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Clean ALL The Things! Blip cleanup, delete or dismiss vehicles and peds, vehicle repair 0.1.0

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About This File

LSPDFR crashes in the middle of a pursuit. We've all been there. Maybe it's while developing a new callout, maybe it's a slightly unstable plugin you like to use, maybe LSPDFR just crashes on your computer sometimes. Now your map is littered with flashing red and blue blips and the suspect is still showing up red even though you arrested them. You reload LSPDFR, but the messy map remains. Abandoned police cars block the road. Do you waste a bunch of time restarting GTA, or do you just move some cars to the side of the road and deal with it? 

Well, now there's a better solution! The CleanAllTheThings Plugin has several different modes to help you clean up the game world - whether there was a crash, some cops just randomly abandoned their vehicles, or just because you feel like it. 

CleanUpLSPDFRCrash removeEmptyPoliceVehicles

Combines most commonly used commands when cleaning up from an LSPDFR crash during a pursuit. Calls the following commands, described below:

  • RemoveAllBlips
  • DismissPeds
  • DismissVehicles (policeOnly=true, occupiedOnly=false)
  • DeletePeds (deadOnly=true)
  • DeleteVehicles (policeOnly=true, unoccupiedOnly=true) IF removeEmptyPoliceVehicles is true

FixAllVehicles policeOnly, occupiedOnly

Repairs and cleans all vehicles in the game. If policeOnly is true, only fixes police vehicles. If occupiedOnly is true, only fixes occupied vehicles. 

This command is useful if you're in a pursuit and a police vehicle is unrealistically damaged due to smashing into things thanks to the hyper-active pursuit AI. 


Removes all blips from the map, including red/blue flashing blips for pursuits. Note that this command does NOT delete the underlying object, it just removes the blip from your map! That means if you call this command while a pursuit is active, the pursuit will continue - you just won't be able to see where the suspect is. You would have to use a Dismiss or Delete command to actually remove the underlying objects. 

RemoveBlipsFromVehicles policeOnly, occupiedOnly

Turns off the blips for all vehicles loaded in game. Specify true or false for policeOnly and occupiedOnly to only remove blips from police vehicles, and/or only remove blips from occupied vehicles. 

DismissVehicles policeOnly, occupiedOnly

Dismisses vehicles, clearing any tasks assigned to them and allowing the game to unload the vehicle if you leave the area they are in. Specify true or false for policeOnly and occupiedOnly to only dismiss police vehicles or occupied vehicles. 

DeleteVehicles policeOnly, occupiedOnly, unoccupiedOnly

Deletes vehicles, and any peds inside those vehicles, anywhere in the game world. Specify true or false for policeOnly, occupiedOnly, and/or unoccupiedOnly. 

  • policeOnly = only deletes police vehicles
  • occupiedOnly = only deletes vehicles with peds in them
  • unoccupiedOnly = only deletes vehicles without peds in them

If you specify both occupiedOnly and unoccupiedOnly to be both true or both false, then it will delete all vehicles. 

DeletePeds deadOnly

Deletes all peds in the game. Specify true or false for deadOnly to only delete dead peds, or to delete all peds. Note that in some cases, a ped may appear to be dead, but
is actually alive and set to appear unconscious by a plugin. If deadOnly is set to true, these peds will not be removed. 


Dismisses all peds, terminating any tasks and allowing the game to despawn them if you leave their area. Any peds stuck in place due to a callout should start walking or driving away, including any arrested peds. 



Hope you find this plugin useful! Please leave a comment and let me know if you encounter any problems, and if the plugin helps you out consider leaving a review. 

Plugin tested on RPH 0.34 with LSPDFR 0.3. 

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For current version ·

   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

I feel like I have to write something because no one else seems to want to. First of all, thanks to the creator for providing this mod for all of us!

The mod itself is exactly what the description says. Some plugin didn't delete its blips? LSPDFR crashing while in a pursuit? Cars and people blocking the road because the callout from 30 minutes ago didn't clean up? No problem, just throw some commands into the console and everything is clean again. Definitely recommended for everyone who experiences such issues.

Keep up the good work!

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For current version ·

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Everything works great, I had no issues with it what so ever, love this mod it's super nice being able to fix your police car after those chases and cashing into things without having to get a new one.


Thanks again for this awesome mod, keep up the great work.

PNWParksFan likes this

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The Shroom

For current version ·


Amazing mod, perfect for when LSPDFR crashes, a callout doesn't work properly, or some developer forgets to clean up their callout when it has ended.

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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! I am a plugin developer and when I test my plugin and make a mistake like deleteing a blip for dismissing a vehicle this will save my ass in game without having to completely restart the game. It annoys me so much to see blips on the map and other things. 5 out of 5 because you are an awesome person!

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This has helped me a lot my LSPDFR crashes a lot (Specially when I add new mods) and I find it annoying that there are blips in the game when it crashes during a pursuit or a callout and this plug in helps me get rid of that

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