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    Version | Developed by BejoIjo Productions
    Copyright (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved
    Rage Plugin Hook v0.57 alpha LSPD First Response v0.31 by G17 Police SmartRadio v1.1.1.1 by Albo1125 LSPDFR+ v1.6.5.1 by Albo1125 Traffic Policer v6.13.7.0 by Albo1125 Arrest Manager v7.8.2.1 by Albo1125 NOTE: All Albo1125's plugins are highly recommended to improve your LSPDFR gameplay experience

    I made this plugin to implement a real life spike strips backup, inspired by LivePD show.
    Usually in this situation, a fellow police officer will deploy the spike strips ahead of the suspect's vehicle.
    With this plugin, when you're doing a pursuit, you may request spike strips backup which will order another police officer to deploy the spike strips for you.
    This plugin is very light weight, thus almost no frame rate effect when using it.
    Copy the contents of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in this package to: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR" Please open and edit "SpikeStripsBackup.ini" file, if you want to replace the keyboard key or controller button bindings NOTE: If you're upgrading from previous version, please copy and overwrite all files.
    To request spike strips backup:
    Position your vehicle behind the target vehicle (just like performing traffic stop) When you're close enough, press the "request key". Default is "NumPad5" and you may customize it in the .ini file Wait a few seconds and your police backup will deploy the spike strips ahead of the target vehicle When the vehicle hits the strips, it will burst the suspect car's tires and then you can easily stop the vehicle!  
    There are 3 ways to request the spike strips backup:
    Keyboard (default: NumPad5) Controller (default: LeftShoudler+DPadDown) Police SmartRadio  
    The police backup position sometimes is weird when it is deployed near intersections or any branching roads The positions are mostly fine when it is deployed on a straight road (e.g. highways or freeways) Spike strips only burst the target vehicle's tires (friend or foe detection)  
    Please feel free to contact me through LSPDFR forum or download's comment section for any issue you encountered with this plugin.
    Happy patroling! Enjoy! 

    Albo1125 for all your plugins which make LSPDFR very joyful! Alexguirre for the Spike-Strips-V source codes on https://github.com/alexguirre/Spike-Strips-V


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  2. Loadout+

    This mod enables you to set a loadout to be given to you when you go on duty in LSPDFR, it also has a keybind that allows you to clear your loadout again (So in those cases where dead guys drop LMGs you can quickly and easily fix it!) [Keybind still requires you to be on-duty to use!]
    I put what weapons I felt were worthwhile on there, but if you ever want to suggest I add a weapon to be controlled through this either post a comment on here or on the projects GitHub Issues Tracker.
    Currently supported weapons (Or things);
    Default Keybinds (Changeable in the ini!);
    Give Loadout: F8
    Give Loadout Modifier: None
    This project is an open source project, anyone is welcome to editing it I just ask that you give me credit if you release it. The source code can be found here.


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  3. OfficerAudioVariety (OfficerResponding + StatusReports + KifflomReplacement)

    - lets your Officer respond to dispatch verbally ("y" for responding to a callout, "b" for backup)
    - allows you (and sometimes NPC officers) to report your status to dispatch (e.g. officer down or suspect killed). Further informations in the Readme
    - radio animation for each interaction with dispatch
    - new audiofiles with radio tones (e.g. intro and outro beep)
    - kifflom sound if requesting the drivers ID replaced with the one from GTAIV (males only)
    This works for males as well for females. But keep in mind, that it doesnt work for everybody (some voice files dont exist).
    Short demonstration (outdated)
    You will need to have installed
    - OpenIV (http://openiv.com/)
    - Scrip Hook V by Alexander Blade (http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/)
    - Community Script Hook V.NET by crosire (https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/scripthookv-net)
    This is my first script and i don't know much about programming. There wasnt something like that, so i decided to do it by myself.
    If you know more about scripting, fell free to use my script and improve it or write a new better one . But please mention me.
    Please dont just reupload without my permission.


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  4. Heli Orbit Plugin - Spotlight, Heli Cam, Traffic Stop Assistance, API

    This mod simulates the flight patterns of Southern California (more specifically, Los Angeles area) law enforcement air support helicopters. That is, they will orbit around a target entity or position instead of just hovering above. A spotlight will track the subject when night-time. This plugin will take control of the pursuit heli if in a pursuit, otherwise you may call for a backup heli anytime while on-duty. Such as, during a (felony) traffic stop or during a shootout. If you call the heli at random, then it will orbit around the player for a set amount of time.

    Switch between gameplay camera and heli cam (pilot viewpoint) at the press of a button.
    A Must-Have For Realistic, Los Angeles-Style Gameplay!
    Make sure to put HeliOrbitPlugin.dll and HeliOrbitPlugin.ini into \Plugins\LSPDFR folder.
    This mod is partly integrated with Arrest Manager by @Albo1125 for better heli cam switching technique when grabbing a ped.
    Heli Orbit Wrapper API: 
    1.2 - https://pastebin.com/gUy8Jeyk
    1.3 - https://pastebin.com/YGCbZW4T
    1.3.1 - https://pastebin.com/A4aVDwQa
    Take a look at the INI at least once to make sure you are satisfied with the settings. 
    If you experience a crash/bug, please PM me. Attach your RagePluginHook.log if possible.

    Special thanks to:
    @lttrbmb - Main Tester
    @alexguirre - Spotlight Engineer - check out his mod: Spotlight
    @trainkid2005 - Tester


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  5. OJCallouts - Felony Stop, Pursuit Standoff, Officer Down, and more

    I present to you callouts scripted by me.
    I dedicated a lot of time to each call and hope you enjoy.
    Current Calls:
    Active Threat (highly lethal assassins, you better call SWAT)  Dead Body (someone located a dead person) Disruptive Crowd (provide crowd control to a large group gathering) Fleeing Suspect On Foot (assist officers apprehending a fleeing suspect) Metro Bus Disturbance (someone is bothering passengers on the city metro bus) Person On Fire (this is not a drill) Runaway Vehicle (the brake system of a vehicle has halted, slow down the car)  Slow-Speed Pursuit (assist officers in an ongoing slow-speed pursuit) Tracking-Mode Pursuit (stay near pursuit area while helicopter provides you street updates, apprehend when suspect gets on foot) Motor Vehicle Collision (provide assistance to drivers of a traffic collision) Officer Down (uh-oh) Officer In Trouble (aid your fellow comrade) Featured Calls
    Felony Stop Assistance (an officer is on a felony stop and is requesting backup) Pursuit Standoff (officers are at the end of a pursuit and need someone to provide instructs to the suspect)  
    Leave any bugs or suggestions in the comments.
    Special thanks to the testers:
    @lttrbmb @Ghnty5 @Sereous313 @Twentiez @Starkka15 @Sparryax @shadowboker @BLS501 Spotify @connn911  


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  6. Customizable License Plate Text

    Customizable Plates does exactly what it says! This mod changes all GTA V plates' text to a certain template of your choice.
    The default is California style, but you can change which type of character each slot is!
    DISCLAIMER: The review section isn't for sugar-coating the truth,
    so please leave honest reviews instead of "horribly terrible, but 5
    stars for effort".
    - Customizeable template
    - Realistic California exempt plates
    - Still allows you to change plate text with a trainer
    - License plates with an odd number of characters aren't centered
    - License plates shorter than 8 characters cannot be run in the plate checker
    - Centered text for odd numbers                     (may be impossible, in queue)
    - More customization                                           (in progress)
    - Legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V
    - Rage Plugin Hook (Tested with .56)
    - A plugins folder
    1 - Drag all contents of 'PLUGIN' to 'Grand Theft Auto V/Plugins'.


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  7. Ambient Emergency Responses

    This mod creates random emergency vehicle responses that will come pass the player. The player should shut down any major intersection to let the emergency vehicles pass by. Possible emergency repsonses are Fire/Rescue, FBI (low probability), and police.
    Courtesy of @lttrbmb
    Make sure to put AmbientEmergencyResponses.dll and AmbientEmergencyResponses.ini into \Plugins\LSPDFR folder.
    Take a look at the INI at least once to make sure you are satisfied with the settings. 

    Special thanks to:
    @lttrbmb- Tester
    @MisterVictory - Tester
    @Ghnty5- Tester
    Catch me and other LSPDFR Fans on discord: https://discord.gg/hxmvtHE


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  8. Exempt Plates (Numbers-Only)

    A simple script that will replace the default text 01AAA0001-99ZZZ9999 on exempt plates with the format known from californian exempt plates 10000000-149999999. Bear in mind, that this script is only inspired by the CA Exempt plates. Real CA license plates only have 8 digits, whereas GTA V has 9 and in order for it to not look misaligned, the exempt plates are also generated with 9 digits. In case you're wondering, the first digit will always be 1 and the second digit will always be between 0 and 4,
    just like the real counterparts at this time. 
    It also removes 46EEK572 license plates.
    1) Place ExemptPlates.dll in "Grand Theft Auto V/plugins/"
    2) Launch GTA V with RAGE Plugin Hook and start up ExemptPlates.dll (please look at the RPH documentation if you have questions)
    The plugin has no commands or controls. It just changes plates, that's it. If you want it to stop, unload it.
    Since the plugin is constantly scanning for newly spawned vehicles, reading their plates and changing them if needed, it might cause a little bit of
    performance loss if you have alot of traffic and a weak computer. On my machine a drop in frames is unnoticeable.
    If you want custom exempt plates, which include letters, you will have to stop the plugin.


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  9. LSPDFR+ (Improved Pursuit AI, Better Traffic Stops, Court System, Statistics & more)

    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!
    Welcome to LSPDFR+! This script modification for LSPDFR greatly enhances your experience as a police officer by enhancing the base LSPDFR modification - LSPDFR+'s was designed to improve upon some of LSPDFR's features, hence its name. With improved pursuit AI, better Traffic Stops and even a fully fledged court system amongst the main features, there's bound to be something you'll love!
    Requirements - some of these are included (credits go to their appropriate authors):
    LSPDFR (not included) Albo1125.Common or higher (included) RAGENativeUI or higher (included) RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included) A legal copy of GTA V (version 1.0.1011.1-1.0.1103.2). Overview of LSPDFR+'s Features: Included in LSPDFR+'s documentation and the updated feature video above.
    Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:
    Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/  Read the documentation PDF file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible. Please do not reupload or redistribute this without my explicit permission. Thank you.
    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!


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  10. Assorted Callouts (Shoplifting, Store Robberies, Petrol/Gas Theft, Pacific Bank Heist, Hot Pursuit, Traffic Stop Backup Required, Illegal Immigrants in Truck, Person with a Knife & more)

    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!
    I hereby proudly present

    Thank you @55charlie for the awesome images!
    With Assorted Callouts, my aim is to provide a varying experience, adding a range of differently-styled callouts for you to experience. They all have one thing in common, though, and that is a fun and sufficiently realistic atmosphere!
    Current Callouts (full explanation in documentation):
    Petrol/Gas Theft Pacific Bank Heist Traffic Stop Backup Required Stolen Police Vehicle Person with a Knife Solicitation Organised Street Race Illegal Immigrants in Truck Store Robberies Store Shoplifting Prisoner Transport Required Hot Pursuit More to come! For suggestions and development updates, check this thread. To get early access to new versions, participate in the Loyalty Rewards Programme. Installation instructions are provided in the ReadMe.
    Lots of settings, such as keybindings, callout frequencies etc. can be modified through the INI file.
    Starting from Computer+, Assorted Callouts offers support for its callout display system. For a more realistic experience, I recommend downloading Computer+ here.
    Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:
    Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/  Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible. Redistribution prohibited
    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!


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  11. Traffic Policer (Road Signs, Traffic Offences, Breathalyzer, Speed Checker, DoorLock, Drugalyzer, Ambient events |Traffic Offences|, Traffic Callouts, Traffic Stop Assist |Mimic| & more)

    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!
    Welcome to Traffic Policer! This script modification for LSPDFR greatly enhances not only traffic policing, but policing in general. It sports various major features that will make your shift as a police officer much more realistic, and, above all, fun! 
    Requirements - some of these are included (credits go to their appropriate authors):
    LSPDFR (not included) Albo1125.Common or higher (included) RAGENativeUI or higher (included) RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included) A legal copy of GTA V (versions 1.0.1011.1-1.0.1103.2). Installation Instructions are provided in the ReadMe & Documentation files.
    Traffic Policer's Features are explained in the Documentation files & video.
    Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:
    Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/  Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible. Redistribution is prohibited.
    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!


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  12. Arrest Manager (Grab Peds, More Jail Points & cells, Prisoner Transport Enhanced, Scene Management -Towing&Insurance, PedFollow, PedGrab,Taxi-, WeaponDrop, XML Customisation, API)

    Early access to future updates? Check out the Loyalty Rewards Programme!

    Welcome to Arrest Manager! This script modification for LSPDFR greatly enhances the way you can deal with your suspects and their vehicles. Are you tired of driving all the way to a jail to deal with a suspect? Would you like to be able to call for reliable prisoner transport units at any time? Arrest Manager provides this, and more. In short, a complete overhaul to the way you can deal with your prisoners!
    Requirements - some of these are included (credits go to their appropriate authors):
    LSPDFR (not included) Albo1125.Common or higher (included) RAGENativeUI or higher (included) RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included) A legal copy of GTA V (versions 1.0.1011.1-1.0.1103.2).  
    Installation instructions and further feature documentation are included with the download.
    Support - what to do if you encounter a bug or have problems:
    Watch the installation video for my modifications here. Use this tool: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9755-lspdfr-troubleshooter-by-albo1125/  Read the documentation file if you're having trouble getting a specific feature to work. Suggestions can be made here. If all else fails: Please leave a comment (not a review). Include your RAGEPluginHook.log file, located in your Grand Theft Auto V folder. Also, please provide an accurate description of what happened. This allows me to help you as fast as possible. https://www.albo1125.com


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  13. Spotlight

    Install RAGEPluginHook (Open Alpha - 0.56+). Not sure if it works with previous versions.  Drop the "Spotlight.dll" file and "Spotlight Resources" folder into the "Plugins" folder in your game directory.  
    This plugin has 3 input layouts:
    For toggling the spotlight press I.
    For moving it use the NumPad (NumPad4, NumPad6, NumPad8 and NumPad2). 
    For tracking peds press NumPad1 and for vehicles press NumPad3. Controller:
    For toggling the spotlight press LB + X.
    For moving it use the left stick. You can change this to the right stick or the DPad in the General.ini file. Mouse:
    For toggling the spotlight press I.
    For moving it hold down the left control key and move your mouse.  
    And to open the in-game editor press F11.
    Check General.ini file to change which keys/buttons should be used, or if any controls should be disabled. 


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  14. Emergency Strobes - Now with Wig-Wag Lights!

    This plugin makes the headlights flash while you have your siren on or you can toggle them with T without having your sirens on.
    Check the Emergency Strobes Configuration.ini file to change various settings and controls.

    The patterns can be changed in the Emergency Strobes Patterns.xml file.
      -RAGEPluginHook 0.50+
      -Drop Emergency Strobes.dll, Emergency Strobes Configuration.ini and Emergency Strobes Patterns.xml into Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins\

      -The source code is hosted on Github.


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    Version | Developed by BejoIjo Productions
    Copyright (c) 2017 All Rights Reserved
    1. Rage Plugin Hook v0.56 alpha
    2. LSPD First Response v0.31 by G17
    3. LSPDFR+ v1.6.5.1 by Albo1125 (You need to install it if you want to integrate with the court system)
    4. Traffic Policer by Albo1125 (To improve your LSPDFR gameplay experience)
    5. Arrest Manager by Albo1125 (To improve your LSPDFR gameplay experience)
    1. Copy the contents of "Plugins\LSPDFR" in this package to: "GTA V directory\plugins\LSPDFR"
    2. Copy the contents of "LSPDFR\Police Scanner" in this package to:  "GTA V directory\LSPDFR\Police Scanner"
    Note: Please do the same installation step when you're upgrading from previous version of AC callouts, because there might be some new files added.
    1. Rape Attempt Callout
       You will meet the rape attempt victim and interact with her in several ways
    2. Kidnapping Attempt Callout
       You will approach a kidnapping suspect in several ways:
       - directly pursuit the suspect and arrest/kill him
       - perform traffic stop and ask him to step outside the car with a few scenarios
    3. Car Theft Attempt Callout
       You will arrive at the scene and watch how the suspect perform his action to steal a car and apprehend him with a few possible outcomes
    4. Arson Attempt Callout
       You will meet an angry guy who is ready to scorce fire. Please stop him before bad things happen!
    If you have LSPDFR+ by Albo 1125 installed, the callout will automatically register a new court case when you arrest the suspect.
    There are multiple spawn locations for each callouts and also multiple suspect reactions, which mean you can have tenth of different callout combinations.
    Any critique or input are welcomed since this is still early version of this callout and my first attempt to develop a GTA5 plugin.
    Please feel free to contact me through LSPDFR forum for any issue you encountered with this callout plugin.
    I'm open to any ideas from you guys for more callouts and scenarios. Happy patroling! Enjoy! 
    *Screenshots are provided by Sereous313.


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  16. BasicCruiseControl - Finally keep to speed restrictions without problems!

    Hey everyone,
    lots of LSPDFR players want to keep it real, so they want to stick to the law when it comes to traffic lights, signs and - of course - speeds. The problem is, that this is pretty hard and can get annoying after a certain amount of time. That can be a big minus to "realistic" patrols, because you as a cop should absolutely stick to the speed limit. This plugin adds a basic cruise control/speed limiter/what ever you want to call it to the game that lets you select a speed your vehicle will never exceed. Speeds are in MPH. Also saves the selected speed of your vehicles when you leave them.
    Just drag BasicCruiseControl.dll and .ini in your Grand Theft Auto V/plugins folder!
    ...to all the guys on the Rage & LSPDFR Discord who are there to help whenever they can :3
    !This is my first plugin, but it is something for me, and I will do my best to improve it and fix any bugs that occur :)!
    Feel free to give me feedback!
    Have fun with that little aid for your patrols :)
    Mad photoshop skills not included!


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  17. [RPH] Cruiser Control Script -- control basic vehicle features with your controller!

    Hello everyone, 
    here's a little something I've been working on for myself. Since some people expressed their interested, I thought i'd share it.

    It's a basic ragepluginhook script for controller users, which allows you to do the following:
    toggle any indicator and the hazard lights have your brakelights on automatically when the car stops or crawls (below 2mph) open/close the trunk (will sometimes shut itself while driving, I'm investigating the issue) toggle the engine three different exiting methods (leave door open, shut door or shut door & shut off engine) basic lights/sirens controls (toggle lights, mute siren, toggle secondary siren) (this will bug if you use siren mastery!)  
    Planned features:
    custom keys via .ini option to disable features via .ini rolling windows up and down lock and unlock your vehicle (with a sound or flash of lights) custom console commands to delete the closest vehicle or force unlock the closest vehicle (useful for cleaning up the mess after a big chase or bugged cars)  
    Please do note, that this is something that wasn't intended to be released and could therefore be buggy. Use at own risk. Please don't PM me with support requests.
    I will most likely update this once in a while, adding new features or ironing out bugs, as I find them. 


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  18. NFS Spike Mod (In Car/On Foot)

    This mod allows you to deploy spikes during pursuit... or not ! You can use it in a car or on foot. 
    Info :
    This mod exists since 2015 but development had been stopped... Today we decided to totally rewrite the entire code in order to make it compatible with the latest versions of the game/plugins. This is why we decided to reset the olds changlogs and put the page to "1.0.0" version 

    New features :
    • Spike deployment animation.
    • Spike sound.
    • Blip in your minimap.
    • Customizable keyboard keys.
    • Work with LSPDFR (and plugins).
    • Keyboard and Controller supported.
    • Source code included (Please let me now your changes in the comments)

    Installation :
    1. This mod work with ScriptHookV, please install it. 
    2. Go in your GTA 5 directory.
    3. Put Spike.asi and Spike.ini in your GTA 5 directory.
    4. Launch the game and press T/G for drop/remove a spike on foot or in a car. 
    5. More info are available in the ReadMe and .ini file.

    Changlog :
    1.0.0 : 
    Initial release. 

    1.5.0 : 
    Changing the ground detection system (No more spike floating). 
    Reduced wheel detection radius (More accurate tire detection). 
    Controller support can be disabled in the .ini file. 
    You can now deactivate the cinematic camera.
    New combo-key support for controller.
    Changing the spawn system (On foot). 
    Controller not detected fixed.
    New auto-camera system. 
    Global optimization.
    • You can check the other big multiplayer project by Transmet here (LS:MP) :
    • Source code :
    Credits :
    Transmet - Script creator and ingame tests.
    Rockstar Games - Original sounds and 3D Spike model.
    BUG-MAN-FR - Tests, screens, docs and "ReadMe".


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  19. BrakeLights+

    Simple ScriptHookV script that adds various functions relating to vehicle lighting. Currently it adds 2 potential functions, idle brake lights with a blackout mode and turn signals that have controller support. More may be added in the future.
    NOTE: Made an error in which .ini I included in the download so it isn't set to default bindings! Be sure to check the ini file for current bindings.
    DEFAULT BINDINGS - As of v1.0.3 some of these may be changed! (Indicated by a * on this list)
    Brake Lights:
    Controller Controls;
    Right Bumper* - Toggle On/Off. DpadLeft - If Blackout mode is on, pressing this will disable it.
    Keyboard Controls;
    Backslash(\)* - Toggle On/Off. J / K / L - If blackout mode is on, pressing any of these will disable it.  
    Turn Signals:
    Controller Controls;
    X* - Turn Signal Modifier Key Left Bumper* - Left Turn Signal Toggle Right Bumper* - Right Turn Signal Toggle  
    A* - Hazards Modifier Key Left Bumper* - Hazards Toggle  
    Keyboard Controls;
    Shift* - Turn Signal Modifier Key Q* - Left Turn Signal Toggle E* - Right Turn Signal Toggle  
    Control* - Hazards Modifier Key Q* - Hazards Toggle  
    ScriptHookV - http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv  
    Drag and drop BrakeLightsPlus.asi and BrakeLightsPlus.ini into root GTA 5 folder.  
    Known Issues;
    BrakeLights: If you press the brakelights blackout key while emergency lights are on, it will still toggle brake lights. This will automatically resolve itself when you change emergency lights stage or turn them off. BrakeLights: Any other scripts that add the brake lights being on at idle seem to break this (As in it will have no effect and brake lights will be on). Not sure of a way around it beyond disabling the brake light function / removing the script. Turn Signals: If you have no controller modifier key for indicators and blackout for taillights is the same button as a turn signal, turn signal will not work. Turn Signals: In an ELS Enabled vehicle, if you turn on the right turn signal and your ELS blackout bind is the same as the turn signal, it will activate ELS' blackout mode.


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  20. EMS Mod

    Hi everybody!
    This is my FIRST script, so I'm sorry if you meet some issues during the game! :)

    EMS Mod allows you to play as a Paramedic, a Medic or a Helicopter Rescuer. Press “Generate callout” from the in-mod list (or just wait for a callout to appear) and press Y in
    order to respond to citizens in a need!
    Current Version: 0.8.3 BETA

    -Cardiac Arrest: reach asap the patient and treat him if you want to save his life!
    -Unconscious person: a person has suddenly lost his consciousness. Medical treatment is
    needed as soon as possible!
    -Vehicle accident: unfortunately somebody had a serious vehicle accident and he's waiting
    for your arrival!
    -Trauma: treat an injured person and carry him/her to the hospital!
    -Person shot: somebody was shot, rush to the scene, but wait for the police before
    approaching the patient! Or, if you're bold enough, go and risk!
    -Person with fever: Central reported a vomiting person with fever. Is it a severe infectious
    disease? Be careful!
    -Transport: you only have to transport a person because him/her cannot go lonely to the
    -Person hit by a car: somebody was hit by a car and now needs your assistance!
    Don't worry, I'm planning to add in the next future more callouts!
    Please, read my readme.txt file!!!

    -ScriptHook (from v1.0.877.1 going on)
    -ScriptHook V .NET
    -latest NativeUI <--IMPORTANT!!!

    -EMS Mod.ini

    It is very important for me to have all of my script issues reported with all the related details in order to let me fix them and make my mod better and better! Any info about the
    bug reporting can be found in the README.TXT file!
    Do you love playing GTA V? Do you like my mod? Would you like to play an important role in its development? You can enter my Cooperation Program (CP-Ems Mod)! All you have to do is PM-ing me (sending me your email address too) so that I'll explain you how could you help me with this script!! PS: I'm sorry but there's no money reward for the participation in this CP.
    Thanks for downloading!!!
    v. 0.8.3: -A totally new menu thanks to NativeUI! NATIVEUI SUPPORT NEEDED.
                   -Enhanced realism during “Vehicle accident” callout.
                   -Other treatments added.
                   -Enhanced realism during CPR (with re-evaluation of vitals).
                   -Several bug fixes and improvements.
    v. 0.8.2 : - Added Medic and Helicopter Rescuer
                     -Several bug fixes and improvements
    v. 0.8 : first release.


       (12 reviews)


      89.26 kB


  21. Cop Holster

    Cop Holster is an RPH plugin that adds some unique functionality to the police handgun holster. It removes the handgun from the holster if a pistol is a drawn. It also comes with intimidation mode -- a simple feature that allows you to put your hand on your holster. Cop Holster works with both the player and AI officers.
    Here's a neat little GFY showing it in action:
    RAGEPluginHook 0.23 or higher.
    Place CopHolster.dll and CopHolster.xml in your Plugins folder.
    When ingame, open the RPH console (default F4) and type LoadPlugin CopHolster.dll.
    Dynamic holsters for both the player an AI officers. Animations that automatically play when holstering and unholstering. Intimidation mode, a feature that allows you to put your hand on your holster. Toggle with Right Shift Key (keyboard) or Left DPad (controller). Highly configurable! Turn off animations, change keys, add new ped models for Cop Holster support, you name it.  
    Does this come with RDE support?
    The RDE Cop Holster config file is in the RDE 3.1 download.
    Does this come with EUP support?
    Yes. Cop Holster comes with support for EUP 7.5.
    How does Cop Holster work?
    All ped models in GTA have what are called drawables. They are pieces of clothing or equipment that can vary between instances of that model. Many of the default cop models have two holster drawables. One is empty, and one has a pistol. Cop Holster simply changes between those two drawables depending on if you have your pistol drawn or not to give the illusion that you are taking the pistol out of the holster.   

    I'm a ped model developer and would like to make my model work with Cop Holster. How would I go about doing that?
    See the readme in the download.
    If you experience a bug, crash, need help with installing or even just have a suggestion, post a comment below.
    Either myself or someone else will be more than happy to help you out!


       (52 reviews)


      35.54 kB


  22. Lojack Plugin - "Recover the stolen vehicle"

    This mod simulates the workings of the Lojack system. When a Lojack-equipped vehicle is stolen, the owner will activate the Lojack transmitter on the vehicle remotely. Police cars that are equipped with a Lojack tracker will be able to locate the stolen vehicle via beeping sounds. The closer the police car is near the vehicle, the quicker the beeps get. So again, this mod will fully simulate that experience.
    This mod is not a callout, but a simple plugin that will search for Lojack-enabled vehicles as an ambient event. That means that you can get a Lojack hit either during or off a call.
    A Lojack-enabled vehicle can be either a parked car or a traffic car. So make sure when you hear the beeping, you check empty cars as well.
    To be verify you found the Lojack vehicle, run a Plate Check and it should have the STOLEN flag. Also, if you walk up to the vehicle while on foot, you will get a help box indicating which keys to press to mark the vehicle as recovered, thus stopping the beeping.
    Video Courtesy of @edwardl
    Make sure to put LojackPlugin.dll and LojackPlugin.ini into \Plugins\LSPDFR folder.
    Take a look at the INI at least once to make sure you are satisfied with the settings. 
    Note: To mark as recovered, you must be on foot and within 5 meters of the vehicle.
    Mod suggested by @TWISTEDSCOPES
    Special thanks to:


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      23.76 kB


  23. PeterUCallouts: Possible Burglary (Silent Alarm Response), Illegal Radio Broadcasting, Racing in Parking Lot

    Add some variety to your LSPDFR experience with a handful of callouts designed in LSPDFR's "semi-realistic" style, with many different variants and outcomes — some of which might surprise you!
    Please remember that this is still considered a work in progress. Your feedback and support is appreciated.
    Compatible with Rage Plugin Hook 0.46-0.56.
    Recommended Plugins for Integration
    I highly recommend that you have these plugins installed for the full experience:
    LSPDFR+ by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11930-lspdfr/ Traffic Policer by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8303-traffic-policer/ Search Warrant by Darkmyre — https://www.darkmyre.net/files/file/9-search-warrant/ Better EMS by PNWParksFan — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11647-better-ems/ Computer+ by PieRGud — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/11453-lspdfr-computer/ Police Smart Radio by Albo1125 — http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/15354-police-smartradio-the-successor-to-police-radio/ Street Name Addon to LSPDFR Police Radio by bjonesy05994 — https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/9029-street/  
    Possible Burglary (Silent Alarm Response)
    The wealthy and paranoid residents of Los Santos and Blaine County often invest in silent burglar alarm systems from Gruppe Sechs or Bobcat Security. Instead of alerting the intruder and encouraging them to flee, these devices give you a better chance of catching the culprit. These systems, combined with their owners' uncomfortably close relationships with the LSPD and LSSD means you'll be first on scene when one of the silent alarms is triggered.
    You are called out to a hand-picked residence or business across the state. Each property has multiple locations a suspect will appear at — at the front door, behind a gate, round the back checking out the back door, etc. — and there are different scenarios for how the suspect will behave. You don't get a suspect blip, so it's up to you to investigate the area to try and locate the suspect. Hopefully, you'll not spook them and can make a nice easy arrest, but how things go is up to your skill and luck!
    Sneak around the back, try and get juuust close enough them to have them surrender, or try and identify the getaway vehicle, stake it out and try and catch them leaving the property suspiciously.
    If you let the suspect drive away without them having noticed you, concerned neighbors might make a 911 call to report the last known location of the suspect's vehicle. It's then up to you to try and stop them before they get too far away.
    Illegal Radio Broadcasting
    Policing the airwaves is an important task. After all, who will ensure the government gets a healthy paycheck for licensing those radio waves that are all around us? That's where you step in. The police department have made significant investment in radio broadcasting detection equipment, and you'll be testing it out to track down and stop any unlicensed transmissions.
    You will be called out to perform a traffic stop on a vehicle that is broadcasting some radio signals without the proper license. Hopefully, you'll be able to have a calm conversation (pressing Y to advance the on-screen subtitled conversation) and convince them to stop broadcasting, but sometimes they will not be so inclined.
    This was my very first callout.
    Racing in Parking Lot
    Appears as “Vehicles Racing” in the LSPDFR notification window.
    Some San Andreas residents can think of nothing better to do with their spare time than take their vehicles (or those that belong to others) and ‘race’ them… around their local parking lot. You will be dispatched to the location to address the threat to public safety these individuals pose.
    Featuring more than 50 locations around the map where vehicles will rev up, perform burnouts and race between set points in a relatively small area Can spawn up to 4 vehicles, giving you plenty of police work to do before the situation is fully resolved! A vehicle may have a front seat passenger, who also may flee or fight If multiple suspects flee, a single LSPDFR pursuit is launched for all the suspects, allowing you to call backup to pursue the other suspects while you focus on one If a vehicle’s occupants choose to flee, both driver and front passenger will be marked for the pursuit If a vehicle becomes too damaged (the AI driving is still GTA V!), the occupants will flee on foot Vehicles are sometimes stolen, configure likelihood in the .ini file for this callout Vehicles are sometimes uninsured (this feature requires Traffic Policer by Albo1125 to be installed and running), configure likelihood in the .ini file for this callout Configure the “chaos modifier” (in the .ini file for this callout) to determine how likely things are to get violent, allowing you to tailor the callout to suit your playing style Assist Security Guard
    You're not the only one out there on the front line dealing with a variety of situations. Private security guards are often some of the first to encounter trouble on 'their beat' — and occasionally they will need help from you.
    Scenarios include: Intruder in restricted area — impaired individual Intruder in restricted area — misguided activist Bouncer — uncompliant individual Bouncer — shots fired Unwilling to pay entry Misguided plane enthusiast in Los Santos International Airport Misguided movie star enthusiast in Backlot City Inappropriate behaviour towards other hotel guests University — expelled student Suspected thief There are dozens of places around the map where the callout can spawn — each supporting some of the scenarios above, as appropriate for the location. You are able to ‘speak’ with the guard and the suspect (on-screen subtitles) to determine what actions you would like to take. There are multiple conversation variants and possible outcomes for each scenario to keep things fresh. Some scenarios feature integration with @Albo1125’s Traffic Policer and its Breathalyzer and Drugalyzer functions. Some scenarios feature integration with @Darkmyre’s Search Warrant. Unauthorized Camping
    Nosy neighbors and concerned citizens alike may call into the local Sherriff’s Department or Park Ranger station to report unauthorized campsites, or individuals behaving suspiciously in and around them. In these cases, you will be dispatched into the wilderness to determine what is going on, and see if anyone needs to be moved on. But not everyone’s reason for spending some time “off the grid” is the same, and mountain lions aren’t the only danger you might encounter.
    Bicycle On Freeway
    Whether the ‘eco’ you care about is ecology or economy, riding a bicycle has many advantages. Not every road is suitable for this kind of transport, though, and the car-loving residents of San Andreas will quickly lose patience if a bicycle gets in the way on a fast road! Respond to a call about a bicycle on a freeway, or other fast road — get traffic flowing normally again and keep the public safe!
    Suspect Possibly Attempting to Board Flight
    Los Santos International Airport is a bustling hive of activity and one of the primary ways for people and goods to come in and out of the state. Sometimes an individual of interest to police will be in the area. There might not be a warrant out for their arrest, but their presence at the airport offers an opportunity for further investigation. If there is a justification from preventing them traveling, you might be able to get another dangerous criminal off the streets of Los Santos.
    Suspicious Activity near ATM
    You’re called to an ATM after reports of “suspicious activity” nearby. The residents of San Andreas are vulnerable to all sorts of threats as they obtain their cash — your job may involve dealing with high-tech criminals, or those who are a bit more of a blunt instrument.
    Several scenarios, so the “suspicious activity” has enough variety. You can speak with on-scene witnesses and victims and ask various different questions to try and determine what has happened and gather any evidence to track down the criminal. You are sometimes given descriptions of the suspect and their vehicle. The detail available will depend on how reliable your witness is! The Department’s ALPR system can be used to track down the general location of a suspect vehicle from the description you’ve gathered from the scene. You can ask suspects various questions to determine their guilt. In some cases, you will have multiple ways of approaching a line of enquiry, and the decision you make will impact how the suspect chooses to behave. Sometimes, if you ask the right questions, the suspect will manage to incriminate themselves!  
    Landlord/Tenant Dispute
    With sky high rents, onerous rental agreement terms and defiant tenants, it’s no wonder that tempers fray in the Los Santos rental market. You are called to the scene of a dispute between a landlord and a tenant and must utilise your diplomatic skills and knowledge of the relevant legal complexities to keep the peace and uphold the law.
    Insecure Vehicle Load
    Everyone knows that the roads of San Andreas are dangerous places to be — and that was true before some residents decided to drive around with a little too much cargo for their vehicle! You will be called to a report of a vehicle carrying a load in an unsafe manner. You receive some detail about the target vehicle, but then must track it down and perform a traffic stop. Take any action that is necessary to keep the roads safe(r) and issue traffic citations accordingly!
    @JFavignano for getting me into this whole thing in the first place through his excellent LSPDFR video series
    @Albo1125 for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for Assorted Callouts, Traffic Policer, Arrest Manager
    @LukeD for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for CalloutsV
    @goigle for Police Scanner audio originally extracted for Federal Callouts Alpha
    This is very much a work in progress, as mentioned earlier, so I am keen for feedback, constructive criticism and ideas, but I can only do my best, and can't guarantee response times etc. We're all here to have fun, so please be patient, kind, inclusive and reasonable. Thanks.
    Hope you enjoy.


       (59 reviews)


      42.05 MB


  24. Bribe Mod

    Requires RageHook 0.40+

    As soon as you arrest someone there will be a chance this person offers you a bribe.
    Decide if this amount of money is enough for you and accept or decline the offer.
    Release the suspect and you will receive your money, but becareful some suspects will try to flee after you release them.
    Hookers will offer you a different bribe ;)
    Open the menu to buy weapons or armor with that money.
    You can change all keys, chances and the max amount of Money in the Bribe.ini file.
    If you have any suggestions or feedback leave a review or comment


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  25. Ravenguard Callouts

    BETA Testers wanted!!
    Apply here.
    UPDATE: VERSION 0.1.2 NOW AVAILABLE. Some new callouts have been added, however due to my game not working at the moment they remain in an untested state, if you encounter any bugs please inform me by being as detailed as possible, IE: when the bug/crash happened, had you accepted the callout yet, were you arriving on scene, as well as any other information that you can think of.
    Ravenguard callouts is a collection (two in total so far), that would be expected in the everyday duties of Officers, yet I have not seen them implemented in other plugins.
    I just started learning to develop callouts, and this is a learning process. I intend for their to be more callouts, not sure on the amount but I would like to develop at least 5-8 different and unique callouts. I am releasing this in an early beta form and this is not to represent the final product.
    I have tested this with most of the major callout plugins that you find on here and have had no issues so far. If you find something please leave a comment and a log if you get one. Screenshots are nice to.
    Current Callouts:
    Domestic Disturbance (Two people are fighting and caller says one of them has a gun, this plugin will develop alot more with future releases)
    Dead Body in Car (Someone called 911 saying that they think there is a dead body in a car, respond to the vehicle and find out)
    Future features that are planned:
    Domestic dispute between neighbors (Handle the call as you see fit)
    Stolen Vehicle (Want to add more depth to a stolen vehicle call. If the suspect pulls over will he tell you that you his gf is trying to get him arrested after a fight? Will he take off and attempt to flee? Or will he open fire on you as you approach. I would like to make it so there are many things possible for the suspect to do)
    As suggested by BlueSteelShield:
    Parking violation
    Accident(ped vs car)
    Missing person
    And more will be added as I develop the callouts, also any ideas would be great I will do my best to implement the things the community wants.
    Thank you for downloading Ravenguard Callouts!
    Want to help Develp Ravenguard Callouts? Send me a message and I will gladly accept help on this project.
    Support Forum: (Means no support will be taken in the comments or reviews, please post to the forum to receive any support for Ravenguard Callouts.)
    My video showcasing RavenCallouts v 0.1.3a with the new code for the Domestic Callout


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