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  2. no i totally agree. the previous generation definitely had the best looking chargers for sure.
  3. Couldn't manage to edit my last post so I'll just make another one. I've tried the solutions that people have posted already. When I try to activate the lights and sirens ingame, the car (FBI) only has its horn. No lights, no airhorn, no sirens, nothing. Could someone help me out please?
  4. Mr or Mrs. Stickler could you please stop harassing me over the internet man that's just sad, also it does not state that I can't include the ped model into the file anywhere as long as you credit the orginal author you are good thus why it's called player and ped modifications and not player and ped textures and modifications lol. after this immature response I'm going to have too block you Mr. stickler as you intolerance cannot be tolerated on this site hahahah you see what I did there.
    One of the best, goodbye EUP, I'm in love with the sheriffs models and majorpains lcpdfr duty belt!
  5. Hope everything works out! For skins I'd love to see Ellis County Sheriff and/or Midlothian police.
  6. These things make me miss the old Chargers. May not have had (or still have) reliability or quality, but at least it had looks. (I'm insulting the 2015+ Chargers, not your mod. Would look good, though on a 2014.)
  7. I figured it out. I was missing the AdvancedHookV.dll from my game folder. Thanks for the help though.
  8. From the album Rourke's LSPDFR chaos

  9. From the album On-scene Captures

  10. Stop calling me mister stickler you obnoxious little cunt. You are relatively new on this site and obviously don't know the rules. I make my own peds and as such don't look at the ped section very often but when I do and I see someone stealing someone else's hard work and uploading it with their half assed shitty attempt at making skins I call them on it. Those of us that actually put long and hard hours into making things and then releasing them for the community don't deserve to have useless twats like you come in and release shit when they've done nothing to the files themselves. If you are going to try and talk shit at least make sure you have a leg to stand on first. Have a read you wanker -
  11. I'm surprised you didn't mention how the lights actually look red on this vehicle, and not orange.
    looks good but I cant get it to work or arrest manager either. It says I need to update these mods but I'm downloading the latest version
  12. The mod still work if you mean HeroCop, really.. i played with it a couple of weeks ago, the K9 isn't workign perfectly because it isn't updated but yeah, the mod still works fine. Download Link:
  13. Okay, so I havent played LSPDFR in a few months and have been getting bored so I decided to dust off my modded backup and start using it, of course, there have been several new vehicles and callouts etc released, so me being me, I downloaded ones I commonly would use and installed the latest version for RPH .51.. after getting everything all set and ready, I load up and it says I have the incorrect game version (Im using Steam edition) and it says that its not the latest version but Ive played online just a few days ago and everything was updated, I was wondering if there was a fix to this, I downgraded and my ELS isnt working, PLD nor my trainer is either, any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  14. I was thinking of what to replace the lifeguard with. I guess that will be it. Off-topic:
  15. No 2013-2015 FPIU?
  16. Today
  17. Can someone please develop a K9 mod. Patrinus had one of the best mods and his K9 was awesome but he just isnt around or updating and the mod does not work anymore!!!!!!
  18. Sounds good bro..I will keep a eye out for it. Thanks
  19. @Dippa @S1lentKn1ght I just got back on LSPDFR / GTA after a 5 months break, sorry for the late reply, I plan on making it ELS compatible soon, it won't have all the tones but I'll try my best to make it compatible for the main tones! Will update the file as soon as it's done!
  20. Oh looking nice, I also love how the message board on the back is readable now. I hated the NYPD boards in GTA IV, it was so hard to read them. I can't wait until this pack is released, keep up the great work I'll look forward to the release of it.
  21. Not you, that other guy. It's fine to believe in whatever you want, that's the core principle of liberty. Being able to believe and say what you want (to an extent of course, with regards to forum rules and law). I don't disagree with the quote, I just disagreed with its use.
  22. Yes. they do work. Heres some videos my friend AcePilot made on some of my NYPD vehicles. Note the vehicles have been updated since those videos. MrAnarchy. you can see them working in this video:
  23. Glad I read the end of your post first. I shared an MLK quote about love and unity, man. I wasn't advancing an agenda. You're the one that went off about Islam.
  24. Yesterday
  25. @OfficerWalters will the high-rise bars work on the NYPD traffic units? I know they we're pretty awesome in GTA IV, a bit buggy and abrupt, but fun nevertheless.
  26. Maybe some time in the future just not right now, working on other things atm!
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