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  2. I have a problem with PoliceSmartRadio

    In Rage's settings, check forced directx 11, and forced windowed mode.
  3. LSPDFR crash

    There's nothing in your log pertaining to the crash, so it's going to be a guessing game. What did you recently add or change?
  4. Trouble with Mods

    Are you positive that you're actually on duty? and what do you mean doesn't stop people all of the time, like traffic stops?
  5. GTA traffic and arrest mod crash

    Yes I do, the only thing I changed was the keybind on controller. You're welcome. :)
  6. [ELS] 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked

    I love this car, is there any possibility that you could make a slicktop Taurus as well?
  7. [ELS] 2015 Dodge Charger Unmarked

    I've been looking for a good slicktop charger for a couple weeks and this is exactly what I was looking for! There is enough lighting to ensure that you are visible on the highways but not so that all of the lights blend into one big blob. The only thing that would make this car better would be to include side runners, otherwise this vehicle is perfect!
  8. New York vs Nevada v2

    Ill clarify it for you, the correct answer is New York
  9. I was just saying any other canine model, I was given German Shepherd as example but thank you for clarifying realism for me :-)
  10. *Slams head into desk multiple times.*
  11. New York vs Nevada v2

    fixed that mistake for you
  12. I have ELS v8.51 and im wondering if you can save different lights for a ELS compatible car?
  13. ELS Bug - Still detects gamepad

    Hi there! I couldn't find an official support forum for els and I haven't received a response on the main mod post so I decided to branch out and ask the community for assistance. My bug is simple, I set "AllowController" to "false" but the gamepad still activates ELS when I press a controller button along with any button on the keyboard. You might be saying "just don't press any keys on the keyboard while you press a button on your controller," well it's not that simple for me. I use XPadder to use my controller with mods that don't have controller support. The problem is that I can't use the d-pad because it is constantly activating my lights and sirens whenever I press a button... Has anyone else experienced this bug? Does anyone have a fix?
  14. I like it! I'm still getting the bikini girl and beach scene as the first slide although i don't find it in any of the .rpf images.
  15. LSPDFR Computer+

    When clicking the [ERASE] button in the notepad. Doesn't always happen. One way it always happens is if the top like is blank. [2018-02-19 9:58:44 PM.898] Arrived [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.679] [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.679] ============================== [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.680] EXCEPTION DURING KEY UP [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.680] ------------------------------ [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.681] Origin: Plugin "LSPD First Response" (LSPD First Response.dll). [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.681] ------------------------------ [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.682] Exception type: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.682] Exception message: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.682] Parameter name: index [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.682] ------------------------------ [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.683] Inner exceptions: [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.683] ------------------------------ [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.683] Stack trace: [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.684] at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentOutOfRangeException(ExceptionArgument argument, ExceptionResource resource) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.684] at Gwen.Control.MultilineTextBox.GetCharacterPosition(Point CursorPosition) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.684] at Gwen.Control.MultilineTextBox.RefreshCursorBounds() [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.685] at Gwen.Control.MultilineTextBox.set_Text(String value) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.685] at ComputerPlus.Interfaces.SimpleNotepad.SimpleNotepad.EraseTextHandler(Base sender, ClickedEventArgs arguments) in D:\GTA Mod Dev\git\ComputerPlus\ComputerPlus\Interfaces\SimpleNotepad\SimpleNotepad.cs:line 63 [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.685] at Gwen.Control.Base.OnMouseClickedLeft(Int32 x, Int32 y, Boolean down) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.686] at Gwen.Control.Button.OnMouseClickedLeft(Int32 x, Int32 y, Boolean down) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.686] at Gwen.Input.InputHandler.OnMouseClicked(Base canvas, Int32 mouseButton, Boolean down) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.686] at Rage.FormsManager.UpdateKeyState(Object sender, KeyEventArgs eventArgs) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.687] at Rage.RemotePlugin.OnKeyUp(Object sender, KeyEventArgs e) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.687] at Rage.RemotePlugin.OnKeyUp(Object sender, KeyEventArgs e) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.687] at Rage.Plugin.OnKeyUp(Object sender, KeyEventArgs e) [2018-02-19 9:58:48 PM.689] ==============================
  16. Red lights

    when will this be release, I like the red old siren!!!
  17. Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    Really??? this is like a year ago
  18. Today
  19. [ELS] LSPD Vehicle Pack

    Awesome pack Brad, used it in my Security patrol. 5/5!!
  20. [ELS] NYPD Mega Pack

    replace explorer with thehurks these r old and outdated
  21. Gruppe6 Security Texture Pack [ELS]

    Awesome textures, really liked them 5/5!
  22. Write in: State of Maryland.
  23. Los Santos Police Department Pack (ELS)

    its fine in open iv, i changed liveries but i dont see why that would do it
  24. Carolina

    Absolutely beautiful!
  25. Los Santos Police Department Pack (ELS)

    Amazing work! I love the all blues and hubcaps
  26. doyoulikewaffles

    Definitely release them
  27. [Dev] Whelen liberty light bar

    Soooo it got moved to??
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