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  1. LCPD First Response

    LCPDFR is a massive gameplay modification for Grand Theft Auto IV that turns the entire game upside down, letting you play as a cop.  LCPDFR Version 1.0 is the latest update to the modification and has been re-written from the ground up.
    Please note: LCPDFR is unsupported on the latest GTA IV patch (Patch 8). You'll have to downgrade back to Patch 7 ( in order to use LCPDFR. Read our DOWNGRADE GUIDE.
    LCPDFR 1.1
    See the change log for more information about the release.  For a better idea of what has changed, and how to use the new features, see the brand new user guide: https://www.lcpdfr.com/legacy/lcpdfr-guide
    Unfortunately, LCPDFR 1.0 does not support any versions of Windows XP - Microsoft is phasing out support for Windows XP and as such, the .Net Framework 4.5 is not compatible with it.  We are aware of this and are looking into alternative solutions.  We do, however, highly recommend that if you are still running Windows XP, you should upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8, as it is a 12 year old operating system and many applications, programs and systems no longer support it.
    Note that more information, support and announcements about LCPDFR 1.0 will be released in due course - the main priority of the team up until now has been to make good on our promise to bring you a release before the end of the year.
    Be sure to read the LCPDFR User Guide for a very in-depth look at LCPDFR 1.0.
    LCPDFR is a massive gameplay modification for Grand Theft Auto IV that turns the entire game upside down, letting you play as a cop.  LCPDFR Version 1.0 is the latest update to the modification and has been re-written from the ground up.
    LCPDFR 1.0 introduces an improved arrest system, allowing the player to more easily arrest multiple suspects at once. In addition to the improvements for the player, LCPDFR 1.0 also introduces full NPC compatibility with the arrest system, allowing NPC officers to make arrests with proper animations, handcuffing and suspect transport. API
    LCPDFR 1.0 also introduces a brand new application programming interface (API).  The LCPDFR API can be used to make modifications built on the same framework as LCPDFR, allowing script developers to call LCPDFR functions and communicate with the key components of LCPDFR.  Furthermore, the LCPDFR API can be used to build scripts totally unrelated to LCPDFR, taking advantage of the features and functions offered by the API which would be otherwise unavailable, such as those provided by the AdvancedHook. Audio
    The use of audio in LCPDFR 1.0 is unparalleled by any previous versions of the modification, with well over 300 audio files being available.  The police radio is now more functional, with regular dispatch updates on pursuits and other events being available.  Similarly, the usage of character speech in LCPDFR has been increased drastically, with code designated solely to finding the best speech for specific events from the character's voice. Backup
    In LCPDFR 1.0, all traditional backup units return, with multiple enhancements to normal units and NOOSE teams.  NOOSE teams will now secure the area on arrival at an assistance call, while normal units will leave their vehicles and scan the area.  Medical and fire department assistance has also been improved with longer response times. Callouts
    Callouts are now designed for easy integration with the LCPDFR API and custom callout scripts, therefore all callouts have been re-written from scratch.  Base callouts included with LCPDFR 1.0 include: a shots fired call, a pursuit in progress, armed robbery suspects fleeing, a drunken disturbance, a drug deal, a drunk driver and a mugging. Duty System
    The character selection system has been overhauled in LCPDFR 1.0, with the new ability to customise your character's clothing and accessories.  Not only this, but you can also do the same for any partner. Events
    LCPDFR 1.0 features events which are either triggered or spontaneous.  Events come in a number of forms, such as a suspect being arrested, the player being assaulted or a civilian driving recklessly.  Most events can be reported, either by the player, or by LCPD units, to dispatch.  For example, if the player is assaulted by a moving vehicle, this can be called in and other units will attempt to stop the vehicle. Frisking
    Frisking has been overhauled in LCPDFR 1.0 in terms of how the generation of contraband works.  Previously, random values were used, but now the script will actually apply different random values based on a number of factors such as age, occupation and various other model flags. Grabbing
    In LCPDFR 1.0, the player can now take hold of arrested suspects and drag them around.  This is very useful when transporting the suspect to a police station as you are able to drag them to your patrol car, open the back door and seat them inside. Hardcore
    Hardcore mode has been further expanded in LCPDFR 1.0 with the introduction of a state of complete defencelessness which will be activated if the player takes too much damage.  When injured, the player is rendered into a slow moving, limping state where no weapons can be drawn or fired.  Thankfully, the effects of an injury in Hardcore Mode are easily reversed by seeking medical treatment from Liberty City’s fine paramedics. Lights and Sirens
    LCPDFR 1.0 expands upon the lighting control offered in previous versions of LCPDFR, introducing a new lighting mode where red and white lights will flash alternately.  Moreover, LCPDFR 1.0 also features better siren control, allowing the siren to be completely muted without removing the ability for the player to speak.  Similarly, this siren mute can now be cancelled during any of the three lighting modes by holding down the lighting mode switch key.  Localisation
    Nearly every sentence used in the LCPDFR modification now supports language customisation. Police Computer
    The police computer now features a customisable background image, allowing you to change the look and feel of the system to your liking. The computer has also been rewritten from scratch and is now more responsive to user input. Finally, the computer offers a lightweight ALPR system, which is integrated with LCPDFR, for those of you who do not wish to install an ALPR modification. Police Station Interior
    The police station in LCPDFR 1.0 boats several enhancements with more ambient scenes and scenarios happening inside, including arrested suspects being searched and seated and officers working on their computers.  Not only this, but the LCPDFR police station interior was designed for use with Abraxas’ vdH Police Station modification, taking advantage of some of the new objects added. Pursuits
    In LCPDFR 1.0, a pursuit is no longer an isolated element of gameplay - it is directly linked to the rest of the modification, meaning that most LCPDFR experiences are actually powered in some way or another by the pursuit system.  In simple terms, whenever there’s a suspect, there’s a pursuit, and the pursuit controls their behaviour as well as the actions of the officers determined to score another point in their arrests column. Pursuits work using a search area, which like in normal gameplay, is a flashing red and blue circle on the minimap.  This search area will follow the suspect so long as at least one police unit has a visual, meaning that under these circumstances, the suspect is always at the very centre of the search area.  If all visuals on the suspect are lost, however, the search area will cease following them and instead remain stationary at their last known position, thus giving the suspect the opportunity to leave the search area and therefore escape from the pursuit. After losing visual of a suspect, all units will begin a methodical search of the area, both on foot and in vehicles, searching the exterior world as well as any nearby interiors.  Helicopter units will also partake in this search, scanning the area for the suspect. A pursuit tactics menu also exists, allowing players the ability to make helicopters and units more or less aggressive.  Activating lethal force will also enable the Annihilator gunship, which will open fire on suspects when set as aggressive. Quick Action Menu
    New to LCPDFR 1.0, the Quick Action Menu makes common tasks simple, eliminating the need to remember loads of key combinations.  The Quick Action Menu, controlled entirely by mouse or controller stick movement, is a new interface element of the modification which allows for simple tasks, like calling in ambulances or evacuating the area, to be done without the need for keypresses.  Both your memory and other modifications will thank you for this, as it means that keys which have traditionally conflicted with ELS and other mods, like CTRL + M for an ambulance, are a thing of the past. Taser
    The Taser can now be used by all NPC units and by default, actively fleeing suspects can only be stopped by NPC officers if they fire the Taser at them.  The Taser now also boasts better hit detection and it no longer modifies any of the original game files. Tutorial
    A brand new addition to LCPDFR, the tutorial allows both new and experienced officers the chance to get accustomed to the workings of some of the core features of the modification. Xbox360 Controller Support
    LCPDFR 1.0 boasts excellent Xbox360 controller support.  All keys can now be mapped to controller buttons and all help prompts are dynamic, meaning they show the actual key or button you have defined.  Similarly, the Quick Action Menu, designed for use with controllers, allows you to bind and remember less combinations. Other Notable Changes
    No longer does the LCPD see it all and know it all - they do not have magic suspect finding powers. There's a much bigger emphasis on foot pursuits now. Units can commandeer civilian vehicles if need be. Suspect fleeing AI has been improved significantly. When playing as a 'fit' police officer, you can walk faster by holding ALT by default. Holding ALT (default) will also bring up the LCPDFR Aiming Marker. The LCPDFR Aiming Marker can be used to tell your partner to go to the position it is pointing at. You can mark any civilian as wanted by police. If someone fires a gun or attacks you, you can report this to dispatch, automatically marking them as wanted. Suspects will abandon their vehicles and flee on foot if the opportunity presents itself. NOOSE officers are now able to stand up properly and sprint while chasing suspects. All officers use the correct pistol, shotgun and rifle animations when in pursuit. The helicopter searchlight works for player controlled helicopters in pursuits. A lot of work has been put into making the AI of both suspects and units smarter. I wish I could go on with this list, but there's simply hundreds of changes - far too many to list.  
    Please read the LCPDFR User Documentation for more information about the modification.  It's 44 pages long.
    Don't come to the comments section of this download page for support.  Please use the LCPDFR Support forum section instead, and for the love of all that's holy, search for issues similar to yours before posting a new topic.  Please, we beg you.
    If you're having problems with the installation of the modification, please use the manual installation package, following the steps in the guide provided.


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  2. LCPDFR - Polish Translation, Spolszczenie

    1.Paste "pl-PL" folder into GTA IV directory.
    2.Open LCPDFR Diagnostics Tool.exe (GTA IV folder -> LCPDFR) and click Configure LCPD First Response
    3.Change the language from en-US to pl-PL.
    4. Click Apply.
    5. Now translation will work.
    I know, there is one Polish translation, but it's full of misspells. 
    I translated 80% of mod, so feel free to help me.
    1.Wklej folder "pl-PL" do folderu z grą.
    2.Otwórz LCPDFR Diagnostics Tool.exe (GTA IV folder -> LCPDFR) i kliknij Configure LCPD First Response
    3.Zmień pole język z en-US na pl-PL.
    4. Kliknij Apply.
    5. Teraz spolszczenie powinno działać.
    Wiem że jest już jedno spolszczenie, ale jest ono przepełnione rażącymi błędami językowymi.("morzesz")
    Przetłumaczyłem około 80% tego moda, więc jeśli chcecie pomóżcie mi wbić te 100%. Rzeczy których nie przetłumaczyłem to : poradnik, oprowadzenie po komendzie i w części interakcje z przechodniami(zatrzymanie pojazdu jest w około 40%, tak samo z zatrzymaniem na piechotę). Jestem otwarty na wszelką krytykę.
    Contact : etor321@gmail.com
    LCPDFR - Polish Translation by serq.zip


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  3. Spolszczenie Polska/Poland translation

    Wymagania:Modyfikacja LCPDFR 1.0 lub większa
    To jest spolszczenie Lcpdfr.
    1.W folderze z grą Stworz folder O nazwie pl-Pl.
    2.Wklej tam plik.
    3.Wejdz do folderu Lcpdfr (on znajduje sie w folderze z grą) i uruchom program Lcpdfr Diagnostic Tool.
    4.W ustawieniach language zmien en-US na pl-PL i zapisz.
    5. graj dowoli ;)
    Spolszczenie nie jest pelne , przetlumaczone zostalo 95%.
    This is a translation Lcpdfr . Installation: 1.In the game folder Create an folder called pl-PL. 2.copy file there . 3.Go Lcpdfr folder ( it is located in the game folder ) and run the Lcpdfr Diagnostic Tool . 4.The language settings switch en- US to pl-PL and save . 5. play ; ) Translation is not full , translated been 95%.


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  4. LCPDFR - Traducción al Español (castellano) // Spanish (castillian)

    © Traducción realizada por Street. ©
    Este archivo traduce LCPDFR al Español de España. No debería haber ningún tipo de error, sin embargo en caso de encontrarlo sencillamente dejarlo en los comentarios y trataré de corregirlo lo antes posible.
    Primero de todo, coloca la carpeta que hay dentro del .rar (es-ES) en el directorio del GTA IV. Después de eso:
    -> Abre tu LCPDFR.ini que está en la carpeta de LCPDFR dentro de la carpeta de GTA IV y busca donde dice "Language". Cámbialo a "Language=es-ES".


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  5. Italian Translate / Traduzione Italiana LCPDFR

    Questa è la traduzione della mod LCPDFR in Italiano.


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  6. LAPD Radio Codes German/Deutsch

    Ich habe mich mal mit meinem Kollegen zusammen gesetzt und habe eine Liste mit den Radio Codes von dem LosAngelesPoliceDepartment (LAPD) auf Deutsch übersetzt. Diese Datei ist zwar nicht für LCPDFR sondern für LSPDFR gedacht aber ich schätze mal, dass die Codes für beide gut sind. Da ich keine andere Kategorie für Textdokumente fand habe ich es bei LCPDFR Deutsch Übersetzung eingefügt.
    Me and my friend translated a list of the Radio Codes from the LosAngelesPoliceDepartment (LAPD) to German. This File isn´t actually for LCPDFR, I created it for LSPDFR but i think its good for both. I found no other category for text documents, thats why I put it to LCPDFR translations.
    This file is in german, I just translated the Description for English community members.


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  7. LCPDFR: traduction française/LCPDFR French translation


    Grâce à l'outil de traduction fourni par LMS (Développeur en chef du mod LCPDFR), j'ai pu traduire pratiquement tout le mod de base en français pour les joueurs francophones qui n'auraient pas de facilités avec l'anglais. Fourni avec un guide d'installation et les fichiers requis. Le menu d'action rapide en revanche n'a pas pu être traduit car inaccessible par l'outil de traduction.

    ENGLISH (don't ask me why I'd need to say it in english, I just feel like it)

    Thanks to the Translator Tool kindly released by LMS (Lead developer of the LCPDFR team), I've been able to translate almost the entire basic mod in french for french-speaking players who wouldn't have enough knowledge in english to understand properly how the mod works (or just for comfort). Distributed with an installation guide and the required files. The Quick Action Menu however couldn't be translated because the Translator Tool didn't give any access to those lines.


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  8. nl-NL

    Download this translation and put it in the right folder:
    Download and extract this file
    Go to the Grand Theft Auto IV folder
    Create a folder called "nl-NL"
    Place the file called "LCPD First Response.resources.dll" in this folder
    Apply the translation:

    Go to "lcpdfr" within the Grand Theft Auto IV folder
    Open the file "LCPDFR.ini"
    Search for "Language=" in "[Main]" and change it to "Language=nl-NL"
    Save the file


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  9. LCPDFR German (de-DE) Translation // Deutsche Übersetzung für LCPDFR


    Diese Datei übersetzt LCPDFR auf Deutsch. Das ist mein erster Versuch, es können also Fehler drin sein. Ich habe zwar möglichst gut drauf geachtet, dass nichts falsch ist, es kann aber sein dass ich einzelne Wörter vergessen habe oder etwas falsch ist. Teilt mir bitte Fehler, die ihr findet mit, dass ich diese dann berichtigen kann.

    Ziehe zuerst den Ordner "de-DE" in deinen GTA4 Hauptordner. Danach:
    Möglichkeit 1: Öffne die LCPDFR.ini im LCPDFR-Ordner und suche unter [Main] nach "Language" und ändere es in "Language=de-DE".
    Möglichkeit 2 (EINFACHER): Öffne die LCPDFR.ini per Diagnostics Tool und schreibe bei Language unter "General Settings" "de-DE" in das Textfeld. Speichere.

    Bekannte Probleme und Bugs:
    -Einige Texte fehlen, denn man kann nicht zu 100% alles ändern, zum Beispiel den Text im QAM oder im Polizeicomputer (das meiste sollte aber übersetzt sein).
    -Einige Sätze sind zu lang, weshalb einige Buchstaben fehlen könnten (in sehr selten Fällen).
    -Die F12-Taste wird nicht mehr angezeigt, nachdem man an Verkehrskontrollen oder zu Fuß den Ausweis verlangt hat. Das kann ich jedoch (noch) nicht beheben. Man kann sie aber noch drücken, um einen "ID-Check" anzufordern.


    This file translates LCPDFR into German. This is my first try, so there might be mistakes. I tried my best making sure that there are no mistakes, however I might have missed some words or made some mistakes. Please tell me about any mistakes you might find so I can correct them.

    First of all, put the provided folder into your root directory. After that:
    Option 1: Open your LCPDFR.ini located in the LCPDFR folder and in the [Main] section, look for "Language". Change it to "Language=de-DE".
    Option 2 (EASIER): Open the LCPDFR.ini via the Diagnostics tool and look for "Language" under "General Settings". Write "de-DE" into the text field. Save.

    Known issues and bugs:

    -Some strings are missing, you can't translate everything, for example the QAM or database (but most of it).
    -Some Sentences are a bit too long so the last word is cut off (it's very rare).
    -The F12 Key for calling in the ID of a person is missing. I can't find and edit it in the resource file, but it still does work.


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