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  2. New Braunfels, TX skin pack

    Incredible, keep going man
  3. Undercover Chevy Silverado LT [ELS]

    Awensome, finally that fucking vehicle is out!!
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Chevy Undercover Pickup [ELS] replaces sheriff2tow hitch, pro guard seat organizer, proguard partition, radio, center console, inner lightbar, see pics. first person view is not the best, lights looks better on this vs the ford which is more scaled down. lighting stages takedowns Alt + ] Stage 1 SECL Amber Rear TA only Stage 2 SECL/PRIM/AUX CORONAS/GRILL LIGHTS/BUMPER_R/AMBER TA WITH BLUE AND RED MIX Stage 3 PRIM REAR TA BLUE/RED/AUX CORONOAS/GRILL LIGHTS/BUMPER_R/AMBER TA WITH BLUE AND RED MIX at STAGE 3 SECL LIGHT ARE DISABLED, YOU CAN ACTIVATE SECL WITH K THIS WILL GIVE YOU A COOL REAR TA PATTERN IN MY OPINION to install using open IV (replace) install in latest patchday or mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf known bugs: windows don't break, first person view obscured by interior lights Credits/PartsWhelen 500 TIR6 by voodoo Pro-Guard Seat Organizer By Vertex3D toolbox by bxbugs nforce interior lightbar by bueno > Model is 2010 Chevrolet Silverado from The Crew, converted to GTA V by Dimon > Heavily modified, templated, and optimized by Izick > Underbody by Shadydk311 > Miscellaneous textures from Assetto Corsa, dial textures by HDGamerzPC > Miscellaneous edits by Matt > Rims by BxBugs (modified by Carper), tire textures by EVI, and converted to GTAV by Carper template included, multi livery capable tow hitch progard partition dashcamLaptop Radio Center Console all from DEV Police Accessories DONT MESSAGE ME ABOUT MAKING CHANGES. DONT MESSAGE ME ABOUT NON ELS. YOUR ANSWERS WILL ALWAYS BE NO Please Link to this download, You are not allowed to re upload or redistribute this modification. You are not allowed to rip or edit parts of this modification. using open IV (replace) install in latest patchday or mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday8ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf Can replace pranger, sadler or any comparible vehicle slot. Join the Discord Server for GTA Modding, Dev resources, dev supports, and feedback https://discord.gg/WBUXsaU please report bugs in discord, review, and rate this download if you like it. Support Chat & Bug Reports https://discord.gg/sMSRr6j https://discord.gg/hxmvtHE
  5. Blaine County Sheriff Skin Pack

    @JClem Good thing you reminded me... I'm bouncing between projects. I've done more than half of the cars, I'll probably release an update this weekend. Still debating on how to do K9s.... wasn't able to find pics of ones in RL, thinking they don't have those so I'll probably have to do some magic xD
  6. Country question

    How does that differ from just using the location field and putting whatever you want there?
  7. Today
  8. I can't download any mod.Even LSPDFR mod itself.It said download would be started in 5 secs but nothings pop up
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Merry Christmas!)

    Will do. Love this :D
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Merry Christmas!)

    You're welcome! If you still need help, feel free to make a new topic in that section and I'll help you with it. :)
  11. AverageCallouts - Back To Basics [WIP]

    This are RDE Vehicles, so they are a modification to stock vehicles
  12. Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Merry Christmas!)

    Thanks :)
  13. CTD on launch?

    Are you able to launch GTA V via Steam and load in?
  14. Your best LSPDFR screenshots?

  15. London Underground Style Announcements

    Preview? Can't play GTA V, but I'm intrigued.
  16. Meet Your Moderator - Kallus Rourke

    Thanks for the kind words. :) I always enjoy helping those who need it.
  17. Buffalo Police - Code 3

    Saw that pic on instagram looks awesome
  18. Guh-Tah-Iv 'Cinematic' Screenshots

    DxTory is love, DxTory is life. Thanks, tedious.
  19. Hey guys, i have this problem here, only Tow Trucks shows up at the radio, and i cant go down or up
  20. Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Merry Christmas!)

    I mean... I know how to do it in a custom slot it has just never worked for me. And what topic?
  21. Happy Thanksgiving Pt. 2 (Merry Christmas!)

    You can easily make it an add-on vehicle yourself. Check my sticky topic in GTA V support on how to do this. I second this!
  22. Pierce Quantum Rescue ELS Compatible

    You realize I posted that in January, right? lol
  23. My GTA 5 keeps crashing when loading

    I'm glad you were able to figure it out. :) Thanks for the kind words, hope you had a good Thanksgiving if you're in the US!
    Perfect! Thank you!
  24. Love the Plugin! There's any way to change the light of the heli to be less white?
    I use the KifflomReplacement only and I love it! 5/5
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