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  1. Assorted Callouts (Shoplifting, Store Robberies, Petrol/Gas Theft, Pacific Bank Heist, Hot Pursuit, Traffic Stop Backup Required, Illegal Immigrants in Truck, Person with a Knife & more)

    Please do not reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you.
    Would you like to get an exclusive chance to try out the next version early? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!
    I hereby proudly present

    Thank you @55charlie for the awesome images!
    With Assorted Callouts, my aim is to provide a varying experience, adding a range of differently-styled callouts for you to experience. They all have one thing in common, though, and that is a fun and sufficiently realistic atmosphere!
    Current Callouts (full explanation in documentation):
    Petrol/Gas Theft Pacific Bank Heist Traffic Stop Backup Required Stolen Police Vehicle Person with a Knife Solicitation Organised Street Race Illegal Immigrants in Truck Store Robberies Store Shoplifting Prisoner Transport Required Hot Pursuit More to come! For suggestions and development updates, check this thread. To get early access to new versions, participate in the Loyalty Rewards Programme. Installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe.
    Lots of settings, such as keybindings, callout frequencies etc. can be modified through the INI file.
    Starting from Computer+, Assorted Callouts offers support for its callout display system. For a more realistic experience, I recommend downloading Computer+ here.
    Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:
    Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/  Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible.


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  2. Tacco Highway Callouts 2.0

    Tacco Highway Callouts VERSION 2.0 is finally available!  
    Welcome to........
    [version 2.0]

    I'd like to present you my first GTA5 LSPDFR Plugin.

    'Highway Callouts' contains several different, specific Callouts on the highways of Los Santos which real cops can get every day on their patrol.
    It`s my aim to try to give you the most realistic feeling in being a cop in Los Santos.

    ♦Go on duty as a highway cop and care for peace. Keep the highways free. Arrest speeders, support the Los Santos fire department, or be the back cover for paramedics.

    [HD quality => go to my youtube channel]

    Current Callouts:
    Broken Down Vehicle
    Car Accident
    Possible Stolen Bike
    Highway Accident
    Suspicious Person
    Suspicious Vehicle
    Truck lost its cargo
    Drunken Person
    False Report
    Callouts in over 40 different locations.
    Be the first on scene or support the fire department/paramedics on scene.
    The download file contains
    => tacco_audio (audio files)
                 => tacco_pics (some nice pictures)
    => tacco_plugin (plugin file) [version 2.0]
    => tacco_readme (ReadMe.txt + Highway_Callouts.odt + changelog.txt + keybinding.txt + nice_to_know.txt)

    [german]TACCO YOUTUBE[german]
    ♦ Hallo Freunde des werten Gameplays
    In meiner Freizeit bin ich nicht nur in LSPDFR unterwegs. Auch Let`s Plays gehören dazu :)
    Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß bei meinen Let`s Plays und freue mich auf EUCH

    I encountered a bug
    If you encounter a bug or another problem (in affect of one of my Plugins) please contact me:
    Be sure that the problem is caused by one of my Plugins. ('Tacco_...._Callouts') Be sure that you installed the files correctly (ReadMe.txt) If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Please provide an accurate description of what happened. Otherwise it`s a mission impossible for me to help you. If you encountered a bug please contact me on Discord or LSPDFR.com  


    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Tacco is now on Twitter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Tacco is now on Discord! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    © Copyright 2017 Tacco.



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  3. Code Red Callouts 2.9.5 (Vicious Dog, Indecent Exposure, Customer Refusing To Pay, Officer Pressed Panic Button, Stolen Tanker, Stolen Money Truck)

    Current Callouts:
    Stolen Tanker - A tanker truck filled with flammable and dangerous fuel has been stolen! Get it stopped before something goes horribly wrong! Stolen Money Truck - A bank's money truck has been stolen with a large amount of money inside! Recover the money and the truck before they get away! Vicious Dog - A dog has been reported as being vicious towards people, get there and find out if it's just a paranoid person or if it really is dangerous... Customer Refusing To Pay - An establishment reports a customer not willing to pay for their food, go and sort it out! Indecent Exposure - Someone has been reported as showing off their crown jewels, so to speak, go and check it out. Officer Pressed Panic Button - A fellow officer needs YOUR help now! They're in trouble, get there quick! [Wait until dispatch finishes speaking before accepting for better immersion] Special Mentions:
    @fiskey111 - for always being welcoming and helpful whenever I had an issue or needed advice! @Albo1125 - for helping me get started and providing guidance when needed!  And everyone else over on the LSPDFR API forums when I came to you (with a stupidly simple error most of the time) and you guys helped me out! Compatible Plugins:
    As of Code Red Callouts 2.8.0 LSPDFR Computer+ is now a compatible plugin and works with all the callouts in this pack. It is not required but greatly enhances the experience.
    Highly recommend you download LSPDFR Computer+ and give it a go!


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  4. Arrest Warrant Callout

    Arrest Warrant Callout for LSPDFR extends Your game experience by :
    arrest warrant callout for various criminals including various reasons (murder, assault, robbery, rape etc.) prison escape callout (2 various suspects with variable models, usually armed, sometimes heavy armed, using variable car models, escaping to variable location) where player have to locate escaping criminals - there is only some area known where they are, and this area is from time to time updated with notification from control, arrest warrant callout executed at suspect's workplace (mostly based on talking, and checking suspects ID in LSPD computer, but chances are also that suspect will panic and try to escape or fight) adding new spawn locations for suspect and more calm callout with roleplay features show player area to serch for wanted criminal near felon’s home, or en-route, or supposed hideout,  criminal sometimes waits for Police unaware of arrest warrant, sometimes is fleeing (in such case player will have to locate – car, or person on foot) to seaport, airport, or he/she is hiding in mountains criminal is sometimes armed, sometimes not, sometimes he/she will be heavy armed and considered dangerous – player will be notified about severity of arrest warrant, but there’s some probability of incorrect intel, sometimes criminal will try to fight with player, sometimes he will try to escape, and sometimes if injured he will surrender, depending on current situation – I have put some logic for this inside callout besides this what we have in LSPDFR. dead criminal is best dealt with FinKone’s coroner van, you can also leave scene – at some distance suspect will despawn arrested criminal can be transported with transport van (from Albo’s modification) or by built-in LSPDFR 0.3 prisoner transport This mod has more than 900 possible random variations of how it goes (given above random conditions), which all count as 3 callouts.
    Arrest Warant Callout  : 5 diffrent cars x 9 diffrent ped models x 4 different variations describing suspects initial agenda (flee, hide in hideout, walk by streets) x 3 different arrest warrant severity (+ some chances for incorrect intel) x 3 different behaviour when player arrives at scene (escape, fight, walk by) and more...  PLUS
    Prison Escape Callout : 5 different car models x 9 different ped models x 2 destinations x 2 different behavior when player catch up escaping suspects x 3 different arrest warrant severity (+ some chances for incorrect intel) and more ...
    Arrest Warrant at Workplace : 9 different ped models x 4 different spawn locations x 3 different actions suspect will perform when player arrives at scene (escape, fight, walk by)  + dialogue option and checking ped's ID in police computer and some more ...
    This callout has been featured in this Yotube video made by LordMarshal  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNwric58CX4
    Thanks for this awesome video and spreading the word about my plugin !
    Plugin is still in development - see development thread for details http://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/54758-wiprel-arrest-warrant-callout/
    Please do not re-upload this plugin to other sites as You do not have My permission to do so.
    Comments section or mod forum thread is right place for discussion about bugs and suggestions, if You think You have spotted  a bug try to be specific, and try provide as much information as possible, this will shorten much time needed to narrow down possible bug cause. Thank You.
    Requires :
    Rage Plugin Hook 0.52 (may work with older versions) LSPDFR 0.3.1 Installation :
    - unpack archive file with plugin (7-zip),
    - copy "ArrestWarrantCallout.dll" and "ArrestWarrantCallout.ini" file to Your GTA5/Plugins/LSPDFR directory
    - LSPDFR will load plugin
    Future Development :
    add more groups of criminals. additional cars, more types of arrest warrant callout (barricaded suspect - SWAT assault, suspect at home etc.) more variety of target locations to which criminal will flee BUG FIXES add more dialogues to player - suspect interaction add choices for player (RP wise)  


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  5. Miscellaneous Callouts

    Miscellaneous Callouts
    Miscellaneous Callouts adds a variety of new callouts to the game. The callouts don't really follow a theme, just anything that I find interesting and hasn't already been done. I will continue to tweak and add variety to the existing callouts as well as adding new ones in the future. Requests are welcome!
    Thanks to everyone who has reviewed, commented and downloaded! We're at over 12,000 downloads and featured!
    Special thanks to @JonnhyCZGc for being the first and one of the most helpful testers.
    Join my Discord to follow development! https://discord.gg/JB6KrsC
    Or my forum post:
    Any questions or issues just let me know, would love to help!
    Existing Callouts
    Gang Activity
    Gangs have taken to the streets (literally!) and it is up to you to stop the violence!
    Arrest Warrant
    A warrant has been issued and you have taken the call to pick them up, but they may not go down without a fight.
    Bar Fight
    Two bar patrons have just been ejected from a bar for fighting, but now they're fighting on the street, making it your problem.
    Hit & Run
    A hit and run has occurred, so its time to put the pedal to metal and chase the suspect down, right?! Nope. You get to be back up today! Arrive on scene and make sure it is secure and take the witness statement. There is no one to hunt down, there is no pursuit, you job is JUST to secure the scene. (This works best with BetterEMS and Traffic Policer so you have barriers.)
    My callout starts at 6 minutes in, however I very much recommend the entire video. Thanks @Doug for the feature! (:
    Planned Features
    LSPDFR+ Court Case support.
    Computer+ support.
    Planned Callouts
    Subject Check: The local Ammu-Nation has called to alert police of a suspicious person attempting to purchase a firearm.
    Minimum RPH .51
    Newest LSPDFR


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  6. LSPS - Los Santos Protection Squad

       LSPS - Los Santos Protection Squad
    I'm here... at last ! Missed you LSPDFR community <3
    Come chill in the Discord group ayyyyyye : https://discord.gg/tzE4Rnq
    Remember the good old times of VIPPU and escort missions through Liberty City ?
    Would you like to live that again, here in Los Santos ? Well, LSPS (Los Santos Protection Squad) is a mod for you and provides a whole new dimension to explore within LSPDFR.
    Escort VIPs, prisoner convoys and ambulances through Los Santos and Blaine County Evaluate the risk level of each area using the nice UI Protect your VIP from enemies, take strategic choices and routes to avoid being attacked Read infos and intel about the VIP you'll be transporting : a mission in LSPS is never the same and features over 20 different VIPs and a total of 4000 different configurations in total Customize your convoy : limos, backup vehicles... Design your own escort missions easily by collecting coordinates and putting them in the LSPSAddonMissions.xml file (see Readme). You can alternatively download additional escort mission packs.  
    What does it looks like in-game ?
    Note : please read carefully the Readme files provided with the mod ! 
    Due to exams further development of LSPS will be slower, but you can join the beta-testing crew over at Discord.
    Every donator will be given an entry ticket to LSPS's beta-testing crew, you are free to accept or refuse this invitation. We're only taking donators as beta-testers to ensure the seriousness of our crew. Smash dat donate button boi !
    About support :
    If you experience issues with the mod :
    - Report your issue in the COMMENTS and not in the REVIEWS. Thank you.
    - Attach your log to your comment, with only the part where it crashes, in a spoiler.
    If you don't respect these simple rules, you'll not get any answer + you'll be reported if you post issues in the reviews.
    Have fun !
    If you enjoy this plugin, why not give it five stars ? It would definitely be appreciated ! 


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  7. PeterUCallouts: Possible Burglary (Silent Alarm Response), Illegal Radio Broadcasting, Racing in Parking Lot

    Add some variety to your LSPDFR experience with a handful of callouts designed in LSPDFR's "semi-realistic" style, with many different variants and outcomes — some of which might surprise you!
    Please remember that this is still considered a work in progress. Your feedback and support is appreciated.
    Compatible with Rage Plugin Hook 0.47-0.52.
    Recommended Plugins for Integration
    I highly recommend that you have these plugins installed for the full experience:
    LSPDFR+ by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11930-lspdfr/ Traffic Policer by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8303-traffic-policer/ Search Warrant by Darkmyre — https://www.darkmyre.net/files/file/9-search-warrant/ Better EMS by PNWParksFan — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11647-better-ems/ Computer+ by PieRGud — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11453-lspdfr-computer/ Police Smart Radio by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/15354-police-smartradio-the-successor-to-police-radio/ Street Name Addon to LSPDFR Police Radio by bjonesy05994 — https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9029-street/  
    Possible Burglary (Silent Alarm Response)
    The wealthy and paranoid residents of Los Santos and Blaine County often invest in silent burglar alarm systems from Gruppe Sechs or Bobcat Security. Instead of alerting the intruder and encouraging them to flee, these devices give you a better chance of catching the culprit. These systems, combined with their owners' uncomfortably close relationships with the LSPD and LSSD means you'll be first on scene when one of the silent alarms is triggered.
    You are called out to a hand-picked residence or business across the state. Each property has multiple locations a suspect will appear at — at the front door, behind a gate, round the back checking out the back door, etc. — and there are different scenarios for how the suspect will behave. You don't get a suspect blip, so it's up to you to investigate the area to try and locate the suspect. Hopefully, you'll not spook them and can make a nice easy arrest, but how things go is up to your skill and luck!
    Sneak around the back, try and get juuust close enough them to have them surrender, or try and identify the getaway vehicle, stake it out and try and catch them leaving the property suspiciously.
    If you let the suspect drive away without them having noticed you, concerned neighbors might make a 911 call to report the last known location of the suspect's vehicle. It's then up to you to try and stop them before they get too far away.
    Illegal Radio Broadcasting
    Policing the airwaves is an important task. After all, who will ensure the government gets a healthy paycheck for licensing those radio waves that are all around us? That's where you step in. The police department have made significant investment in radio broadcasting detection equipment, and you'll be testing it out to track down and stop any unlicensed transmissions.
    You will be called out to perform a traffic stop on a vehicle that is broadcasting some radio signals without the proper license. Hopefully, you'll be able to have a calm conversation (pressing Y to advance the on-screen subtitled conversation) and convince them to stop broadcasting, but sometimes they will not be so inclined.
    This was my very first callout.
    Racing in Parking Lot
    Appears as “Vehicles Racing” in the LSPDFR notification window.
    Some San Andreas residents can think of nothing better to do with their spare time than take their vehicles (or those that belong to others) and ‘race’ them… around their local parking lot. You will be dispatched to the location to address the threat to public safety these individuals pose.
    Featuring more than 50 locations around the map where vehicles will rev up, perform burnouts and race between set points in a relatively small area Can spawn up to 4 vehicles, giving you plenty of police work to do before the situation is fully resolved! A vehicle may have a front seat passenger, who also may flee or fight If multiple suspects flee, a single LSPDFR pursuit is launched for all the suspects, allowing you to call backup to pursue the other suspects while you focus on one If a vehicle’s occupants choose to flee, both driver and front passenger will be marked for the pursuit If a vehicle becomes too damaged (the AI driving is still GTA V!), the occupants will flee on foot Vehicles are sometimes stolen, configure likelihood in the .ini file for this callout Vehicles are sometimes uninsured (this feature requires Traffic Policer by Albo1125 to be installed and running), configure likelihood in the .ini file for this callout Configure the “chaos modifier” (in the .ini file for this callout) to determine how likely things are to get violent, allowing you to tailor the callout to suit your playing style Assist Security Guard
    You're not the only one out there on the front line dealing with a variety of situations. Private security guards are often some of the first to encounter trouble on 'their beat' — and occasionally they will need help from you.
    Scenarios include: Intruder in restricted area — impaired individual Intruder in restricted area — misguided activist Bouncer — uncompliant individual Bouncer — shots fired Unwilling to pay entry Misguided plane enthusiast in Los Santos International Airport Misguided movie star enthusiast in Backlot City Inappropriate behaviour towards other hotel guests University — expelled student Suspected thief There are dozens of places around the map where the callout can spawn — each supporting some of the scenarios above, as appropriate for the location. You are able to ‘speak’ with the guard and the suspect (on-screen subtitles) to determine what actions you would like to take. There are multiple conversation variants and possible outcomes for each scenario to keep things fresh. Some scenarios feature integration with @Albo1125’s Traffic Policer and its Breathalyzer and Drugalyzer functions. Some scenarios feature integration with @Darkmyre’s Search Warrant. Unauthorized Camping
    Nosy neighbors and concerned citizens alike may call into the local Sherriff’s Department or Park Ranger station to report unauthorized campsites, or individuals behaving suspiciously in and around them. In these cases, you will be dispatched into the wilderness to determine what is going on, and see if anyone needs to be moved on. But not everyone’s reason for spending some time “off the grid” is the same, and mountain lions aren’t the only danger you might encounter.
    Bicycle On Freeway
    Whether the ‘eco’ you care about is ecology or economy, riding a bicycle has many advantages. Not every road is suitable for this kind of transport, though, and the car-loving residents of San Andreas will quickly lose patience if a bicycle gets in the way on a fast road! Respond to a call about a bicycle on a freeway, or other fast road — get traffic flowing normally again and keep the public safe!
    Suspect Possibly Attempting to Board Flight
    Los Santos International Airport is a bustling hive of activity and one of the primary ways for people and goods to come in and out of the state. Sometimes an individual of interest to police will be in the area. There might not be a warrant out for their arrest, but their presence at the airport offers an opportunity for further investigation. If there is a justification from preventing them traveling, you might be able to get another dangerous criminal off the streets of Los Santos.
    Suspicious Activity near ATM
    You’re called to an ATM after reports of “suspicious activity” nearby. The residents of San Andreas are vulnerable to all sorts of threats as they obtain their cash — your job may involve dealing with high-tech criminals, or those who are a bit more of a blunt instrument.
    Several scenarios, so the “suspicious activity” has enough variety. You can speak with on-scene witnesses and victims and ask various different questions to try and determine what has happened and gather any evidence to track down the criminal. You are sometimes given descriptions of the suspect and their vehicle. The detail available will depend on how reliable your witness is! The Department’s ALPR system can be used to track down the general location of a suspect vehicle from the description you’ve gathered from the scene. You can ask suspects various questions to determine their guilt. In some cases, you will have multiple ways of approaching a line of enquiry, and the decision you make will impact how the suspect chooses to behave. Sometimes, if you ask the right questions, the suspect will manage to incriminate themselves!  
    Landlord/Tenant Dispute
    With sky high rents, onerous rental agreement terms and defiant tenants, it’s no wonder that tempers fray in the Los Santos rental market. You are called to the scene of a dispute between a landlord and a tenant and must utilise your diplomatic skills and knowledge of the relevant legal complexities to keep the peace and uphold the law.
    Insecure Vehicle Load
    Everyone knows that the roads of San Andreas are dangerous places to be — and that was true before some residents decided to drive around with a little too much cargo for their vehicle! You will be called to a report of a vehicle carrying a load in an unsafe manner. You receive some detail about the target vehicle, but then must track it down and perform a traffic stop. Take any action that is necessary to keep the roads safe(r) and issue traffic citations accordingly!
    @JFavignano for getting me into this whole thing in the first place through his excellent LSPDFR video series
    @Albo1125 for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for Assorted Callouts, Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager
    @LukeD for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for CalloutsV
    @goigle for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for Federal Callouts Alpha
    This is very much a work in progress, as mentioned earlier, so I am keen for feedback, constructive criticism and ideas, but I can only do my best, and can't guarantee response times etc. We're all here to have fun, so please be patient, kind, inclusive and reasonable. Thanks.
    Hope you enjoy.


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  8. BCallouts

    You simply need to put "BCallouts.dll" in "Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins/LSPDFR"
    1) Alien Attack :
    In this Callout an Alien is attacking the city and you need to stop it.
    III) BUGS :
    If you have any problem or bug with the plugin you can ask me here or on the RAGE Plugin Hook's Discord (https://discord.gg/0v9TP1BOmfwZms7y)


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  9. LPCallouts

    LowRid3Rs Police Callouts (LPC) is a callout pack that provides various hand-placed callouts.
    This pack aims to add more realism to your LSPDFR experience. These callouts spawn arround the San Andreas area.
    - Rage Plugin Hook (RPH) version 0.46 or later
    - RageNativeUI Version 1.5.1 ( included in archive )
    - LSPDFR 0.3.1
    - A legal copy of GTAV
    Support Features:
    Starting with version :
    - Custom/Addon Model Support ( possiblity to customize the scenery with the cars / peds you want )
    - Realism Dispatch Enhanced Support ( with or without BCSO addon ) 
    Starting with version :
    - Computer+ Support
    Note when using Calloutmanager:
    To install, simply copy the files from the archive into your GTAV directory.
    If you want to modify the Unit, Beat, Division, Your name, Jurisdiction, Action Key, Menu Key and the callout spawn radius then there are two ways:
    1) Travel to: GTAV > plugins > LSPDFR and edit LPCallouts.ini and edit it with a texteditor
    2) Use the LPC Ini Editor. Copy it anywhere you want.
    Then Run the LPC Ini Editor and save your settings.
    If an older version of LPCallouts is installed, then please delete the LPCallouts.ini file.
    You will be able to set the jurisdiction directly ingame.
    Currently featured callouts:
    Assistance required: (Hit and Run)
    Arrive on scene and assist the first responders in finding a hit and run suspect. Talk to other officers, the victim, and witnesses in order to get the information needed to make a proper arrest. Disturbance: (Noise Complaint)
    A citizen has filed a noise complaint. Respond to the scene and make contact with the caller. Investigate the noise and deal with it as you see it.  
    Callout Locations:
    Thankyou notes:
    Big thanks to @Albo1125 for giving me the permission to use his police scanner audio files. Thanks to @Yard1 for testing the RDE support Also a huge thanks to @GGN Crazy for supplying the dialogs Thank you to my beta testers: @GGN Crazy @phoenixpolice @Narobic @Delta120 @BethelLabs  
    If you find errors or bugs please report in this topic:


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  10. Ravenguard Callouts

    BETA Testers wanted!!
    Apply here.
    UPDATE: VERSION 0.1.2 NOW AVAILABLE. Some new callouts have been added, however due to my game not working at the moment they remain in an untested state, if you encounter any bugs please inform me by being as detailed as possible, IE: when the bug/crash happened, had you accepted the callout yet, were you arriving on scene, as well as any other information that you can think of.
    Ravenguard callouts is a collection (two in total so far), that would be expected in the everyday duties of Officers, yet I have not seen them implemented in other plugins.
    I just started learning to develop callouts, and this is a learning process. I intend for their to be more callouts, not sure on the amount but I would like to develop at least 5-8 different and unique callouts. I am releasing this in an early beta form and this is not to represent the final product.
    I have tested this with most of the major callout plugins that you find on here and have had no issues so far. If you find something please leave a comment and a log if you get one. Screenshots are nice to.
    Current Callouts:
    Domestic Disturbance (Two people are fighting and caller says one of them has a gun, this plugin will develop alot more with future releases)
    Dead Body in Car (Someone called 911 saying that they think there is a dead body in a car, respond to the vehicle and find out)
    Future features that are planned:
    Domestic dispute between neighbors (Handle the call as you see fit)
    Stolen Vehicle (Want to add more depth to a stolen vehicle call. If the suspect pulls over will he tell you that you his gf is trying to get him arrested after a fight? Will he take off and attempt to flee? Or will he open fire on you as you approach. I would like to make it so there are many things possible for the suspect to do)
    As suggested by BlueSteelShield:
    Parking violation
    Accident(ped vs car)
    Missing person
    And more will be added as I develop the callouts, also any ideas would be great I will do my best to implement the things the community wants.
    Thank you for downloading Ravenguard Callouts!
    Want to help Develp Ravenguard Callouts? Send me a message and I will gladly accept help on this project.
    Support Forum: (Means no support will be taken in the comments or reviews, please post to the forum to receive any support for Ravenguard Callouts.)

    Thanks to@OfficerBenzo  for doing a showcase featuring Ravenguard Callouts


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  11. Crazy Callouts!

    This is my first callout mod!
    The Callout Pack Is Now Compatible with LSPDFR 0.3b
    Attempted Homicide Callout! Random Shots fired Callout! Armed driver Callout! Kidnapping in Progress Callout! Terrorist Activity Callout! General:
    Keep checking for updates!! This mod updates Frequently! THANK YOU So much for all the help everyone has given me!


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  12. NiceCallouts-ID Body, Sudden Death

    Current Callouts:
    -Sudden Death: A civilian has reported that a dead body is lying in the ditch. Go to the scene and cleanup. (This is best if you have Police Radio or some other coroner script.)
    -Illegal Parking: There are reports of a vehicle parked illegally near your patrol route. Write a citation and/or have it towed. (It recommended to use Police Radio for towing until I have my own built in functionality.)
    -Beggar: (Planned) There are reports of a beggar harassing people on the streets. Check it out.
    -Dead ID. Press H near a dead body to check their ID. There is a chance you will not find any.
    -End callout. To end a call, press X.
    Planned Features:
    -Some rural oriented callouts, for sheriffs and park rangers.
    -Integration with LSPDFR+ as well as some other awesome plugins.
    Simply drag Plugins folder into GTA V directory
    If you have issues, please send me your Rage log in the comments. Do not ask for help in review section!


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  13. VigipirateCallout[FR]

                                        * VIGIPIRATECALLOUT[FR] V-1.2.0 *
                                                       * PAR CPL.KALIPTIK *
    [NEWS] : Une nouvelle version du callout Agression !"
    1er: "Agression" (2 locations possibles pour le moment [haut])
    2iem: "Personne suspecte"
    [Callout assez commun pour le moment]
    3iem: "Vehicule suspect"
    [Callout assez commun pour le moment]
    4iem: "Attaque Terroriste"
    [Pas très commun]
    Et merci a vous d'avoir telecharge ce plugin : J'ai passé beaucoup de temps a modder ce plugin je serais donc content si vous l'aimiez.
    Si vous rencontrez des bugs ou des crashs envoyez moi un email à: Cpl.KaliptiK@gmail.com .
    Si vous avez des idees concernant des callouts en lien au plan Vigipirate envoyez moi un email à : Cpl.KaliptiK@gmail.com.  
    Le fait que le terroriste soit noir n'est pas un choix perso, c'est juste que c'est le premier de la liste "tramp". http://ragepluginhook.net/PedModels.aspx?modelHash=664399832
    Pour les prochaines mises-à-jour, je suis entrain de travailler sur + de locations pour "Agression" et sur une nouvelle version de "vehicule suspect".
    For the future, I will be working on the Audio of the Dispatch. And I will work on a plugin in connection with the Vigipirate plan.
    Je fais parti d'un serveur discord : [ GfrY4qn ]
    VigipirateCallout[EN] :
    VigipirateCallout[DU] :


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  14. VigipirateCallout[EN]

                                                            * VIGIPIRATECALLOUT[EN] V-1.2.0 *
                                                                       * BY CPL.KALIPTIK *
    [NEWS] : A completely new version of Mugging !"
    1rst: "Mugging" (2 locations possible a the moment [up])
    2nd: "SuspectPerson"
    3rd: "SuspectVehicle"
    4th: "TerroristeAttack"
    Thank you for reading this note. And thank you for telecharging my VigipiratePlugin : I have spent a lot of time modding it so I will be glad if you liked it.
    If you encounter any bugs, any crashs or any mistakes on my english (I'm french and I don't use any translators) please send me an email at: Cpl.KaliptiK@gmail.com .
    If you have any ideas of callouts in connection with the Vigipirate plan please send me an email at: Cpl.KaliptiK@gmail.com .
    If you are shoked about the fact that the terrorist is black it is just because its the first character of "tramp". http://ragepluginhook.net/PedModels.aspx?modelHash=664399832
    For the next release, I am working on a lot more of locations in Mugging.
    For the future, I will be working on the Audio of the Dispatch. And I will work on a plugin in connection with the Vigipirate plan.
    I am part of a discord server : [ GfrY4qn ]
    VigipirateCallout[FR] :
    VigipirateCallout[DU] :

    Cpl. KaliptiK


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  15. Gang Callouts

    Gang Callouts
    The gangs of LS are trying to take over the city. Fight back with the power of law enforcement. This plugin contains LSPDFR callouts that involve gangs. Expect multiple suspects who may not be best pleased to see the cops turn up to ruin their day.
    This version contains two callouts:
    A legal copy of GTA V RAGE PluginHook 0.45 LSPDFR 0.3.1 Install:
    Place "GangCallouts.dll" into your Plugins\LSPDFR folder
    GangCallouts will load automatically when you go On Duty.
    Known Issues:
     Some users have reported a crash or incompatibility when calling for backup. I'm currently investigating this issue.  
    This is my first plugin and it is still an early version so please expect issues. If you come across any bugs or have a suggestion please leave them in the comments section.


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  16. Code 3 Callouts

    Code 3 Callouts
    "Attention all units, officer needs assistance. Shots fired. All available units, respond Code 3."
    This is a plugin that I have been planning for ever since I started writing scripts for LSPDFR. Now that the LSPDFR API has come out, this idea has now become a reality!
    The focus of this plugin is to create a realistic experience where the player needs to do some actual police work. Police work is not always about flicking on the lights and sirens and flying down the road at 100 MPH. Nor is it always about pulling out an AR-15 and emptying a clip on a suspect.
    In fact, most of the time, police work is all about dealing with people. Hearing both sides of the story. Figure out who is lying, and who isn't. Sometimes you have a helping hand when you have an eyewitness, and sometimes not. Or sometimes you will get eyewitnesses who contradict one another. Bob says the bank robber's car was blue. Jane says the car was red. Turns out, Jane was on her cell phone, and wasn't paying attention. Oh, and Bob was in the bathroom, so he didn't actually see anything. You later find out that the car was actually green.
    The first version has four different callout scenarios. Each will have their own degree of variation, so you will not have exactly the same situation every single time!
    Code 3 Callouts is designed to work alongside other callout plugins, to create the most exciting and realistic experience possible.
    It is YOUR job to determine what actually happened based on the evidence. Its time for your shift, Officer. Gear up, and move out.
    You MUST have the latest version of Rage Plugin Hook installed, as well as a legal copy of GTA V. YOU MUST HAVE VERSION 0.39 (OR NEWER) OF THE RAGE PLUGIN HOOK! This plugin has been tested on v757.4 of Grand Theft Auto V, but will work with newer versions. You must have at least v0.3.1 of LSPDFR Features
    TEN different callout situations, each with their own varying scenarios. Fully integrated dispatch audio, to create a realistic experience. Requires the player to investigate each call, and do some actual police work to determine what ACTUALLY happened. Remember, just because someone called 911 to report something, does not mean that's precisely what happened. Altered suspect behaviour based on the response of the officer NEW - AMBIENT EVENTS! NEW - INTEGRATION WITH LSPDFR COMPUTER+! Credits
    A very special thank you to...
    @LukeD - Lots of helpful advice, and helping me get comfortable with the API! Plus working together to ensure our callouts can work alongside each other! @FinKone - Same as above, plus testing and showcasing the plugin for me! Erwi - For helping me out with some code issues! @DCP1293, @LtFlash, and @Straysify - Testing earlier versions of Code 3 Callouts for me! Thanks a lot! @Albo1125 - For graciously sharing some of his code with me, helping me out with the CAD popup windows, giving me the idea for the new suspect vehicle search logic, and for helping me testing this version! @JFavignano and @Bayareabuggs - For being my guinea pigs... I MEAN testers, and giving me lots of useful feedback! Both of you have contributed a lot towards the success of this plugin, whether it be testing things for me, or just showcasing the callouts! Your guys' videos gave me lots of ideas for things to fix and improve!!  @Zachary Houseknecht and @Polecat324 - Thanks a lot for showcasing the callouts, and for testing beta versions for me!! I really enjoy watching your videos! @goigle - For giving me the idea of the Assault observation window...which in turn led me to think of the CAD popup idea! Thanks a lot! @MulleDK19, along with all the other dev's on the RPH IRC channel - For being patient, and helping me out with code issues that I had difficulty with, plus testing things out for me!!
      My sincerest apologies if I missed anyone! Callouts
    Most of these callouts are "Code 2" calls, meaning, they do NOT require a "Code 3", or "lights and sirens" response. Part of police work is to actually drive at normal speeds, and obeying traffic laws and red lights while driving to a call!
    If you're stuck in a traffic jam, you can use your lights to get yourself through an intersection, and then resume driving normally. But be careful about using the siren...you don't want the suspect to know that you're coming, do you?
    See the PDF documentation for more information on all of the callouts included.
    Future Development
    Follow this thread on the forum for future development plans!


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