it is

  • Cj24 (For releasing the original model on IV)
  • KevinDV (For his works on the original model)
  • Ubisoft (For providing the parts I need thanks to their Lincoln Town Car in DriverSF)
  • BxBugs123 (Late credit, Anyways I thank him for his headlamps textures)
  • Lundy (For his motivation, help, & door handles)
  • Gump (For his motivation, support, & testing of the model in which he would say "Hell yeah man!")
  • ljcrary (For his motivation & support of the model to get it out to the public unlocked)
  • Virzza (For his motivation & support on release)
  • thegreathah (For his motivation & support on release)
  • DroidRZRLover (For his motivation & support on release)
  • Prophet (For his joke in which is very much true)
  • and the Community for the models they release in order for all to enjoy and I hope this enhances it


  • Gauge's are inaccurately calibrated, I expect you could rely on the good ole SNT Speedometer in the upper right like in IV


  • Original model:
  • Unlocked for developmental usage, give credits as always
  • As accurate as possible to the 2011 model year CVPI
  • Recommended using fellow ljcrary's Crown Victoria Sound Mod 
  • Updates might come in the near future.

If I missed a credit, missed something, or whatever please contact me anytime and I'll be happy to fix or resolve whatever the problem may be with cooperation.

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3 minutes ago, Gump said:

How do I install this to Zmod??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and one more?

Gump damn it! Lol.

Edited by MephistoPheles
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5 minutes ago, Carperino said:

HOW TO MAKE FIRE COP? ...... Is there an exe for car and lightbar?

WEEWOOO PATROLING DEM FIRES with a msi instead of exe!


3 minutes ago, Virzza said:

Thank you so much!

Happy to please you and the community.

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Hey man this is great! Thanks for the upload.

BTW what software did you create this in? I've been wanting to create a Chevrolet RV.

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Where do people go for more lightbars and similar parts? It seems like a limited selection on lcpdfr, I can't find a whelen liberty 2.

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