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  • Every day, we serve hundreds of members and thousands of visitors. We process over a hundred registrations every day, and we've seen over 100,000 new members register with us in the last few years. Since day one, LCPDFR has always been free for everyone, and all of the expenses and running costs have been paid out of our own pocket for many years, with advertising only being introduced in 2013 as the site's growth surged. 

    Unlike many other websites which stay afloat by taking away features from normal members and forcing them to pay to get them back, we strongly believe in promoting equality throughout the entire community and therefore, in rather unique fashion, we don't put any caps or limits on our service. Indeed, staff, members and guests are completely equal when it comes to content downloads, with everyone being able to download as much as they like, as often as they like. Furthermore, we have absolutely no restrictions on what our members can upload, with all members given practically unlimited storage space throughout the gallery, download manager and forums. Regarding the actual LCPDFR and LSPDFR modifications themselves, despite the weeks-on-end of effort that goes into their development, we have always allowed absolutely anyone to download it and use it, completely free of charge.

    Unfortunately though, while money might grow on trees in Liberty City, it certainly doesn't in the real world, and therefore, to keep offering everyone the best possible service we can, we always appreciate your help.  For an example of the sort of things that we've done with donations, look no further than the software powering this massive site.  Similarly, we've used your donations for:

    • Renewing our domain names.
    • Hosting and promoting our old FCRP SA-MP server.
    • Paying for our server hosting costs.
    • Purchasing other software licenses.
    • Donating to the UK's Disaster Emergency Committee.

    If you'd like to play an active part in supporting our efforts here, you can easily do so via PayPal, using the button below.


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