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Female MP Model Law Enforcement Uniforms 2.0.0

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About This File

Just as a quick edit note - Do NOT actually use this online as you WILL get banned. This is a mod to edit the MP models for single player use only.


First mod on LSPDFR (yay!)

This mod gives the multiplayer female model a whole new law enforcement wardrobe to play with including:

New LSPD textures plus a vest to match the in game officers and a baseball cap for a more casual look or ununiformed work

A LSSD uniform with matching vest and hat.

2 highway patrol uniforms for either car or bike patrols.

Some FIB clothing to show your authority without tasing people

A Park Ranger uniform

US Coast Guard uniform

Some military police fatigues and a two tone combat shirt

Since I'm no great modder these are unfortunately just reskins but I'm hopeful they should be good enough for your policing and RPing needs.

What's New in Version 2.0.0


For pictures of what's new check the last 7 pictures.

After many months I've got an update which adds many new uniforms and various clothing plus I've added some rescue services alongside the police agencies.


Building upon what was already done with a brown Ranger shirt, a Sheriff vest with "sheriff" insted of "police" plus a baseball cap for Sheriff officers.

A Paramedic uniform

A San Andreas State Prison Authority Uniform (grey and green shirts)

A Gruppe 6 Security Officer uniform.

A DOA jacket matching the in game agents plus a vest and cap more in the DEA style but with "DOA"

A Globopol vest, jacket and cap (don't think they're in the game just referenced so I improvised)

The LS Lifeguard swimsuit.

The LS Lifeguard outfit with polo shirt and shorts (in white and yellow)

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For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

As a male I am, I love using female ped as my custom officer, so this is a big thumbs up!

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For old version 1.0.0 ·

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Great job with the textures!

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For current version ·


I love this work, worth 5 stars and soon on YouTube.


Anyway to convert the PD and SD variants to GTA:SA too as skinmods?

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· Edited by Clarinetplayer77

For current version ·


I was going to put this on the comment section, but I cannot see where to delete this "review." I gave it 5 stars because I do like this.

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love this mod, hoping author adds much more stuff. Maybe rank decals, etc....

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For current version ·


This pack is a more than welcome addition in my female officer's wardrobe. Thanks for making it. :)

Also, special thanks for the uniforms that are not available in the vanilla game, e.g. the female security and prison guard outfits. These provide a lot more role-playing possibilities in-game. Keep up the great work!

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For current version ·


Being Jeorg here.. but known as Amy and Melissa in my game.. I ve used this for a while.. the update is all to the good!!!

Jill Valentine

Author response

Nice to hear you like it and it's getting some use out there :)

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