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Unified Sheriff Department of Los Santos and Blaine Counties Skin Pack 1.0.0

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About This File

Howdy guys. Here is a skin I made, currently for 3 models with more to come, for a fictional department called the Unified Sheriff Department of Los Santos and Blaine Counties. The idea is to create as realistic a situation as possible without forcing users to install models for both Los Santos and Blaine County Sheriff Departments. Skins are based on the Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake County. For more information on this fictional department, read the history section below.

1. Department History

The Unified Sheriff Department (USD) of Los Santos and Blaine Counties was formed in 1999 by the Los Santos County government, the Los Santos Sheriff Department, the Blaine County Sheriff Department, and several other contributing municipalities. It assumed the policing responsibilities and jurisdictions previously held by the Los Santos Sheriff Department, Blaine County Sheriff Department, Sandy Shores Police Department, Paleto Bay Police Department, and the Grapeseed PD beginning at midnight on Tuesday, February 29, 2000, once it was officially determined Y2K was a hoax.

The organization is overseen by the elected sheriffs of Blaine and Los Santos county, as well as one representative from each of the four largest metropolitan areas within the jurisdiction, Grapeseed, Paleto Bay, Sandy Shores, and the City of Los Santos. Vinewoods exclusion and the resulting even number of delegates leads to most major issues remaining unresolved.

Nonetheless, by combining a variety of police services such as SWAT, forensics, records, and dispatch under one organization, communities can share the costs with other communities, saving local governments and reducing the tax burden of the rich and powerful, most of whom are ironically policed by the LSPD anyway.

2. Future Plans

These are my first textures, and they definitely could use some help. I hope that people are interested in the prospect of a department like this, that creates the most realistic environment possible without needing two separate departments for Los Santos County and Blaine County. If others would like to continue developing . I certainly plan on making a skin for some SUV, most likely the game’s default Sheriff2 model. If others would be interested in reskinning the Paleto Bay station, that would be awesome, I’m just afraid it is a little past me at this point… Comments, reviews, criticism, etc. greatly appreciated

3. Installation Instructions

The three skins currently released are based on the following models:

  1.     Dodge Charger:
  2. Ford Crown Victoria: 
  3. Ford F-150 Raptor:


  Step 1) Download the model you plan on using from the link above, and install using the instructions provided and OpenIV
  Step 2) Open the vehicle.ytd or vehicle+hi.ytd file using openIV (make sure you’re in edit mode) and drag and drop the sign images.
  Step 3) As far as I can think of, that is it…


P.S. Sorry for the nighttime photos

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