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  • Player Location Display By Lt.Caine

    PLD-Player Location Display is a script modification that displays the player's current location (including street name or intersection, area name, and county or city) at the bottom-left corner of the user's screen.
    − Place the .asi file provided in the download inside your main GTAV game directory.
    − Start your game.
    − As per some reports, PLD might not work with Windows 8. An update will be made as soon as this issue is resolved. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    − A GTAV ScriptHook must be installed for any .asi modification to work. The original may be found here.
    − Using script modifications in GTA Online can result in a temporary or permanent ban from the service--however unlikely.
    − The PLD is active by default.
    − To disable the location display at any time, you may use the following key combination: Alt + Ctrl + L
    − To enable the location display once it has been disabled, simply repeat the key combination above.
    − PLD is coded by Lt.Caine.
    − Thank you to Alexander Blade without whose work scripting for GTAV would not be possible.
  • Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning By Yard1

    Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning is a modification of the dispatch.meta file responsible for controlling what police units spawn during wanted levels.
    There is 20% chance of a female cop / deputy (ratio based on official LAPD statistics). Additionaly, I've added new variations to the Marines spawned at Fort Zancudo during wanted levels, Police Boats are now manned by Coast Guards and one Buzzard with marines now spawns at Fort Zancudo at 5 stars. I am not going to add the Army - I find that unrealistic. If you want the Army, check out Custo's The Sixth Star mod.
    Install with OpenIV to update.rpf/common/data. This will prevent you from playing online, so make backups (I'd make a backup of the entire update.rpf to be sure). Also, if there is an update, you'll have to install this again.
    This download is exclusive to
    Feel free to edit the file, just make sure to credit me. However, don't re-upload if you have not changed anything. 
    Made by Rockstar Games, edited by Yard1
    Questions? Ask here:
  • [GTA V] Police Searchlight By NewYorkStatePolice

    Note: The searchlight cone is not implemented(yet). 

    This mod adds a controlable searchlight to the police chopper and select police vehicles.. You can set it to follow Vehicles or Pedestrians, or use manual mode. While inside a police helicopter or a police cruiser, press Numpad 0 to switch the searchlight on/off. Press Numpad 1 to target closest vehicle, andNumpad 3 to target closest pedestrian. You can also press Numpad . (decimal) to switch the line on/off. You can use it to locate who your searchlight is targeting. 
    You can now use Manual Mode, that means that you can control the light yourself! Switch it on using the Numpad 2 key, and direct the light with Numpad 8-4-5-6. 

    You can rebind all of the keys in SearchLight.ini 

    Make sure you have Visual Studio 2013 C++ RedistributableInstall ScriptHookVInstall ScriptHookDotNetPlace all of the contents of the zip into the scripts/ folder. If it doesn't exist, make one.
  • LSSD SWAT Mod By Yard1

    LSSD SWAT mod is a modification that adds new, Los Santos Sheriff Department SWAT officers. They will spawn in the countryside, alongside other sheriff units. The original LSPD/NOOSE SWAT officers will still spawn in the city.
    This mod is incompatible with any mod that changes either peds.meta (from Heists DLC) or dispatch.meta. You can easily make a compatible version - just search for "ADDED BY LSSD SWAT MOD BY YARD1" and copy the data to the file you wish to make it compatible with.
    dispatch.meta files compatible with LSSD Maverick Mod (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!), Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement v1.371 and Better Wanted Level System Police Spawning 2.2.2 are included.
    Install with OpenIV:
    Files from "Model and textures" folder:
    - "mpheist_componentpeds" folder to update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpheist_componentpeds.rpf
    - "mpheist_componentpeds_p" folder to update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpheist_componentpeds_p.rpf
    Files from "Text files" folder:
    - dispatch.meta - choose your flavour and put in update\update.rpf\common\data
    - peds.meta to update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf\common\data
    LSSD Maverick Mod is highly recommended!
    This download is exclusive to and GTA5-mods.
    Feel free to edit the files, just make sure to credit me. However, don't re-upload if you have not changed anything. 
    Made by Rockstar Games, edited by Yard1, Crime and Police Rebalance & Enhancement by BobJaneTMart/Camo