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49 downloads (531 views)
Added 15 hours ago

Liberty /Suffolk Police mega pack 1.0

holy textures!!!! this is a huge pack containing skins for CVPI, DSF CVPI, Tahoe, Magnum, Challenger, Explorer and two types of Charger. each vehi...
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17 downloads (207 views)
Added 17 hours ago

SETINA Window bars for CVPI 1.0

Setina Manufacturing inspired window bars for Crown Victoria models. Open for use by any member of the GTA modding community. Please give fair cred...
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11 downloads (440 views)
Updated A day ago

LCPD sherriff, supervisor and patrol... V1

This is basicly a skin for the ford explorer This is my first upload so be nice
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119 downloads (936 views)
Added A day ago

LCPD Tahoe K-9 Unit

Proud to present this Tahoe to you guys! There are two versions in the download. There is the one you see pictured, then one with out the whips on...
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8 downloads (332 views)
Updated A day ago

GTA 2 Theme Loading Music

GTA 2 Theme to replace GTA 4's loading music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBqkp0TqZsU

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